This Service Dog Is The Subject Of A Human Hero In A Children’s Book

Service dogs are an invaluable part of our society. They help people who have physical and/or mental disabilities navigate the world and live their lives in an easier way. Whether they're ensuring that a blind person gets to their destination safely or helping their owner when they're in the midst of a seizure, they're always doing great work. That's why they do- and should- get recognition whenever possible.

This is the case for one service dog who's going to be the subject of an upcoming children's book. The children's book in question will be all about the service dog's long life. The hero in the story may be a human hero, but it's still going to be centered around this wonderful and helpful pooch. Talk about a high honour for a deserving dog!

The service dog's name is Tabouli, and he's trained to help his owner, Elizabeth Gallagher, manage her diabetes. He has a smell that's said to be 40 times stronger than any human, which helps him smell out when Gallagher's blood sugar is low.

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"Most of the scent comes from a place that you'd sweat," Gallagher explained.

Before this, Tabouli helped Gallagher's dementia-ridden husband, and also helped children with autism in the past. In a previous life, Tabouli was even a barn hunt champion. Clearly, this is one service dog who has had quite a colourful life!

However, despite all of this newfound attention, Tabouli is still one humble dog. It doesn't appear as though the sudden fame has or will go to the pup's head, which is good. After all,  he still needs to perform his duties as a diabetes service dog for Gallagher's sake. He can't be doing that while having a big head!

All joking aside, it's so great to see a service dog getting recognition for all of the hard work they've put in to help humans from all walks of life. This doesn't happen nearly enough. We can't wait to learn about Tabouli's adventures in this upcoming book!

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