Six Dogs Of War Reunited With Owner Thanks To Ex-Marine

An ex-Royal Marine has made a very happy man out of an American soldier who had previously rescued six adorable puppies off Afghani streets, by reuniting him with the canines back in the US, per Express Uk.

Pen Farthing, the former Marine, runs an animal sanctuary that cares for and eventually seeks to reconnect cats and dogs with their rescuers, even at the risk of losing his own life.

US medic Sebastian Fluieras saved six pups off the streets during a tour in Afghanistan but was unable to keep them due to certain military sanctions. He turned to Farthing and his girlfriend Hannah Surowinski for help getting them to his Texas home.

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The sanctuary run by Farthing's Nowzad charity is the only one of its kind in Afghanistan. The ex-sergeant was inspired to take on the difficult, but rewarding, mission of animal welfare while serving as part of 42 Commando in war-stricken Nawzad, a small town and the center of the Nawzad District in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

The charity, named after the town, has since helped rescue and reunite over 1,200 cats and dogs with the soldiers with whom they developed relationships during their tours in Afghanistan. The soldiers, while providing companionship and care for these animals, are also handed a blessing themselves as the pets help them cope with the strains of war and ease the mental burdens that can come with combat.

Farthing's stories were recently showcased on Animal Planet’s new Dodo Heroes series, in an episode called Pen and the Dogs of War that aired on Saturday. A clip showed the erstwhile serviceman picking up the caged animals from a male individual, presumably a local, who was insistent on his face not being caught on camera.

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“Sebastian was desperate that these puppies could be treated and looked after and then eventually reunited with him back in the United States,” Farthing explained.

“I could not bear thinking of what would have happened if we could not achieve that, if we couldn’t reunite the dogs with the soldier.”

Fluieras, meanwhile, is likely to have a bit of trouble on his hands now that he's to care for six pups. But you can imagine the joy he experienced in being reunited with the animals, who would have otherwise died on the Kabul streets. We are sure that that will considerably outweigh whatever stress they come with!


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