10 Tiny Home Builds In The Sims 4 We Wish We Could Live In

Though the difference between a trailer and a tiny home still remains moderately unclear (though the difference may honestly be the socio-economic class status and stereotypes associated with the two), the idea of living in a tiny home/fancy trailer is increasingly appealing. As time passes, careers elude recent graduates, student debt builds, and society continues to veer towards disaster, the idea of selling the majority of one's possessions and going off the grid via tiny home feels increasingly appealing. But if doing so is impossible to do in the human world in which we all live, doing so via the virtual world is the next best thing. The modders of the Sims 4 are a talented and creative bunch of people and they have dedicated hours of their free time to create the most stunning, detailed, and functional tiny homes imaginable for players to enjoy in the Sims 4.

10 Sleek And Elite

Just because one is living in a tiny home does not mean that one has to sacrifice style nor some of the luxuries that make life in the modern era so sweet. Though some may veer towards the tiny house movement for an escape from the opulent excess of the modern world, others may simply prefer smaller living quarters and still crave those luxuries to fill out their days and bring a smile to their face.


The sleek, black, elegant design of this home is appealing for numerous reasons but the main being how incredibly aesthetically pleasing it is. It looks more like an elite cafe in a city few could afford to visit let alone live in.

9 A Fairy Enclave Built For A Fae Queen

The second kind of tiny home that exists is the more ethereal/natural type. The romantic poet, William Wordsworth, believed that the modern world would corrupt the soul and that the only way to prevent this was to leave its borders and reconnect with nature. One could never fully connect with the natural world as doing so would lead to the end of their lives (the moment before they pass they would momentarily experience what he described as the "sublime" before it overtook them) but getting as close as one safely could was an act that, he believed, could cure modern anxieties and reunite one with their inner child.

8 Two Tiny Homes One Lot

Sometimes the lots in The Sims 4 are simply too big and the homes on either side of the playable lot are too far apart. Some people simply create larger homes that take up a bigger percentage of the available lot space but not everyone loves playing in such an expansive home. Some prefer creating the smallest home possible (in which all features are still accessible to the Sim). The best way to solve the issue between craving compact homes and detesting the spaces between them is to simply build two houses on the same lot.


To prevent Sims from entering the adjoining house, simply lock the front door and do not include any furniture or objects inside that a Sim would be tempted to use.

7 An Aesthetically Pleasing Lot

The bright colours that coat this home make it seem like one of the gallery/display rooms that can be found inside an IKEA showroom that are used to show off their current stock and ways in which the furniture could be combined and utilized. The modern design and primary colours makes this tiny home build exceptionally appealing but not in an unwelcoming way. The symmetry and flow of this lot keeps it feeling open and welcoming regardless of the small amount of space that it takes up in the world.

6 The Tiniest Lot

Now, since no stairs can be seen in this image, I wonder how the Sim residing in such a tiny home will be able to access the upper floor/bedroom area. But regardless of the questions of accessibility, this compact design is utterly alluring and aesthetically appealing to any Sim player who enjoys creating the tiniest home possible for their creations.


Though many players prefer to build the biggest mansion for their Sims and live out their dream lives, others have a heart that sings a different song and prefer to keep things as tiny as possible. And the above home is perfect for that.

5 Size Does Matter

When creating a tiny home, both in real life and in a virtual world, it is important to make sure that the design remains accessible. Sure, a tiny home may be lovely on paper but if one is unable to access their bed, cook a meal, or clean themselves without dismantling the entire thing, the "home" is not carrying out its designated functions and an adjustment will be needed to made for both longevity and the occupant's sanity. The above design is both compact and functional. The budget-friendly design, as well as the aesthetically pleasing decor, makes this a realistic dream home.

4 Cute, Compact, And IKEA Inspired

Ah, another IKEA inspired home. The primary colours infused throughout the design scheme and decor just screams IKEA and that screaming is a lovely sound. This compact and fluid design is perfect for a young professional or even a young couple of Sims who are attempting to save money in order to set the foundation needed in order to build a lucrative future.


One thing that can be difficult about life in the modern world is supporting oneself on a day to day basis while still trying to find a way to extend one's limited pay in order to have a hefty savings account in order to fall back on in case on needs it.

3 Eco-Friendly Tiny Home

This tiny home is perfect for those who seek to escape from society and prefer to live off the grid. Some people elect to live in tiny homes for financial reasons or due to debts that prevent them from being able to pay the downpayment for a standard size home. While others are drawn to the homes because they yearn for the lifestyle and are intrigued by the idea of a necessity based and ecologically friendly lifestyle. These lifestyles often include growing one's own food, hand washing one's laundry, placing a heavy focus on renewable and sustainable resources, and doing everything one can to limit the effects on the environment that each person has.

2 Tiny Home On The Range

Though this tiny home is a bit larger than the compact design of previous entries, this charming ranch house is still considerably smaller than the traditional/average home. Like other tiny homes mentioned in this list, the above home is focused primarily on sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle.


This home includes solar panels, a home garden, outdoor laundry, and other natural ways of sustaining a modern lifestyle. The only thing that could be added to improve this home would be to add a home for bees so that the occupant could harvest the honey and have their lovely new bee friends pollinate their garden.

1 A Green House For Your Green House

This tiny home is the type of home mentioned in the introduction of this article where the line between tiny home and trailer starts to blur. The biggest design difference between the two is the fact that tiny homes can come in any shape while trailers traditionally exist in the long rectangular shape. But this tiny home retains that classic rectangular shape and there is something so comforting about that. Sure, the tiny homes that simply look like tiny verisons of regular sized homes are adorable but there is just something so familiar and cozy about those that commit to the established rectangular shape.


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