Shelter Dogs & Cats Saved By Locals After Estill County Sets Euthanasia Date

Shelter Dogs & Cats Saved By Locals After Estill County Sets Euthanasia Date

Animals at a local shelter have been saved after a Facebook campaign has found each and every one of them their “furever” homes.

Estill County Animal Shelter doesn’t want to hurt animals. They take in cats, dogs, and others when no one else wants them. They provide shelter, food, water, and medical assistance when necessary.

But they don’t have an unlimited amount of space. When all of their cages fill up, they have to find room one way or another. This means that cats and dogs that don’t get adopted get euthanized – humanely. Yet, there’s really no humane way to euthanize a perfectly good and loving animal.

On Monday, August 6th, the shelter announced that they were reaching capacity. With 40 cats and kittens around and over 14 dogs, they simply didn’t have any more space to take in other animals. They set a deadline of Thursday, August 9th to find all of their animals homes, otherwise, they’d be put down.

Hey folks we need your help again!!! We have almost 40 cats and kittens in the shelter and have no where to put...

Posted by The Estill County Animal Shelter on Monday, August 6, 2018

Luckily, we live in the age of the internet. When somebody announces that a gaggle of adorable pets is going to be put down unless we collectively do something, then by golly, we’ll get off of Facebook for 5 minutes to go adopt a cat!

Within a day, all 40 cats and kittens had been adopted. Estill County made the announcement on their Facebook page not 24 hours after making their initial plea for help. It was a joyous occasion!


Posted by The Estill County Animal Shelter on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

However, there were still 4-5 dogs left to be adopted. We’re not sure how cats are more popular than dogs in the state of Kentucky, but there are bound to be local area preferences that defy the norms every so often.

Again, the internet came to the rescue. Those dogs were adopted off in less than a day from the second plea for adoptees. After that, the shelter announced that the Thursday euthanasia date had been officially canceled.

Thanks for everyones help in finding our babys homes!!! Euth date has been canceled!!

Posted by The Estill County Animal Shelter on Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Remember to get your cats and dogs spayed and neutered. And if you’re in the market for a pet, always make your local animal shelter your first stop. You could wind up saving a life!

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