17 Hot Skateboarder Girls Who Make Us Flip Out

Skateboarding is one of the most fun sports around, even if it’s one of the most dangerous. The people who skate professionally are daredevils first and foremost—riding around on hard concrete and half-pipes and rails. It’s typically seen as a “guy sport,” but we’re here to break those boundaries.

There are some unbelievably attractive women who skate, and they’re much more fun to look at than the dudes. Even dudes would agree with that. Some may call it a cop-out—that the girls are just doing it for the attention, not for love of the sport—but that’s bologna. When you see some of the tricks that these chicks are pulling off (while looking amazing), you might second-guess yourself.

Here are 17 hot skateboarding chicks that make us flip out!

17 Ready To Rock

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When you’re rocking a Sector 9 hat and skateboard, you probably know what you’re doing. Or maybe she borrowed the gear from a friend. But we have a feeling that this Shaka-wielding young woman knows how to skate. She just has the look, and it’s an incredibly hot look, at that. The eyes hidden under the hat, with that big smile, just makes it even better.

16 Enjoying The Sunset

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Okay, we won’t try to justify this one as being a professional skater—if there’s ever a supermodel pose with a skateboard involved, it’s this picture. There aren’t too many people who will just sit on the concrete to watch the sunset, but maybe we’re wrong. She has some pretty cool sunglasses, and that backward pink cap isn’t too shabby, either.

15 Shredding

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This gorgeous young lady knows how to “wow,” for sure. She’s ripping a pretty cool turn there, has some cute dogs in the background to add to the picture, and is wearing only an itty-bitty bikini to show off her goods. We’re assuming she has quite a big crowd behind the camera here, because she definitely has a crowd on our end.

14 Defying Gravity

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Here’s another beautiful brunette who knows how to skate and look incredible while doing it. She’s pulling off a pants-less ollie (only half of that is a real trick), and her chest area seems to be defying gravity just as much as she is. She definitely gets points for style, and a whole lot of points for how good she looks.

13 Cruising Down The Boardwalk

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You don’t have to be a professional trick master to enjoy skating, as is evidenced by these two cuties. They’re throwing up peace signs for us, smiling wide, and living it up at the beach. They’re probably going about 2 mph, but that just gives us enough time to give them two thumbs up as they skate past us.

12 Talk About Getting Air

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Wow, this girl’s flying! There’s definitely something about a long mane of golden hair flowing in the breeze as you’re catching air, and this chick definitely understands that. Kudos to the person who snapped this shot in midair, because it looks like she’s 20 feet off the ground! Skateboarding chicks truly are a wonder of the world.

11 Lipping The Pool

via Pikdo

Dang, if you know how hard it is to do this, you’d appreciate this picture that much more. This beautiful blonde is grinding on the lip of this skate park pool, and someone snapped a perfectly-timed shot of her doing it. She’s hanging out at about a 90-degree angle, which means her own inertia and speed is carrying her to (hopefully) a safe landing.

10 Living That Nomad Life

via Mariella

We aren’t sure why this girl’s giving the thumbs up to this teal van, but we’re guessing it’s because it’s hers and she loves it. She’s probably one of those beautiful traveling nomads who lives a carefree existence journeying the planet, finding sick skating spots, and living her best life. That’s definitely an excited smile. What a mythical beauty!

9 She’s Got The Blues

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This determined looking woman is all blues’d out, with her blue-lens shades, her blue board, her blue shirt, shorts, and shoes. Even the background graffiti is blue! She looks like she’s preparing herself for an epic trick, and we wish we could see it unfold . . . that is if she’s not just a supermodel posing in this picture, which is highly likely.

8 Levis And Redheads

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Usually when a girl is holding her skateboard behind her head like that, on her shoulders, it means that she’s posing for a picture. Even though she’s looking away from the camera, no girl goes out with that much makeup on her face if they’re going for a skate session with her pals. But the redhead looks amazing, either way, and we can’t fault her for that.

7 Posting Up

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Sometimes you just need to take a breather up against the wall, as it seems this girl is doing here. She’s all decked out with her American hat and short-shorts, and those cute pink shoes, which put together makes her undeniably adorable. Her skateboard deck looks really cool too, so that’s a bonus, but it’s definitely secondary to the girl herself.

6 Exotic Beauty

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This drop-dead gorgeous young lady has that come-hither look that is almost hard to look at it’s so hot. We tried to save some of the best for last, and there’s no denying that this is one of the best so far. It’s difficult to even notice the skateboard she’s holding, thanks to that crazy hot face and hair and getup. Keep at it, sister!

5 Punk Is Alive And Well

via GoSkate

These girls look like they’re having a grand old time on their half-pipe and booty shorts. One of the girl’s shorts says Punk on the bottom, and with their black attire and socks and hair, they definitely seem punkish. But the fact they’re on a half-pipe at all means they’re probably not to be messed with, and they probably aren’t models.

4 Suns Out Buns Out

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On the other end of the spectrum, we have these two beautiful ladies, one who’s holding on to the other’s rear to keep from falling off her skateboard. These two are clearly models who are posing for some shots, but we aren’t complaining whatsoever. They make skateboarding look like the most fun thing on the planet, to be honest.

3 45 Skate Chick

via Stackward

This lovely girl definitely looks like a real skater, but that could just be what they want you to think. She has a “45 Skate” logo on her shirt, hat, and skateboard, so on second thought, there’s a good chance she’s repping the company 45 Skate. But with her slightly-trucker look, the bangs, and the piercing stare, she definitely pulls off the skater chick vibe well.

2 Southern Belle On The Board

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This gorgeous blonde is definitely not dressed appropriately for skateboarding on hard cement, but it’s another case of “who cares?” She looks utterly amazing with her luscious blonde mane and that pearly white smile, and that leopard-print tube top is great as well. Hopefully she knows what she’s doing, because the road rash would be devastating here . . . at least she has the shoes!

1 Who Needs A Face?

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We have no idea what this girl looks like front-wise, but who cares? When you have a body like that, you don’t really need a face. Or something. The tattoos at the top of her back are a nice touch, but the real focus is front and center: those cut-off daisy dukes. She’s letting it all hang out, and that’s all right with us.

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