10 Coolest Slime DIYs To Make At Home

If you're a parent, slime is part of your life. There is not a child in America who doesn't beg their parents to make buckets full of slime, and there is not a parent in America who doesn't pray every single night for the slime craze to die out. Though no parent would ever admit this to their slime-loving children, there is something a little bit zen-like about manipulating the goo. Even for non-parents, a bucket of slime can be somewhat relaxing.

Here are ten different slimes that will keep your crew busy all summer long if you're brave enough to take on the slime.

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10 Space Slime

If you have a space-obsessed, Star Wars-loving kid at home, then whip up some space slime and become their hero for the day. Honestly, though, you have to be a whole other level of brave to allow black slime into your home. To make this creation, just use a basic slime recipe –we are sure your kid knows one by heart– and add some glitter and black gel food coloring. Break out the Star Wars toys and let your kids go galaxy.

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9 Edible Slime

If you have little slime lovers in the house, the idea of making slime can be extra daunting. Tots love to put things in their mouths and most DIY slimes are made from Borax, which is not something that you want your kid snacking on while you aren't looking. All you need to create some edible slime is cornstarch, food coloring, basil seed, and water. Easy, right? It will take you less than five minutes to whip this up. While it is safer to ingest than other DIY slimes, we don't suggest serving it up on a platter for dinner.

8 Two Ingredient Slime

Seriously, what can be better than a DIY slime that only requires two ingredients? This is a fantastic recipe to use for your little slime extraordinaire who wants to do everything all by themselves. Let us grant your wish, kids. All you need to make this slime is water and Metamucil! This slime seems relatively foolproof, and as an added bonus it doesn't require your child to play with Borax or other chemicals. If Junior happens to get some of this stuff in his mouth, you can consider that his fiber requirement for the day. That's a win.

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7 Rainbow Slime

Whenever slime makes a reappearance in our kitchen, we will be making this rainbow slime. It's so pretty! You'll want to load up on Elmer's glitter glue in all sorts of colors for this creation as well as Borax or liquid starch. You can get the full instructions for this pretty project HERE. This one is so lovely you might not want to share the finished product with your kids.

6 Magnetic Slime

Magnetic slime is pretty magical if you ask me. At least you can spin your slime making afternoons into some sort of science learning activity with this recipe. You'll get an A+ in parenting for the day, moms. To make slime that acts as if it is indeed alive, you'll need glue, magnetic powder, liquid starch and some Neodymium magnets. This recipe is geared for older children and teens who will not be tempted to taste their final product. Magnetic powder is not ingestable, and the magnets used for this are powerful.

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5 Glow-In-The-Dark Slime

In the land of children, everything that is glow-in-the-dark is automatically awesome, so this DIY slime is bound to be a winner no matter what. The only issue we see with this recipe is that kids can barely keep this stuff on the table when the lights are on. We highly doubt they can manage not to cover your home in slime with the lights off. Anyways, if you like to live your life on the edge, you can find directions for this glow-in-the-dark mess HERE.

4 Golden Slime

Here is another DIY that we are tempted to create with our kids. It's so pretty and super easy to make. You need glue, cornstarch, and gold paint to get the golden look. (For that elusive golden paint, click HERE.) When it comes to slime, our theory is this – it has to be simple, and it has to be pretty.

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3 Fluffy Slime

Sometimes you have to switch up the slime and give its texture a bit of a twist. This fluffy slime is a perfect way to achieve that change. Most fluffy slime recipes that you come across on the internet have far too many ingredients to attempt. Slime making can get pricey! This recipe however only needs three things: white glue, shaving cream, and contact lens solution. Plus, you need a large bowl for mixing. Warning: this is a stickier version of slime. Send the kids outside to whip this one up.

2 Confetti Slime

If you are truly a glutton for parenting punishment, you can try and make confetti slime. You'll be finding flecks fo confetti for months to come. Regardless of our confetti public service announcement, you might still want to give this colorful DIY slime a whirl. It's pretty basic. Feel free to snag the step by step tutorial. Also go ahead an buy yourself a new vacuum cleaner. You're going to need it.

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1 Chocolate Slime

You can't eat this one, but at least it will smell good while you play with it. Chocolate slime uses cocoa powder to give it a decadent fragrance. The downfall of this one, of course, it some kids will have to give it a taste. You'll likely want to supervise this slime play. You could always get super creative and combine the idea of chocolate slime with the above edible slime recipe. That might be the safest bet for parents of young kids–or kids that just don't listen.

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