10 Signs Bed Bugs Are Becoming More Resistant

Bed bugs as of late have been known to adapt to different methods that were previously used to rid our home of their presence. These disgusting creatures have become resistant to the tactics we have been using, and it might result in a pike of bed bugs in your very home. There are several signs that bed bugs might have made a comeback that you should be on the lookout for.

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We have compiled a list of signs that your bedbugs might be making a comeback. The method you had previously used to keep them at bay might be going stale. Keep reading to learn 10 signs that bed bugs are becoming more resistant!

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10 Exoskeletons Galore!

Bed bugs molt and leave behind their exoskeletons as time passes and they grow in size.  They look very similar to the bed bug itself, but it is just its old skin it decided to leave hidden in the crevices of your home.

When you lay your eyes on this it might be time to try a new bed bug regimen because your current product is not working. You might be worried its too late, but now that you know they are resistant it can only get better from here.

9 New Bug Bites That Itch

You might have bug bites appear out of nowhere, and at first, you might think it was from your time spent in tall grass or the heart of the woods. It might shock you to find out they might be from bed bugs because your current bed bug prevention product isn't working.

These bites will be on your arms and shoulders, and some even choose to travel as high as your neck. These bites will itch like crazy, but now that you realize there is an issue you can work to tackle it.

8 Blood Stains on Your Sheets

When a bed bug bites someone, they break their delicate skin and the person tends to bleed. After it is done taking your blood this doesn't mean the flow of blood from your open wound stops. Your precious blood will continue to keep flowing and leave tiny bloodstains on all of your sheets.

This could be a major sign that bed bugs in your home have become resistant, especially if you take anti bed bug measures only in your bedroom.

7 A Musty Odor

You walk into your bedroom one day and notice a musty odor has begun to take the place of your fresh spring fragrance. It might cause your nose to wrinkle in disgust and this is a major sign that the bed bugs in your home have become resistant to the products you had been using to keep them out.

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Bed bugs have glands that produce this disgusting fragrance and no matter how hard you look for that moldy piece of clothing, you won't find it unless you inspect your very sheets.

6 Skin Flakes in Your Hair

This is mentally disturbing, but people who find flakes in their hair might have a bedbug problem. These flakes are remnants of their exoskeletons, but they end up in your hair while you sleep. The flakes could already be on your pillow, or these creepy critters might be crawling across your head at night.

The point is, if you know the flakes are not dandruff then your bed bugs have become resistant and you should have the problem looked into immediately.

5 A Distinctive Line of Bites

These horrifying pests are known to leave a distinctive pattern of bites on your body that is easily recognizable. The bites tend to be grouped together in a single line, like an entire family of bed bugs decided to have a potluck on a single section of your body. This large grouping of bites should concern you and make you realize that whatever you are doing is not working.

No one should have to suffer the pain of these bug bites, but sometimes it is necessary for us to realize we need to try something new.

4 A Distinctive Rust-Color Around the Edge of Your Mattress

Bed bugs, like humans and every other creature on this planet, have to use the bathroom. They leave behind patches of fecal matter that can usually be found on the edges of your mattress that is the color of rust.

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It might disgust you to think you may have been sleeping on bed bug poop, but it happened and now it is important you handle the situation swiftly. The bed bugs may have become more resistant, but your resilience is what matters at the end of the day.

3 Eggs

Bed bugs lay eggs in order to produce young and seeing the presence of these clear opaque white sacs is what should alert you to their resistance. When eggs are found in your home, it means that they are able to reproduce and your measures to destroy them are failing to do their job.

You may not even realize what they are at first due to their subtle nature, but once you do, you should head to the store and try something new.

2 You Can't Sleep

Are you having trouble falling and staying asleep? If you answered yes to this question and you don't suffer from any sort of sleeping disorder than bed bugs might be the culprit. When they crawl over your skin at night and feed on your luscious life-sustaining blood it can make it difficult for you to sleep.

You might not recognize the problem at first, but over time as the number of welts grow it can become clear that the bed bugs in your home have become more resistant.

1 An Actual Bed Beg

The number one sign that bed bugs have become resistant is (you guessed it) seeing an actual bed bug. The one thing you should note is that what you have found is, in fact, a bed bug and not a tick, as people tend to get them confused. A bed bug will only have three legs and a tick will have four.

If your friend turns out to have three legs, then it might be time for you to find a new product to rid your residence of pesky bed bugs.

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