Astro: The Sign He Has Chemistry With, And The Sign He Clashes With The Most

What sign does he have chemistry with, and what signs is he sure to clash with? It's useful information that can come in handy when planning an all-important  first date. His astro sign can provide the clues to what can go wrong - or right.

Nowadays, when so many dates are arranged online, it only makes sense to take all the details into account, and that includes horoscopes. Some astro signs just fit together like a hand in a glove, while others are more like oil and water - they'll never really be able to mix. Not every relationship is destined to last forever, it's true, but even if the relationship is casual, it helps to know where the pitfalls may lie.

One's astro sign provides a basic blueprint, and every sign has its own basic emotional make-up. Now, we'd never claim to be infallible. Certainly, there are many issues, such as the ascendant sign, that can make a huge difference when it comes to character, and as a consequence, the way that person relates to other people. But, when it comes to doing a post mortem on a date that was spectacular...or spectacularly bad, we think our list might just give you some closure.

24 Aries Loves Aquarius’ Energy

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Aries loves all things new and intriguing, and he’ll be instantly interested in an Aquarius girl and her way of standing out from the crowd. Best of all, he won’t care if she stands out because she’s put together a perfect fashionista look or because she’s decked out in some outlandish boho garb.

He’ll respond to her erratic energy – they’re both strong people with their own agenda and he’ll respect her as well as give her the space she needs. He’ll also be her intellectual equal, not just fascinated by, but able to keep up with, all of her myriad interests and a long list of friends.

23 Aries Will Butt Heads With Capricorn

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These two have a completely different approach to life that will cause a lot of misunderstandings, if not more. Aries is all hot wind and bluster, while Capricorn is the slow and calculating type. Astrologically speaking, this is the Ram and the Goat, meeting head to head, so to speak. What could possibly go wrong?

Lots of arguing and power struggles over everything from politics to who gets to choose what to eat for dinner. Never mind the battles over who gets to drive the car - these two will probably not be able to stop arguing long enough to leave the house.

22 Pisces Girl Melts Taurus Boy’s Heart

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Taurus is the classic silent but romantic type. He won’t necessarily write poetry, or talk a whole lot about his feelings, but he’ll hold hands, and be that solid-as-a-rock shoulder to lean on. That’s just what Pisces woman ordered, if she’s a typical Fish of the astrological wheel.

She’ll sense his sentimental qualities right away, from the moment they meet. He’ll respond to her soft approach, and those big, expressive eyes of hers are sure to bring out his best qualities. He won't mind the occasional moody spell, and leaning on his shoulder will be the best medicine to pull her out of it.

21 Taurus And Leo Are Headed For Dysfunction

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Taurus boy might seem pretty easygoing, but make no mistake about it - he really does want to be in charge. He might be secure enough in his masculinity to show a softer, more romantic side to his partner, but you'd be wrong to consider him truly soft underneath all that charm.

The Lioness likes a King to her Queen, but she expects her consort to know which one of them is really number one, and spoiler alert - it's not him. Taurus won't feel respected around her, and that's a good sign that things will never get beyond a polite hello.

20 Gemini Digs Aries’ Forward Motion

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Gemini is called The Twins, but really, there are typically several different people living inside your typical Mercury man. He’s also super bright – bright enough to know his own weaknesses. One of them is a tendency to be a little – or a lot – on the flighty side.

When he meets a cool, assured Aries lady, he can’t help but warm up to her fire. He loves that she's always on the move, and he's more than happy to be in her cheering section, while allowing her to fully take charge of their social life, and much more if she likes. Aries values his support and understanding.

19 Gemini Doesn’t Get Taurus' Hard-Headed Approach To Life

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Gemini likes spontaneous adventures, freewheeling conversations, and talking non-stop - all things that the average Bull - male or female - is likely to dislike. Taurus has a slower and deliberate approach that is not likely to jibe with the whirlwind of activity and chatter that is a typical Gemini's life. These two are unlikely even to meet on the same plane, let alone find themselves on a first date.

If, by some miracle of circumstances, they do, Taurus is sure to find Gemini's carelessness with money quite horrifying - and she definitely won't appreciate any tendency to check out every other woman in the room.

18 Cancer Sees A Quality Woman In Capricorn

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Cancer is confident of his masculinity, and if he’s typical he’ll look pretty conservative on the outside, with a lighthearted streak of occasional wildness he’ll show to those he’s close to. He’ll sense that same kind of combination of business-like look, with a wild child that comes out behind closed doors, in Capricorn.

Both of them value responsibility, quality, and the finer things in life. A first date is likely to be long and expensive, and neither will notice either of those details. They will have similarly responsible financial habits, and may make great business as well as romantic partners.

17 Cancer Might Just Be A Little Afraid Of Aries

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You'll often find well dressed Cancer bois at the center of a social circle - or just a circle of female admirers. That alone might intrigue an adventurous Aries girl, but once she's in that inner circle, she's likely to be more puzzled than intrigued by his easy confidence, and the low key way he expresses it.

She's prone to mistake that lack of bluster for the exact opposite - insecurity. He, on the other hand, is likely to see her in-your-face confidence as overcompensation. They'd both be wrong, but it's just one example of how these two will never really understand each other.

16 Leo Lights A Fire With Sagittarius

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When these two Fire signs meet, a conversation will spark up that is likely to last all night. Leo and Sagittarius are probably the only two true optimists of the 12 astro signs, and both of them will respond to that bright, sunny approach to life in each other.

There will be an abundance of energy and enthusiasm when these two get together, and they can be the ultimate power couple if they stick together. The Archer can give the Lion the kind of pure admiration and warmth that he craves, without feeling the need to compete. She'll shine in her own way.

15 Leo Thinks Libra Is Too Flighty

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Leo might seem like the sunniest, most confident dude you've ever met, but he's got a secret. He needs people around him to respond to his charm. He might be attracted to a pretty Libra girl, with her intelligent conversation and artsy boho take on fashion. But, she'll forget to be there for his important business function, or arrive late to the club so he can't make his grand entrance, and she'll never understand why he's hurt by it.

More than likely, Leo will simply sense that Libra can't give him the kind of loving fandom he needs, and their relationship will be a non-starter.

14 Virgo Finds A Worthy Match In Scorpio

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There is a similarity of approach to life that this pair will sense in each other immediately. They are intelligent, talented, and would rather let others take the spotlight. Virgo and Scorpio will both work hard in the sidelines or the back room towards a worthy goal, and there will be a mutual respect for those qualities, which is a solid foundation.

A secure Virgo dude will admire the force of nature that is the typical Scorpio woman, while providing her with a solid backup. The good news is that passionate Scorpio can help Virgo warm up his cautious heart.

13 Virgo Won’t Get The Archer At All

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She smart, and that may draw a Virgo guy to an Archer lady now and then for interesting conversation. But, just as Virgo is warming up to the topic, and ready to focus on it in depth, Sagittarius will skip over to something else, then something else again, leaving Virgo behind.

He’ll end up annoyed and frustrated, and turned off by what he sees as her flaky nature. It's not that Virgo can't keep up intellectually; it's more of a fundamentally different approach to life. Virgo craves security, and Sag isn't quite sure what that is, or why anybody thinks it's important.

12 Libra Loves Leo’s Sunshine Appeal

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Libra might be the ultimate laid-back dude, but he loves a smart, dynamic woman – and who’s more dynamic than the Lioness? Opposites attract, as they say, and in this case, it's usually true. The best thing about these two is that they will never clash. Leo and her ego will get plenty of space – and no competition at all – from Libra, who will be quite content to let her hog the spotlight and shine in the best way she knows how.

He’s bright and will appeal to her better side, and she'll be so busy, and surrounded by the usual crowd of admirers, that she'll barely notice him slipping out on his own for a little me-time now and then, or relaxing while she does all the work.

11 Libra’s Too Chilled For Cancer

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Libra's style is easygoing - at least on the outside. On the inside, he's in a constant state of flux, those balancing scales swinging back and forth wildly on a daily basis as he attempts to create harmony out of his chaotic life. Cancer is the Moon maiden, with moods that are affected by the ups and downs of the tides. Add them up, and it's a little too much instability for one relationship to handle.

Libra tends to shy away from emotions and will want to keep it cool for the long-term future, something a sentimental Cancer woman won't get on board with.

10 Scorpio Sees Behind Virgo’s Low-Key Facade

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A Virgo lady typically has a conservative look – let’s say she’s more Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein than Versace or Gucci – but she buys quality rather than the cheapest version of the latest trend. That’s something Scorpio will notice and admire. He looks beyond appearances for the truth, and he’ll find a smart woman with her own mind, and that will intrigue him.

Unless he’s too wild, or she’s too insecure, their chemistry should be solid, and one based on mutual respect. Many people mistake Virgo for being too cold and practical, but she's just picky. Scorpio is the perfect dude to ignite her passions.

9 Scorpio Thinks Aquarius Is Too Eccentric

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Now, this is surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Scorpio can be as eccentric as the neighborhood cat lady, but he will have his fully thought-out set of reasons for his odd behavior, ones he feels are quite logical - Mr. Mysterious is just not going to tell you what they are. He is also very likely to keep a reasonably normal front.

Aquarius, on the other hand, doesn't care what anybody thinks, and will conduct her semi-theatrical life right out in the open. The Scorpion is not likely to approve. Jealousy will also rear its ugly head between the possessive Scorpio and free-spirited Water Bearer.

8 Sagittarius And Libra Will Talk Non-Stop

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Now, Libra is a refined lady, if she’s typical, while the Archer can be a wild man as far as his own personal style goes. They may not meet at a fashion show, let's say. Where they will meet is in bright conversation about ideas, and the thousand things that interest them both. There will never be a dull moment spent between these two.

Both of them love adventure and trying new things, which should make for fun times spent together. Another plus with this pairing: Libra and Sagittarius both tend to be low-key, and low on the overblown ego scale, which should keep things harmonious.

7 Sagittarius’ Fire Can't Cope With Watery Pisces

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Ruled by lucky Jupiter, Sagittarius is Mr. Optimistic. If he's typical, he'll wake up each day with a smile, and always be looking for that rainbow around the corner. He just won't understand Pisces' moods or emotions. It's a classic case of Fire (Sag) meets Water (Fish, of course), where the two just won't find a middle to meet on.

The Archer loves to be on the move, whether literally or figuratively, while Pisces needs a home base to feel secure. Both of them will feel neglected by the other, without understanding that it's just a basic difference of perspective.

6 Capricorn Can Relax With Taurus

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Somehow, in a room full of people, Capricorn will recognize the hardworking, sane, sensible, but still fun-loving values in Taurus that he holds dear himself. Although nothing is impossible, they both tend to prefer long-term relationships over short flings.

In general, these two share an approach to life and love that will please everyone from their families to the neighbors who will enjoy their well-kept property, to the bank manager who will be more than happy to finance their down-to-earth dreams.

Both homebodies, they'll have well-cooked meals in a comfortable home, and leave those wild nights on the town to others.

5 Capricorn Finds Gemini’s Whirlwind Tiring

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Capricorn is the kind of dude who will take his time, and think before he acts. He was like that even as a child. Gemini will blast into the room like a breeze, chat up a bunch of strangers on a whim, and then breeze right out again.

While Capricorn would have been handing out business cards and entering valuable contacts on his mobile phone, Gemini girl had a little fun and met some cool people, but then she heard some interesting music from the place next door, and she went to investigate. It's unlikely these two would ever even meet.

4 Aquarius Lights A Spark With Gemini

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It takes quite a bit to impress Aquarius boy. He’s not interested in material wealth or fancy clothes, and he’ll yawn at the idea of a high powered business executive type job. A quick mind, a fiendish sense of humor, and fascinating conversation – now that’s going to get his attention, and that’s the kind of brainy appeal that Gemini girl oozes without trying.

He'll love her bright spark of energy, and she'll recognize a kindred spirit. Both signs can come across as somewhat cold and too flighty to settle down, but all they're really looking for is a partner who can keep up.

3 Aquarius Can’t Get Past Virgo’s Judgmental Nature

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One thing that Aquarius and Virgo share is that the world often underestimates them both. They are also both intelligent, and can be diligent about their work and how they conduct their lives. But, your average Aquarius will consider that diligence optional, at best. They might devote themselves to a job, hobby, relationship, or anything, for a period of time, and then suddenly drop it and move on.

Virgo is the girl who sticks with what she starts, and she won't help but get judgmental over the Water Bearer's way of constantly switching everything up.

2 Pisces Warms Up To Cancer

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Cancer has a warm heart, and Pisces will know instinctively that he can trust her. Pisces can present something of a paradox. He may run from his emotions when they feel intense, but Cancer will be the one to understand and support him so that there's nothing to run away from.

With her solid support, he can relax and be at his best. This couple will enjoy the same kind of low-key lifestyle, paired with a love of luxury – dinner dates rather than night clubs. They'll be that cute, unassuming yet well-dressed couple who creates an incredible home together.

1 Pisces Is A Mismatch With The Scorpion

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With both Pisces and Scorpio being Water signs, you might think the two of them would get along swimmingly. But, that's just not so. Scorpio swims in deep, deep waters, emotionally speaking, and likes to manipulate what happens on the surface from underneath. He notices everything, and he's never afraid of conflict.

Pisces, on the other hand, prefers to stay in the emotional shallows of life. Pisces may never be able to put his finger on it, but he'll sense that he's being emotionally manipulated. Those deep Scorpio feels over absolutely everything, and the high drama that comes with them, are likely to send him running for cover.

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