The Simpsons: 15 Things FOX Wants Buried

With 30 seasons and more than 662 episodes, we’ve truly seen it all on the show since its early days back in the late ‘80s. It would turn into a juggernaut during the ‘90s, taking over television and aiding FOX in becoming a dominant network, particularly on Sundays when the show aired and thrived on the airwaves, as it continues to do today.

During the ‘90s boom, the show was able to get away with a lot more. In this article, we’ll feature some of those throwback moments – a lot of these scenes and episodes just wouldn’t fly today. In addition, we’ll feature recent controversies along with times the show predicted the future with a controversial assumption coming to life.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let's get started!

15 Maude’s Dismissal

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We turn back the clock to 1999 for this moment during season 11, episode 240. Maude’s character was killed off the show and as if that wasn’t troubling enough, the real reason had everyone talking.

According to TV Over Mind, it was FOX that decided to pull the plug on the character and not the show. The feeling was that Maggie Roswell, the person playing Maude, asked for a pay increase.

14 Seizure Scene

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A seizure episode is really no laughing matter. Especially today, we would never see a similar episode. We’ll give the show a pass given that it took place back in 1999 during season 10.

Titled 'Battling Seizure Robots', the plotline featured the family getting a seizure because of a Japanese cartoon... yeah, that’s a little too much – even for FOX and especially now that Disney entered the mix.

13 Lisa Taking Up A Bad Habit

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Speaking of things Disney wouldn’t like to see, how about Lisa lightening one up? During the episode Smoke on the Daughter, Lisa would actually go outside to inhale some of the smoke – it would lead to Homer stepping in and ending Lisa’s apparent smoking addiction.

The likes of FOX and Disney don’t want anything smoking-related on the show especially when it comes to a character like Lisa.

12 Mrs. Krabappel Revealing Too Much

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Whether it was with the Principle or others, Edna pushed the envelope on more than a few occasions. We’ll even pinpoint another moment a little later in the article.

A lot of the steamier scenes took place during the earlier seasons – the show tried to push the PG boundaries, clearly.

11 The Duff Girl Titania Cut

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Throughout the course of the show, The Simpsons program featured several steamy and not so PG moments, some FOX would be uncomfortable to revisit.

During season 11's episode 16, Duff Girl’s introduction might’ve been one of those moments. The character had some revealing attire and a look that definitely wasn’t family appropriate.

10 Large Marge

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This season 14 episode might be another forgettable one, at least by FOX’s standards. The plot of the show featured Marge getting a surgery done in order to entice Homer. The surgery wasn’t a success and Marge left the hospital with something else totally enhanced by accident...

She got her wish, getting Homer’s attention but it came with a cost as she had all of Springfield checking her out.

9 Homer Contemplates His Life

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We’ve seen some dark moments on the show – this one is up there. The regrettable ordeal took place during season one. After Homer loses his job, he goes into a depression. He spirals out of hand, so much so that he contemplates taking his own life.

We actually see Homer trying to end it all... yeah, let’s not replay that footage, especially around the younger folks.

8 Church Makeover

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Religion is always a touchy subject no matter what the show is. Of course, The Simpsons showed no remorse tackling this topic time and time again. During this particular plotline, they put a not so PG twist on the church, with women revealing a little too much.

Definitely, a moment they might want to delete permanently.

7 Predicting FIFA Controversy

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We could have done a separate list on this alone – how many times have The Simpsons accurately predicted the future? They’ve done so more than once, especially with some of the more controversial predictions.

This prediction came to life years prior, with the show claiming that FIFA was tainted behind the scenes. Of course, those allegations would prove to be accurate, with the entire system in complete disarray. Given the power of FIFA, the show might want to keep this one on the DL.

6 Disney Taking Over FOX

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FOX might not want us to know, but the show even predicted their very own future! Back then, we really didn’t make much of it when the show predicted that Disney would eventually buy FOX.

Most recently, this assumption came to life – another eerie moment totally called by the show.

5 Homer Takes Out Grandpa

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Not only did Homer almost take his own life but he wanted to do the same to his own father. We even see footage of Homer blocking his dad’s nose, in which Grandpa Simpson appears to be passed out completely, and some might say he actually passed away in the scene.

Without a doubt, it sends a bad message and one the show wouldn’t revisit.

4 Voting Machine Gaff

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They did it again, this time manifesting that the poll machine didn’t work, basically implying that the election was rigged. Homer’s vote to a certain candidate just wouldn’t work – we would hear about a similar ordeal years later with votes not being tabulated properly.

It is a touchy subject the show and network would rather avoid discussing.

3 The MJ Episode

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Perhaps the most iconic episode in Simpsons history, Stark Raving Dad featured Michael Jackson, or at least what the show pushed during the episode.

Given Jackson’s legacy, looking back, the episode is met with lots of controversy. The show seems to agree as the producers removed the legendary episode, this according to Variety just a couple of months ago.

2 Homer’s Reaction To Bart

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Back in 1997, this controversial episode took place, titled 'Homer’s Phobia'. Homer grew uncomfortable with his son hanging around a gay antique dealer. It would lead to Homer pushing his masculinity time and time again throughout the episode.

Years later, this is considered a big-time no-no on the show’s part.

1 Mrs. Krabappel & Homer’s Moment

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We saw more than a couple of questionable moments featuring these two individually throughout the show’s lengthy history. This moment pushed things a little but with Edna pulling the moves on Homer. It was like the show took a not so PG twist.

Again, we’ll give them the pass considering it took place early on.

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