Sister Wives: 17 Things Kody Brown Wants To Keep On The DL

Sister Wives is a show filled with drama, heartache, and a lot of really complicated relationships. Then again, how can anyone expect anything less, considering it focuses on Kody Brown, a man who strongly believes in plural marriage and is married to four women (and, if the reports are to be believed, he may have his eye out for a fifth wife)!

Over the years, this family has made many headlines, from a catfishing situation to reports that the wives do not get on at all, but there are also some things about the Browns that are not as well-known, and they'd probably like to keep on the down-low — despite the ratings boost this would give their reality show. Below are 17 things that Kody probably wants everyone to forget.

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17 This Is Awkward, But Before Janelle ‘Married’ Kody, She Was Actually Meri’s Sister-In-Law

Sister Wives makes for interesting television, but there are some things about Kody Brown and his relationship with his wives that are odd. An example of this is that Meri Brown and Janelle Brown actually knew each other before they both “married” Kody, and that’s because Janelle was married to Meri’s brother, International Business Times reports.

16 Apparently, Four Wives Are Not Enough For Mr. Brown, And His Eyes Are Roaming

Kody Brown already has four wives, but according to a report from InTouch Weekly (via The Hollywood Gossip), he was looking to add a fifth woman to the family. “For a guy with four wives and almost two dozen kids, Kody’s acting like he’s on the lookout,” an insider told the publication.

15 Few People Believe Kody Brown’s Marriages Are As Perfect As He Wants Everyone To Think

Sister Wives is a show which offers a glimpse into plural marriage, and Kody Brown and his wives want us to believe that their relationships are strong, despite their unusual marriage agreement. But that's not always the truth. CheatSheet observed how the family tried to “paint polygamy in a positive light” but noted that there has been so much drama to unfold in their lives.

14 After All, If Everything Was So Great, Then Meri Wouldn’t Have Been Catfished

Meri Brown was involved in major relationship drama in 2015, when it was discovered that she had been catfished, People reports. She thought she was having an online relationship with a man, who turned out to be a woman, but the real issue here is that she was having an online relationship at all, which clearly suggests she was looking for more than what she had in her relationship with Kody Brown.

13 Kody’s Decision To Add Robyn To The Family Has Caused A Lot Of Drama

Kody Brown’s fourth wife is Robyn Brown, but his other three wives did not welcome her into the family with open arms. The relationship between Kody and Robyn was filmed in 2010, and Robyn’s presence caused a lot of drama in the family because, as CheatSheet notes, it had been 17 years since he decided to add another wife.

12 Christine Bid Farewell To Her Husband For A Few Days Because He Picked Out Robyn’s Wedding Dress (A Big No-No, Apparently)

Kody Brown has done a few things differently in his relationship with Robyn, and he even helped her pick out her wedding dress, which is apparently a major no-no in this family. CheatSheet notes that Christine was so unhappy when she found out what Kody did, that she left the home for several days.

11 Sometimes Kody Wants You To Think He Has Big Problems, Because It Makes For Better TV

Reality TV is often scripted, or the drama that unfolds is exaggerated to make for interesting television. This is what happened on Sister Wives, according to Christine’s aunt, Kristyn Decker.

Decker told Radar Online that a situation involving the family’s move to escape anti-polygamy laws was “played up” for ratings.

10 Money Is Tight, Despite Having A TV Show (After All, Big Families Don’t Come Cheap)

Via Meri Brown Instagram/Christine Brown Instagram

Kody Brown has a big family, actually, that’s an understatement, because with four wives and 18 children, there are a lot of mouths to feed. The family has struggled financially and according to Radar Online, they had “tax debt,” but also had to sell their Las Vegas property by $25,000 less, "amid their financial woes.”

9 ‘Sister Wives’ Is An Opportunity To Look At The Lives Of The Brown Family, But The Wives Are Not All That Close

Sharing a husband is not something many of us would like to do, and there would likely be feelings of jealousy, and no doubt drama would unfold. Sister Wives makes us think that this is not the case, but according to Radar Online, the wives are not as close as they would like people to believe and live “miles apart” from each other.

8 Meri And Christine Are Not Able To See Eye-To-Eye (Which Is Probably Why We Rarely Seem Them In Photos Together)

Meri and Christine Brown may be married to the same man, but that doesn’t mean that they like each other. Actually, they really don’t, and Radar Online reported that on a family getaway they “ignored each other” the entire time. CheatSheet also notes that Christine has claimed Meri makes her feel uncomfortable because she “brings sorrow with her everywhere.”

7 When It Comes To Relationships, Kody's Kids Don’t Want A Plural Marriage

You may think that Kody Brown’s children would share his beliefs when it comes to relationships, but it would seem that plural marriage is not for them — at least, not yet. Many of Brown’s children are married in the traditional sense, including Maddie, Mykelti and Aspyn (the latter of whom is pictured above).

6 It’s Pretty Clear That Robyn Is Kody Brown’s Favorite — And You Can Only Imagine How That Makes The Other Wives Feel

Kody Brown is not meant to have a favorite wife, after all, he has to keep the peace in his household, but his actions certainly suggest that Robyn is his favorite. In 2014, he divorced Meri so that he could legally marry Robyn, which caused a lot of drama.

BabyGaga also reports that Kody’s nights are not shared among his wives, and “are reportedly reserved for his fourth wife, Robyn.”

5 It’s Been Reported That Kody Prefers His Sons To His Daughters…Or At The Very Least, He Spends More Time With Them

Kody Brown has many children, and finding time to spend with all of them must be a challenge, but according to reports, Brown has some clear favorites, and they happen to be among his sons. According to ScreenRant, he spends more time with his sons than his daughters, and his “relationships with his daughters often seem strained.”

4 Sometimes They Do Things Just For Ratings, Like Moving To Las Vegas

Via Meri Brown Instagram

Kody Brown and his family are the stars of a reality show, and to keep viewers coming back, they need interesting content. So, does this mean they sometimes exaggerate what happens in their lives? Maybe.

According to BabyGaga, the way the family handled their move from Utah to Las Vegas was mostly played up for the cameras. Although it seemed like a sudden decision, the publication notes: “in reality, the family had held numerous discussions regarding a possible move…”

3 Kody Doesn’t Want You To Know That His Wives Can Pretend To Be Happy. After All, They're On A Show

Sister Wives had the opportunity to shed light on the Brown’s way of life, and unfortunately, it didn’t paint the picture of a perfect family unit.

Actually, behind the scenes, the family apparently fight a lot, and Robyn’s former friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, told InTouch Weekly (via ScreenRant): “They pretend to be happy for the show, but the family is a mess."

2 Kody Is Not Always The Most Sensitive Individual, Even Calling His Wife, Robyn A ‘Soccer Mom’ Because Of Her Appearance

You'd think that one of the pros of having multiple wives is that you'd learn how to be sensitive and empathetic to other people’s feelings. But it seems Kody Brown didn’t get that memo, and NickiSwift reports that he initially described Robyn as looking like a “soccer mom,” and said that it "turned [his] stomach" to watch Christine eat a plate of nachos.

1 Kody Didn’t Think About Meri’s Feelings When He Divorced Her To Marry Robyn (She’s Still His Wife, Just Not Legally)

Plural marriage remains something that many people would not consider, but there are also anti-polygamy laws in many states to ensure that this does not happen. These laws are the reason that Kody Brown cannot be legally married to another woman, and why he divorced Meri to marry Robyn in 2014. Their decision was not just because he preferred Robyn, but because he wanted to adopt her children from another marriage, but, needless to say, this decision caused his first wife a lot of pain.

Sources: International Business Times, The Hollywood Gossip, CheatSheet, People, RadarOnline, BabyGaga, ScreenRant, NickiSwift.

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