The Simpsons Hit & Run Could Be About To Get The Remaster Treatment

Amid all of the remasters and remakes in the video game world right now, Simpsons Hit & Run producer admits the iconic game could be among them.

The original producer of The Simpsons Hit & Run recently admitted that the iconic early 2000s game could be remastered and maybe even remade for modern consoles.

In the entertainment world, everything old is becoming new again. Disney is remaking all of its animated classics as live-action movies, and pretty much every other studio is creating sequel after sequel. We're not complaining, we love it! We also love the fact that the remake and remaster fad has well and truly rooted itself in the video game world.

Activision really got things started when it remaster and re-released the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy. It kept the momentum going when it did the same with Spyro, and then Crash Team Racing. Later this month, Genesis and SNES classics The Lion King and Aladdin will be released on today's consoles, and in March 2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake will hit game store shelves.

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The truth is no matter how many games are remastered, fans will always question why others haven't received the same treatment. If you are one of those people waiting for what's next, we may have some exciting news courtesy of LadBible. The site recently interviewed the original producer of the iconic The Simpsons Hit & Run and admitted that it could one day be remastered for today's audiences.

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"It would be fun to explore those characters and that universe again," Vlad Ceraldi said. For those unfamiliar with Hit & Run, it was released in 2003 across multiple platforms and was effectively a crossover between The Simpsons and Grand Theft Auto. So the open world feel and mission-like progression of GTA, but the bloody violence and inappropriate content was replaced with the animated antics of the residents of Springfield.

Before you go getting too excited and heading out to preorder your copy of Hit & Run, we'd like to point out that if it is going to happen, it's still a long way off. Ceraldi admitted that there are still a lot of hoops to jump through before the project even becomes a reality, and right now it is just something that might happen. Whoever owns the rights to the game would need to be on board for starters. If you know who that is, maybe drop them a message.

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