This Ship has Sailed: 15 Titanic Memes You Forgot About Until Now

I'm sure everyone has heard of the popular romance movie, Titanic, by now. Unless there are some folks who've been living under a rock for the past 20 or so years. Regardless, there are faithful fans of the Titanic movie everywhere!

The film alone gained a lot of attention from all over the world and is still seen as one of the most romantic films ever made.

Though it is a romantic tragedy that is loved by many, it doesn't stop us from mocking it and having a good laugh the in middle of a serious romantic scene! As much as we appreciate the grand gestures of Jack, it doesn't mean that it can't be made into a joke.

I know that many are still swooning over Jack and Rose. But let's just put that aside  for a moment and see the movie for what it really looks like in reality - full-on hilarity!

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15 Damn, Rose, that was cold

Via: Memedroid

Rose is lying on a door which is floating in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean. And Jack is clinging onto a corner of said door with his whole body immersed in the freezing cold, water at night. And Rose turns to Jack and says, “I'm so cold." Like, seriously?

What a nice observation to say to a guy who is shivering in the ocean in the middle of the night! Jack, being the selfless albeit irrational guy that he is, has given the whole door for Rose so that she can remain dry and keep her alive. Meanwhile, he's just doing his best to stay afloat in the ocean. But see who's complaining to who, and about what!

Maybe she wanted him to say, “Don’t worry, Rose. I'm as dry as a bone down here. So why don’t I just doggy-paddle over towards the sinking ship and bring you back a space heater, maybe a solar blanket. Or perhaps you'd  like anice rug and a cup of hot chocolate?”

If it was anyone else in this position other than Jack, we're sure that his reaction would not have been the same. Anyone else would have said, “Is that so, Rose? Why don’t we switch positions then? It's waaaayyy warmer over on my end.” It would've been harsh, but damn, it would've been hilarious to see Jack just give Rose some major side-eye.

14 Sink or swim

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During one of the scenes from the film, Rose goes looking for Jack and finds him standing at the bow of the ship. Jack asks her to join him. He then asks her to stand in front, close her eyes and step further towards the front. He gets her to stretch her arms out and open her eyes to bask in the beautiful view in the front of them.

On seeing the beautiful ocean laid out in front of her with the wind blowing through her hair, Rose says, “I’m flying, Jack!” The two share a heartwarming moment that only makes them fall in love with each other even more.

Aside from being one of the most iconic scenes in the history of Hollywood, don’t you think that this is also the most adorable love scene ever? Well, you would think so when you're watching the movie for the first time!

But for all those who are rewatching Titanic, this is one of the cheesiest moments that make us laugh in the middle of such a romantic scene! You should've thought this one out, Jack. You should've given Rose some swimming lessons before things went sideways. So yeah, although the scene is really sweet, we can't help but take a step back and question it a little.

13  Isn't your heart going out to poor Jack?

Via qkme.me

Here is the story of Jack the romantic who ran out of luck. He gets it all and then, well, does not live to enjoy it in the end. In the beginning, Jack is overjoyed because he won a ticket to get on the great Titanic! It's a moment for us to rejoice for this person who worked hard just to feed himself and put a roof over his head. At long last, something good comes his way and he's ecstatic to have hit the jackpot. He even meets a beautiful girl on the Titanic and falls in love with her.

Lucky for Jack, it turns out that she loves him right back!

At this point, you would definitely be jealous of him and his miraculous winning streak. You may even want to swap his life for yours! The story is all well and good until the ship suddenly hits an iceberg, forcing everyone to get off of the ship as soon as possible. Poor Jack ends up losing his life to a severe case of hypothermia from staying in the cold water all night. I suppose his streak of amazing luck had to come to an end at some point, but did it have to end like this? So now that you know what happens to him, do you still want to swap his life for yours? Yeah, i didn't think so.

12 The biggest unanswered puzzle

Via: Pinterest

After revealing that she had the blue diamond all along, Rose silently throws it into the ocean in the last scene of the movie! If you don't know just how valuable that diamond is, then let me just paint a picture for you. Of all the kinds of diamonds out there (white, yellow, orange-yellow, and blue), the blue diamond is the most expensive of them all.

Rose, we understand that you didn't want to sell it and lead a life on the property that you got from your terrible ex-fiance. We also understand why you didn't come up with the truth about having the diamond when everyone was searching for it. We understand that you didn't want to get caught by your ex-fiance and hence kept it a secret.

But what we do not understand is why you threw hundreds of millions of dollars, just like that, into the ocean!

You could have put the diamond to good use, Rose! You could have at the least given it to your granddaughter or, even better, set up a charity to honor Jack's memory. You could have left it as a legacy for a few generations like a lost treasure for your family. At the very least, you could have donated it to the museum! It is one of the biggest questions left behind by Titanic that we're still confused about.

11 A massive reality check

Via: Pinterest

For all of those fans of Titanic out there, it's time to come back to reality and admit that Jack, Rose and the whole romance angle of that film was nothing but fiction. It's pretty hard to accept the fact that the couple we often see as a modern day Romeo and Juliet isn't actually like that in real life! When I saw this picture of Rose sitting in what looks like a kiddy pool, my heart was crushed! All those times of contemplating and wondering about the 'what ifs' of the story of the Titanic.

This fact just proves that it is just a story after all.

What would have made up for all of those broken hearts is if the movie had been filmed in the middle of the ocean just like what we saw! Obviously not in the literal North Atlantic ocean, but somewhere warmer. But what pains the heart is that those mushy romantic scenes that we were obsessing over was literally filmed in just a small pool! Now I can never see look at those scenes the same way every again! I still only see the blue rubber pool whenever I watch any of the Titanic's romantic scenes!

10  What did the Titanic even do to you, Iceberg?

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In the movie, the crew said that they could suddenly see an iceberg just ahead. Thy didn't have the time to change the course of the ship and away from the massive iceberg standing in front of their path. Finally, the iceberg ends up penetrating the hull of the Titanic, causing it to take on sea water and gradually sink.

What we do not know is that the iceberg was plotting all this time! You see, the Titanic was in the news before the start of its maiden voyage. The creators of the ship claimed that the Titanic was 'unsinkable' and that it could not be weathered by even the harshest that nature has to offer. The iceberg probably overheard and it took it as a challenge.

The moral of the lesson to be learned here is to never directly or indirectly challenge the strength of an iceberg, especially when you're going on an ocean voyage through the North Atlantic. Hubris will only cause your downfall. Or, at the very least, maybe don't make your boasting so public. Some aspect of nature will catch wind of it and make it their goal to prove you wrong. We're sure that you won't like how they go about doing it.

9  Have you ever watched Titanic backwards?

Via: Pinterest

I don't understand why anyone would watch the movie backwards. But if you did, then maybe you can explain why you would do such a thing. But it's interesting to see how the movie would progress when watched that way. It might actually come off as a story with a happy ending! Don't we all love a happy ending for a romantic story? If you're sad for Jack when he perishes and you don't want Rose to live her entire life without him, then you could console yourself by seeing the movie like this.

You gotta do what you gotta do to nurse a broken heart, right?

The movie actually comes off as an entirely different one when watched backwards. This way, we'd watch it and see hundreds of people in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean fighting for their lives. Then, miraculously, a ship comes out from underneath the ocean and saves everybody! Jack and Rose meet in the middle of the ocean when trying to survive. Jack, being the gentleman that he is, helps Rose by saving her life! Note how  generous he is staying in the ocean while helping Rose get on a floating door. They finally  board the Titanic and start the grandest backward journey ever! Doesn't that sound like the loveliest film ever?

8  And the world shouted, "Move over, Rose!!!"

Via Pinterest

I'll bet that anyone who has ever watched the movie would ask this question: why didn't Rose just move over when there was space for the two of them on that door?! She didn't even try to make space for Jack! Instead, she just lay there comfortably, stretching her body all over that spacious door like she was resting on a queen-sized bed!

Almost everyone who watched Titanic have likely spent the better part of the climax just staring in bewilderment and anger at Rose. Even my 5-year-old niece wanted to know why Rose didn't just make space for Jack!

When I was watching the movie for the first time, I was actually hoping and waiting for her to do just that. She and Jack would lay on the door in the middle of the ocean and the movie would end on a happy note. Y'know, aside from the fact that there were others who were drowning.

I don't know, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But bottom line is, it's been disproven by many people that Rose could have spared Jack some space. And we have to live with the fact that she didn't. Speaking of people disproving it...

7 Finally justice for Jack!

Via: Pinterest

For those few people who wouldn't want to see Rose get blamed for hogging all of the space on the door, here is proof that'll burst your bubble. How can you still stand up for Rose when you have facts going up against you? You can say that it's not about the space, but rather about the weight that the door couldn't handle. If too much weight is put on the door, then it might sink and cause both of them to drown, right? WRONG!

Sorry (or not so sorry!) to shatter that notion of yours, but there's actual proof showing that two people can lay on a door and still remain afloat!

Even if Rose was such a physics nerd who had considered all of these factors, was she too selfish to even move aside to at least try and see if the door could hold? Was she that selfish that she was more afraid for her life than for Jack's? Anyways, this theory has been myth-busted, so no one can go about justifying Rose's decision. You can try to bring up a new theory against this argument or ours, but we're just going to disprove anything that stands in the way of getting justice for Jack!

6 Facebook Live: Titanic sinking!

Via: Pinterest

Can you imagine what people would do if the Titanic sank in today's time? With technology developing at a very fast rate and people becoming addicted to gadgets, I'll bet that most folks would want to take a picture of the sinking ship and upload it on social media! Or, better yet, you may even get to see the Titanic sinking in real time! You'd be getting updates like, "Facebook Live: Watch Now! Titanic sinking!"

People would be jumping onto lifeboats not only to save their lives, but also to get a comfortable position so that they don't miss a single moment of the ship sinking! After all, how many get to survive and witness a ship that big and that famous plummeting into the ocean?

It's definitely a miracle that they managed to stay alive at all. They might get a little bit of media attention at least. At the very least, they should try and get some decent pictures of the incident for historical records.

I'm sure that many are wondering what it might be like to be there, witnessing it and being able to record that fatal moment. Lucky for all of us, we won't have to ever experience such a tragedy.

5 Don't be angry with Obama, DiCaprio. Half of the world thinks that!

Via: Pinterest

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama, is having a nice talk with Leonardo DiCaprio. Obama is animatedly speaking, making wild hand gestures. Do you think it was a passionate discussion? Before you come to that conclusion, take a good, long look at Leonardo DiCaprio's face. Do you see what I see? A cold look that says that he might not be too happy with whatever Obama might be saying. Based on that, there's only one logical conclusion, right? If you guessed that the topic of conversation might be about Titanic, then you'd be right!

This is how I think the conversation probably went down.

Obama probably indirectly said to DiCaprio that Vice President Joe Biden is still upset because he strongly believes that Jack could have fit on that door. Instead, DiCaprio's character chooses to freeze in the ocean! Obama also hints at the end that even he thinks that there definitely was room for two on that door. What can DiCaprio say when he realizes that even the Former President of the United States believes this? It looks like DiCaprio is swallowing any cutting comments he wants to say. Sorry, Leo, but we don't think that you'll ever be able to live this down.

4 I don't care about anything else

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For all you wine lovers out there, if I said that the Titanic sank with about 10,000 bottles of the stuff on board, what you would think? Have you already started dreaming about being filled in a room with 10,000 wine bottles all around you? Do you hear the cases of wine calling out to you to come and rescue them? Just imagine the enriched taste of the wine for the added 20 years it's spent underwater. Literally just chilling.

Will you be brave enough to navigate through the North Atlantic ocean to reach this treasure? If you're a true wine lover, as you claim to be, you would have stopped reading this article by now. You'd be getting ready for your North Atlantic swim as we speak!

I know for a fact that I'm going to spend many a sleepless night plotting, planning and mapping out my journey towards those sunken treasure. If you don't hear from me for a while, then you'll know where to find me: competing with this fellow on his underwater bicycle to get to those 10,000 bottles of wine first!

If the Titanic really did have that many bottles of wine, we would be seeing lots of people grabbing their gear to go in search of it!

3 She promised!

Via: Pinterest

I don't know if any of you reacted like this when this scene in the film happened, but I sure did. I actually jumped off the seat to shout at her. If she had heard my rantings, her ears would have bled And I know that many of you out there are just as angry as I am at Rose for not keeping her word and just letting him slide into the freezing ocean. Rose promised Jack that she would never let him go. Did she perhaps forget what the definition of "never" is?

Even if he had ended up perishing in that ocean, she could have at least brought his body to dry land for a proper burial.

After all, it's her fault that he kind of just froze. She wouldn't move over and let him on the door! It must've been absolutely heartbreaking to see the love of her life floating off into the depths of the sea? Even when he was holding on for dear life, he put her life before his own and sacrificed himself along the way. How can someone be so selfish? My heart goes out to Jack.

2 Are you a big fan of the iceberg, too?

Via: Pinterest

Not sure how many of you are fans of the iceberg like this grumpy cat, but if you were, you must be crazy! The iceberg is, like, the biggest villain ever! It took down hundreds of people! You must be a sadist if the iceberg was your favorite character!

Well, it's just that you're someone who's not a fan of romantic movies. But I'm sure that you must have been absolutely overjoyed when you got to the second part of Titanic. Y'know, when the iceberg showed up and stuff got real in that film. Around then, the romance factor faded out a little bit.

Wherever the iceberg is, it must be glowing with pride from having such a big fan following! There's no problem if you are, in fact, one of those people that actually liked that moment in the film. Just keep in mind that there are also those who hate it with their whole heart. For many of us who are big fans of the Jack and Rose pairing, the iceberg is the one big thing we detest the most in the movie. Anyways, no hard feelings, iceberg! And no hard feelings to whose who are fans of the icy monstrosity.

1 Channeling his inner Rose

Via: Pinterest

Earlier in the movie, Jack shows Rose the sketches of girls that he'd worked on. In response, Rose, asks him to draw her "like one of his French girls." This is one of the most watched scenes in the film which only builds on the initial spark between these two characters. Aside from the scene where he shows her what it feels like to fly, of course. It feels strange to see Rose get totally undressed in front of a young stranger on her own accord and ask him to draw her like that.

Maybe Rose wanted to break away from her upbringing of being an upper-class snob and wanted to do something different.

Maybe she just wanted to take a chance and live life like what Jack does. Hence the bold step to ask him to sketch a drawing of her with nothing but the blue diamond necklace on. In response to this scene, the Internet is filled with many people striking a pose like Rose with the caption asking to draw them like one of your French girls. Some of these images can be pretty funny! Well, we shouldn't be complaining! After all, we get to have a hearty laugh on seeing such amusing memes of people in weird poses.

References: Memedroid, qkme.mePinterestneadiamonds.com

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