Selfies And Meatballs? This Guy Lost The First Question On Millionaire

It turns out that successfully making it through medical school doesn't necessarily mean your general knowledge is going to be that great.

The show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is a game show that started in the UK 20 years ago and since then has become a global phenomenon. Over its 20 year history, 160 different countries have adopted the show into their culture and created their own versions. There was a time when people winning the show was a novelty, and even a case in the UK where a gentleman cheated to win and was subsequently found out.

If you have been living in a cave for the past 20 years and have no idea what Millionaire is or how it works the premise of the game is pretty simple. One contestant has to answer fourteen multiple choice questions. The more he or she answers the more money they win, but get one question wrong and they drop down to the last checkpoint.

In the American version of the show that first checkpoint comes after five questions at $5000. When contestants make it to that point they know that they're at least guaranteed to be leaving with that amount of money. Typically those first five questions are pretty easy ones, and after that the real work begins. Not every contestant finds those first few hurdles very easy though... as you can see from the clip below.

The contestant in the video above is an example of how wrong appearing on Millionaire can possibly go. The poor guy bigs up the fact that he has not long graduated from medical school and also that he always wanted to be on the show because it showcases and rewards people for being smart. He then goes and falls flat on his face on the very first question, claiming that people go to Rome to eat meatballs and take selfies in kitchens they can't afford rather than Ikea.

The clip makes for an extremely uncomfortable watch, especially when you know what's coming. The contestant in question will likely not live down his public humiliation any time soon. If he had appeared on the show 20 years ago before the rise of the internet and social media, maybe not as many people would have been able to relive his embarrassment. Unfortunately for him though, he did it in an age where the clip was likely on YouTube before the show had even come to an end.

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