She Was Sitting By Her Fave Musician And Didn’t Know

This girl didn’t recognize her favorite musician on an airplane and he live-tweeted the entire thing!

Celebrities are just like the rest of us. They shop at grocery stores, eat out at restaurants, and fly commercially - just like we do! You should always keep an eye out for some of your favorite familiar faces, because you never know who you’re going to run into, or better yet, where!

One girl is sighing in disbelief after she sat beside her favorite musician on a flight and had no idea it was him! Dotan Harpenau is a Dutch musician who was seated beside a girl on a flight that just so happened to be listening to his music... right beside him. The worst part of it all is that she failed to recognize who she was actually sitting beside for the entire flight.

Hold up, because it only gets worse. The two even interacted with one another, partaking in small talk with each other, and still, she had no idea. Harpenau, who found the situation to be quite funny, reasonably so, took matters into his own hands and began live-tweeting the experience. Dotan wrote: “Ok… So I am currently on a plane (hello expensive wifi) and the girl next to me is listening to my album. Every single song.”

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Dolan continued tweeting the situation, admitting that she even asked him what he did for a living and he admitted to writing music. Turns out that wasn’t enough for her to connect the dots. “So I told her I write music… still not connecting the dots. I left it there and she continued listening to my music,” Dolan tweeted. Fans who were enjoying Dolan’s tweets decided to chime in with some advice on how the singer should further handle the situation.

Kees Lensvelt tweeted to Dolan saying, “You should give her a heart attack!!” Dolan replied, “Well… I’d rather not!” Another user suggested that Dolan reply to everything she says with a quote from one of his songs. “Update: Still; no clue. She did ask me if I enjoy live music and if I write in Dutch or English,” Dolan tweeted out.

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This is just too good! Fans finally suggested writing her a note before landing and not ruining the surprise while on the plane. Dolan did just that and the end result is just too funny. Alicia, the girl who was sitting beside Dolan the whole time, sent him a long email apologizing after realizing she was “the girl on the plane”.

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We love hearing stories like these! Hopefully, Dolan and Alicia can meet in the future and this time she’ll know who he is.

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