Sister Wives: What Fans Should Stop Ignoring About The Moms

Reality series Sister Wives follows the lives of a polygamist family. The father Kodi Brown has four wives namely, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and together they have 18 children. However, Brown is only legally married to Robyn the others are spiritual unions. After going public with their polygamist family, the public really scrutinized them and they had to flee Utah due to police investigations.

Sister Wives might have become a hit with viewers who were tuning in every week to see the latest family drama. However, is this family really living a happy life as polygamists? Fans seem to be brushing a lot about the family’s lifestyle. Here are 20 things fans should stop ignoring the moms.

20 Meri Was Involved In A Catfishing Scandal

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Meri Brown the first sister wife was involved in a catfishing scandal. After her divorce from Kody so that he can marry another sister-wife, Meri fell for a catfisher online by the name, Sam Cooper who was in real life a woman as cheatsheet reveals. Let us not ignore the fact that Meri had this emotional affair because her relationship was not fulfilling her.

19 Meri Was The Legal Wife Before Robyn Took Over

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Meri was Kody’s legal wife for 24 years before they divorced back in September 2014. According to thetalko, Kody was divorcing her so that he can legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn, and adopt her three children from a previous marriage. Kody divorcing Meri and marrying Robyn is something fans should stop ignoring.

18 They Were Once Broke

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Ideally, most people have huge families if they can afford them. This was not the case for the Browns. Before TLC found them, Kody and the moms were in deep debt, they had to file for bankruptcy as nickiswift reports. Fortunately, TLC came to their rescue with a good paycheck. Kody could even afford to build new homes for all his wives.

17 All Except One Were Raised In Polygamist Families

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Another fact we should stop ignoring about the four moms is that all of them except Janelle grew up in polygamist families. According to therichest, Janelle grew up in a monogamy family, however, her mother entered into a polygamist marriage with Kody’s father months before her daughter married Kody.

16 There Is Always A Favorite

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Fans should also not ignore the fact that there is always a favorite among the four wives. When Robyn joined the family, it was evident that she was getting more attention than the rest. According to thelist, even when the family moved to Arizona, she was the only one renting out a million-dollar home. Let us assume the others had their time to play favorites.

15 They All Share The Same Spiritual Husband

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Let us not ignore the fact that Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all share the same spiritual husband. Only Robyn is legally married to him, the rest have spiritual unions; however, Kody gets to have full intimate relationships with all of them as HuffPost reveals. They have revealed in the past, that they feel hurt when they imagine their husband with any of the other wives and it gets even more emotional when one of them gets pregnant.

14 Janelle went MIA for two years

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According to cheatsheet, the Browns' memoir; Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage revealed that one of the moms, Janelle left the family for two years due to postpartum depression. With six kids, she felt she lacked the financial means to support them and instead of finding a solution, she left.

13 They Were Kicked Out Of Church

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Most churches support monogamous marriages. It did not come as a shock to fans when the Browns had to leave the church where they were members. However, being polygamous was not entirely, why the church kicked them out because their faith allows it. Meri’s catfish scandal had something to do with it. According to Wetpaint, the church thought the family was involved in many scandals just for their show’s ratings.

12 The Moms Practically Raise Their Kids Alone

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Meri has one, Janelle has six, Christine has six and Robyn has five children; all fathered by Kody Brown either biologically or through adoption. With so many kids, Kody barely sees half of them or even spends much needed time with them, therefore, the moms have to raise their kids alone most of the time. According to therichest, he even plays favoritism with the sons, the daughters never see him.

11 The Moms Don’t Always Like Each Other

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Another fact fans cannot ignore is that the moms do not always like each other. They only put up a face for the cameras but in reality, they are not so sisterly. According to thelist, the women admitted that they have different times and moments of jealousy, it is very hard for them not to be envious of the one Kody is giving attention to.

10 Another Wife Might Soon Join The Gang

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There have been rumors of Kody adding a fifth wife to the family but he is yet to confirm anything yet. According to cheatsheet, a friend of Robyn said that he was looking for a new wife. Someone substantially younger than him but given the family history, it has been hard to find someone ready to commit to all that.

9 Robyn Was Previously In A Monogamous Marriage

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Robyn may look like she has been married to Kody for a lifetime but the reality is that she was once in a monogamous marriage to David Preston Jessop and the duo had three children. According to therichest, she left Jessop because he did not treat her well; on the other hand, she was not always up for the idea of polygamy.

8 They Had To Flee The State

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When the Sister Wives premiered, the family hoped to paint polygamy in a positive light however; this prompted an investigation of bigamy, a third-degree felony in Utah. Kody, his four wives, and their kids had to flee the state and move from Utah to Nevada because they feared they would be arrest according to FoxNews.

7 They Do Not Visit Each Other's Bedrooms

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Another thing fans should not ignore about the moms in the show is that they do not like visiting each other's bedrooms because they find bedrooms quite intimate. According to HuffPost, this is because they have a hard time imagining their husband having relations with another sister-wife, even though this is their reality.

6 They Have An Online Boutique

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As much as they sometimes do not like each other, the moms decided to capitalize on their fame by opening an online boutique called My Sisterwife’s Closet thanks to Robyn. The boutique sells inspirational jewelry and they recently added clothing and home décor. The shop has been a great success over the years as thetalko reveals.

5 Meri Can’t Have More Kids

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While the other sister wives each have five kids and above we cannot ignore the fact that Meri, the first wife only has one, a daughter. Meri and Kody wanted more kids but they struggled with infertility for years. According to thetalko, Robyn even offered to be a surrogate if Meri wanted more kids but she later decided she was happy with her only child and being a second mother to the other 17 kids.

4 Meri Lost Her Job Due To Her Unconventional Lifestyle

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Meri was a counselor at a mental health facility when the show premiered but unfortunately, she lost her job when her unconventional lifestyle becoming public knowledge. Sister Wives was very controversial and according to thetalko, the employer thought her lifestyle choices would create a bad impression on the institution. She then went on to open a bed and breakfast and star on the show.

3 They Built Their Homes Near Each Other

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The moms have always lived close to each other. When the show started, they were living in one large house with separate quarters. After they moved to Las Vegas, they lived in four separate homes next to each other. According to cheatsheet, the family recently bought land in Flagstaff and is planning to build its dream homes there.

2 Janelle Was Previously Married To Meri’s Brother

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We still cannot wrap our heads around the fact that one of the moms, Janelle used to be married to Meri’s brother, Adam Clark Barber, which would make her Kody’s former sister-in-law. According to nickiswift, Janelle met Kody while she was still married to Adam and the rest was history.

1 The Secret To Their Lasting Marriages Is Faith

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While their unconventional lifestyle is not in line with many religions, the moms tend to think their marriages to their husband have lasted this long due to their commitment to their faith. As thelist reports, the family belonged to the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB), that promotes polygamy. Their faith encourages them to treat each other with love and charity and that is why they have stayed functional for so long.

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