Shower Thoughts: 15 Weird Realizations We Can't Stop Thinking About

Often, when we're taking a shower, our mind gets disconnected from all the problems and distractions we usually see around us. It begins to wander around, and sometimes we come up with interesting ideas at these odd moments. Realizations of different topics come to us.

Some of them are brilliant and thought-provoking, others are downright hilarious, and some can be quite daunting. And, of course, all of these ideas are exceptional.

It's unclear why these thoughts come to us while we're in the shower. Maybe it's due to the sound of pouring water or perhaps these thoughts appear because we just let our minds wander and don't make ourselves focus on anything. Whatever the real reason is, shower thoughts can have a large impact on us.

Let's see some of the most interesting shower thoughts shared on the web and recall what realizations came to us at some shower in our lives.

15 Isn't It Empowering?

Dogs live much shorter lives than we humans do. It's believed that one year in a dog's life equals to around seven years in a human's life. Of course, the exact correlation of a human year and a dog's year depends on the dog breed, because some breeds live longer than others. For example, a Beagle can live up to 15 years, while a Bernese Mountain dog's average lifespan is only six-eight years (#Sobbing).

But whatever breed you consider, its lifespan is always much shorter than yours.

It means that if humans live up to 80 years on average, it seems to be an eternity for dogs. For them, we're magical beings who can do a series of things they can't do.

Is this one of the reasons dogs love us so much? Like, if you had a friend who was an elf and could live for hundreds of years, wouldn't you enjoy spending time with them?

14 What's On What?

Via: boredpanda

The English language has a lot of peculiarities we hear often, but never realize how interesting some of them are. Only when we think deeper about some of these expressions, we begin questioning why we use them at all.

For example, we always say that something is "caught on fire." It's a stable statement and we've known it from our childhood. But have you ever realized that things are never actually on fire. It's vice versa; fire is on things!

If you feel like your mind is about to blow up because of this realization, look at the photo above. You can see the tongues of flames dancing on the wooden sticks.

And if you think about it, you'll recall that you've never seen anything being actually on fire. But then why do we keep on saying that something's on fire?!

13 Such A Yummy Realization!

If you like ice cream as much as I do, this shower thought will become your motto of the day. In fact, you can use it whenever you feel sad. If you think that there's no joy in your life at the moment, just tell yourself, "I'll get over it, and when I do, I'll get so much closer to my next ice cream!" And, who knows, maybe you'll think about having a delicious frozen dessert right away to help yourself overcome your sadness.

On a more serious note, this shower thought is actually very deep — even if you don't like ice cream. (Hey, you can replace it with whatever else you like. For example, "Every second is a second closer to your next pizza, or encounter with a friend, or beach walk," or whatever).

It reminds us that however bad we feel at that moment, every second takes us closer to something we're going to enjoy! Isn't it a great motivation to go on?

12 Isn't It Right?

Via: Twitter

Mark my words: solar panels are our future. As soon as we realize that we can use solar energy and make it possible all over the world, the whole life of our planet is going to change drastically. Unless the sun dies out, we'll have plenty of its energy every day (and if it does, we're not going to need any... if you know what I mean).

However amazing the idea of using solar energy sounds, there's something weird about it. Like this shower thought states, if we use it to provide air conditioning, we're basically use it against the sun itself. It's like using a cookie to smash all the other cookies in the package, however silly that sounds.

But, to be real, the sun doesn't care about this shower thought. Like, at all.

11 Please, Someone, Make This Movie!

The Social Network (2010) was a movie that told the story of how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and made a revolution in social networking. It was a very interesting film that was critically acclaimed, received a lot of positive reviews, and won several prestigious awards.

Since then, everything about Facebook seemed to be so peaceful that no one thought about making another movie about it. But recently the Facebook/Cambridge University Analytical scandal flared up, and we learned all these unpleasant things about manipulating user data.

This story isn't over yet, but when it results into something in particular, it'll also deserve a movie.

A lot of people will want to watch it and learn more about the whole situation. I know that I would! And, TBH, I'd love to see Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg once again, wouldn't you?

10 Check!

Everyone knows that the slogan for Nike is "Just do it." It's used in all the ads, and we've heard it, like, a thousand times. Nike has successfully used it for years, and most people love it.

It's a good slogan that's supposed to help us start acting instead of just hanging around.

If you have ever felt that something was wrong with the slogan, despite the general approval, you're not the only one. In fact, there seems to be a mismatch between Nike's slogan and their logo. It represents a checkmark, but we use a checkmark symbol to mark something off that we had planned to do. In this case, wouldn't it be more logical to have "Just did it" as a slogan? It'd change the entire ad campaign of the company, wouldn't it?

9 Writers Are So Underappreciated

Most of us know at least a couple of quotes from our favorite movies. When we think about one of these quotes, of course, we associate them with the character who said it or the actor who played that particular character. At times, these quotes can change lives, and it makes me think that this person is a genius for saying something so groundbreaking.

But let's take another look at it. Do we know that there are screenwriters who write all the lines for actors? We surely do.

So then why do we praise the actor or the character for giving us a good quote, forgetting that there was a screenwriter who wrote it, instead of this actor?

This realization stroke me so hard that I now make an official promise: I will never praise an actor for their movie quote, but I'll find the screenwriter's name and praise them instead. Will you join me?

8 Think About It

Via: mashable

If you're confused by this shower thought and can't understand how it's possible to be allergic to yourself, let me tell you something about dust. For a large part, dust consists of human's dead skin cells, hairs, and other really small things. It means that if you're allergic to dust, your own body creates your allergens.

Doesn't it make an allergy to dust the most dreadful allergy in the world?

For example, if you're allergic to peanuts, you can just avoid eating them. Or, if you're allergic to wool, you can stop wearing it. But there's no way you can completely hide yourself from dust. Of course, you can minimize its amount at home by eliminating insects and cleaning more often, but you can never get rid of your own skin cells. Or can you?

7 They Should Certainly Do It!

This story is as old as the hills. One buys a gym membership package with a sincere intention to go to the gym on a regular basis. Then this person attends the gym once— maybe twice—or, if they're lucky, three times, and their attendance ends right there.

Why does it happen all the time? I mean, when we buy the membership packages, we're sure that we're going to use them, but then it turns into a waste of money. Is it some kind of game our mind is playing with us?

When you think about it, the shower thought above is actually a great idea.

If we had to pay for all the days we don't attend the gym, we'd be so much more motivated to go there, wouldn't we?

So if there's such a package in any gym, I'd love to purchase it!

6 What If It's True?

We all know the story about the "placebo effect." People are given sugar pills and are told that it was a cure for their disease, and it helped, blah, blah, blah. But have you ever thought that it all could be a lie the pharmaceutical industry was telling us? What if, in fact, there's no such thing as placebo effect and these sugar pills actually helped the sick?

What if sugar pills are a cure for all diseases?

This suggestion changes so many things we know about the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We're aware that the Big Pharma tricks us at times, but we never thought that the placebo thing could be a part of their tricks. And even though this shower thought is probably not true, it still makes us see things from another perspective, doesn't it?

5 Why Are They Popping So Loudly?!

Via: pinterest

Today we have so many things that we use every day, and we rarely think where all these things had their beginning. I mean, there was a person way back when. who came up with them. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, Thomas Edison made a light bulb work, and Henry Ford came up with an idea of a production line. Similarly, there was someone to pop the corn for the first time!

I wonder what this person had in mind when they decided to put corn on a heated pan...

They probably had no idea that it would pop so loudly. This person must have been scared at first (I know I would be!). But when they tried the weird white stuff that the corn turned into, they must have been so happy! I know that if I was this person, I'd certainly make a show out of it for my friends. It'd be so fun to see them freaking out because of the popping corn!

4 The Real Reason We Have Sportswear

Via: piximus

When we see that a person wearing sportswear is running, we know that this person is jogging for exercise. We may even think something like, "Gosh, I have to start jogging, as well!" But when we see that a person wearing regular clothes is running, we tend to think that something bad happened and get nervous.

But why do we see these situations so differently? I mean, there's a person running in both of them.

The difference, however silly it can sound, is the clothes this person wears. This small detail helps us decide what this person is doing. They're playing sports if they're wearing sportswear, but something weird is going on if their clothes are anything other than comfortable. It's interesting that we do it subconsciously, without even noticing that someone's outfit can affect the way we think about them.

3 Eat It Before Bacteria Does!

When we say that our food gone bad, we usually mean that it started rotting or became moldy, and we can't eat it. So we throw it away. But, wait, does this rotten tomato or moldy bread slice remain in the garbage forever? Not in the least — it quickly degrades, because multiple bacteria and other microorganisms consume the food we intended to eat ourselves.

It means that we should get rid of the expression "our food has gone bad" and replace it with something like, "Darn, we didn't make it in time — this food is already someone's feast!"

Or, to put it more mildly, "Our food has gone to bacteria's party." I'll try to use this expression from now on. And I'll also try to be quicker and eat all my food before bacteria does it.

2 What A Relief!

Via: izismile

We all know this feeling, when you see someone yawning and suddenly want to yawn yourself. I want to confess that I find yawning so contagious that I feel like doing it even when I think about seeing someone yawning!

A lot of scientists have been trying to learn why yawning is so contagious. Some assume that it's connected to empathy, others say that it somehow depends on a personality, because some people are more susceptible to contagious yawning than others.

While it's still not completely clear why it happens, let's all thank Mother Nature that other bodily functions, such as sneezing, belching, or some others, aren't contagious.

Phew! I don't know about you, but I certainly feel relieved when I think about it! Important note: I'm sorry if this entry made you yawn!

1 Really, Who Was It?!

Imagine some time in a very distant past. Now imagine that there's a group of people sitting together, and one of them is saying something very interesting to the others. When he's done, one of the listeners suddenly decides to slap their hands together multiple times, to express their positive emotions about the speech they've just heard.

Why would this person want to do it? And what would others think about it? Wouldn't they decide that this person was crazy? All these inquiries lead to an ultimate question:

How did clapping one's hands become the sign of appreciation?

Today we use this gesture without even thinking why it means what it means. But when we reflect on how and why it was used for the first time, and how people reacted to it, we're nothing but confused!

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