Shark Assumes Boat Is A Squeaky Toy And Tries To Play Tug Of War

When it comes to popular phobias, sharks are pretty high up on the list, along with heights, clowns, and snakes. Good thing our actual chances of being eaten or attacked by a shark are pretty low. However, when a small crew recently boarded an inflatable boat and aimed it toward the sea, they found themselves face to face with an aquatic phobia come true!

The world of Reddit has developed subreddits for just about any and every occasion and/or thought. The subreddit r/SweatyPalms is dedicated to discussing exactly what it sounds like - situations that are nerve-wracking enough to make one's palms break out into a clammy sweat.


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It's safe to say that clammy palms would not be an uncommon feature to have if you were traversing the sea in a large blow-up boat and a shark straight out of the movie 'Jaws' came swimming alongside. That's exactly what happened to a group of sea-goers who had unknowingly set sail for r/SweatyPalms.

In the nine second video that was posted this by user u/Zwan, we see members of the crew whip out their phones to record the shark as soon as the sea creature is spotted in the water, and a few brave souls even leaned over the side of the boat to get a better look at the rare sight.

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It's a miracle that the crew members did not end up as shark delicacies after the oceanic beast took a large chomp out of the boat and then proceeded to shake the watercraft in its massive jaws several times. The entire process looks effortless, and if it weren't completely terrifying, would almost be cute as the scene resembles that a playful puppy playing with a stuffed toy.

Be sure to check out the video in the Reddit post for yourself and let us know if you think this shark jaw-wrestling this not-so-sturdy looking boat is somewhat puppy cute or r/Sweaty Palms-worthy like we do.

The video, entitled "Shark Destroys Boat Trip" has made a splash on Reddit by racking up 9.1k points, 365 comments and is currently 96% upvoted.

r/Sweaty Palms aside, the water is home to sea creatures with knives for teeth and when we're in the water, it's their world and we're just floating in it! Let us know what you think about this video in the comments!

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