20 Weird Skateboarding Laws That Make No Sense

Some laws should really just be outlawed! There are so many ridiculous rules and laws out there that need to be revised and updated to reflect the current times. Some are too old to be relevant, but other laws that are in place are actually just so ridiculous and illogical that we’re not sure how they were passed in the first place. The laws surrounding the regulation of skateboarding vary from city to city, and in different parts of the world. Some of the stuff we’ve come across is just plain crazy! It’s obvious that the lawmakers either don’t understand boarding culture or have never tried to skateboard before- maybe both!

Things seem to be more complicated when deciphering whether skateboarders should be treated like pedestrians or vehicles. The lines get blurred surrounding this topic, which leads to confusion in the law-making process. Skateboarding is an amazing sport, an incredible talent, and a strong culture which won’t be disappearing anytime soon, so it’s time for the lawmakers to “get on board” and adjust the rules!

20 All Motorists Must Honk Before Passing A Skateboarder (New Jersey)

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It’s no wonder it’s always so noisy in New Jersey. Apparently, all motorists must honk before passing a skateboarder. First of all, that seems like it may scare the rider and make the commute MORE dangerous. Secondly, that’s a bit extreme on the noise levels. Do you know how many times you’d have to honk? It’s insane; there are skateboarders all over New Jersey!

19 Only Two At A Time (New York State)

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New York State is comical with their weird regulations. Their law states that “ If you are skating in a group, you may not skate more than two abreast”. That’s just a tad too formal, and let’s get serious – you can only have one skating partner to your side? So, nobody can skate as a group? That makes no sense and seems like a strange thing for them to demand. What harm is there in a group of skaters traveling together? We’re not sure why they’re so fussy, but we don’t think anyone enforces this anyway.

18 Skateboarding Not Permitted In Tourist Areas (Toronto, Ontario)

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Toronto has a weird ban in effect that most of us probably don’t even know about. That must mean that they don’t enforce it often, or at all. Apparently, skateboarding is not permitted in the heavily populated Yonge-Dundas Square. Same goes for Nathan Phillips Square…Soooo, anywhere that any fun or celebrations may exist, can’t include a skateboard. That makes no sense.

17 Illegal To Skate "Recklessly" (New York City)

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In New York City, it is illegal to skate recklessly. That’s some pretty loose terminology, as the word “recklessly” can carry many different meanings. It’s so densely populated in New York that it would be tough to board there anyway, so this isn’t a huge issue, but, boy, is it weird!

16 Total Skateboarding Ban (Norway)

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Norway really had their hate on for skateboarders back in the ’70s and '80s. There was a total skateboarding ban in full force and effect. Zero, and we mean zero tolerance existed for boarders during the time. They’ve since evolved and enforced much more flexible legislation, but it’s hard to believe this sport was black-listed for so long.

15 Cannot Travel Within 2 meters Of A Car (Australia)

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Australia’s legislation is a little crazy and way too particular. Their law states that a skateboarder cannot travel within 2m of a car continuously for any distance over 200m. We’re not sure that any skateboarder or driver would ever measure this up, or care to even estimate it. It would make more sense to just pass a law that says “Don’t board too close to moving cars”. At least that one, we would understand.

14 Two Specific Streets Are A No (Toronto, Ontario)

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Toronto is topping our charts for all the wrong reasons – what’s their deal with all the skateboarding hate? Skateboarding is actually completely prohibited on 2 streets in the North York area. Ptarmigan Crescent and Wallingford as well as Wallingford and Brookbanks are out of bounds if you use a skateboard. This seems so crazy and unexplainable. Do the residents of these streets just hate boarding, is this an area full of retired folks that don’t embrace skateboarding culture? What’s their deal?

13 No Boarding On The TTC (Toronto, Ontario)

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If you’re skateboarding and want to hop on the streetcar, train, bus, or subway in the city of Toronto, you will have to have your board in-hand. There is absolutely no boarding allowed on the TTC. Now stop and think about that for a minute – how would anyone be able to board on a bus, train, or subway, anways? This is a ridiculous law, Toronto. It’s time for a rewrite- we expect more from this city than nonsense rules that legislation that is simply a waste of time. Beware though, if you’re caught committing this offense, you’ll be staring down a penalty fine of more than $195.00.

12 You Can Skate At The Parks - Unless There's A Sign - Then, Actually, No (Toronto, Canada)

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Redundant laws are the most entertaining. There’s actually a law in Toronto that states “Skateboarding in Parks is ok except where forbidden”. Hmmm, you don’t sayyy…..! We’ve pretty much established that skating in Toronto is nearly impossible to do legally, and that there are very few permissible for people to use their boards. Now it seems that even in the parks that we’d assume are acceptable, there may be signs posted that state otherwise.

11 No Skitching (Toronto, Canada)

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Ok, this Torontonian Skateboarding law at least has some validity to it and lays claims on safety as being the motivating factor. There is “no towing behind cars or hanging on to cars” while boarding. That seems logical enough, we get it. We wouldn’t really want anyone to do this anywhere. Skitching is a dangerous game in the first place, and we’re understanding as to why it’s forbidden in this city.

10 Stay Home Until 6:3opm (Duluth, Minnesota)

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In Duluth, there is a law prohibiting skating on sidewalks until after 6:30 p.m. in the downtown area, and in Canal Park. There’s some sort of day-skating-hate that seems to be going on here. Why are they discriminating against day-skating? Perhaps it’s too busy on the sidewalks? Whatever the reason, we think this is weird, and we’d probably just take the risk and skate in the afternoon if we felt like it.

9 Skateboarding Is Not Allowed At Any Police Station (Miami Beach, Florida)

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Talk about dumb laws….in Miami Beach, Florida, skateboarding is not allowed at any police station. Let’s think about this one a bit, shall we? When is the last time you heard someone say they were eager to get on their board and head to the police station? That would never happen! This is a waste of time, ink and breath – we’d like to think the police there have better things to do with their time – someone needs to just eliminate this “law”.

8 Skateboarding On The Road Is Prohibited (Toronto, Ontario)

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Skateboarding on the road is prohibited in Toronto. Yes, you heard that correctly. Bikes are forced to be on the road, but skateboards are banned from the roads. Toronto doesn’t seem to have any method to their madness when creating legislation such as this. We’re not sure how a bicycle and a skateboard differ when it comes to this law, but apparently it does.

7 Can't Skate In Bike Lanes (Toronto, Ontario)

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Keep in mind that you can't skate in Toronto bike lanes, either. We mentioned no skateboarding on the roads …so when you add bike lanes to the mix, it seems safe to assume Toronto discourages skateboarding altogether. There are quite a few designated skate parks in the local Toronto area, and that seems to be the only acceptable place for skaters to go these days. Aside from those locations, the battle has been lost for street and bike lane commuting with a skateboard in this region.

6 Skateboarding In The Street Is Illegal (Canton, Ohio)

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If you enjoy skateboarding on the street, our advice to you is to steer clear of Canton, Ohio. The good folks in Ohio are concerned about the safety of skateboarders and vehicles alike, and have ruled that the sidewalk is where the boards belong. Penalties for boarding on the street are hefty, and not worth the risk.

5 Not On Streets Or Anywhere Downtown (Decatur, Georgia)

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It’s probably best to avoid Decatur altogether if you have an itch to get on your skateboard. They don’t allow skateboarders to be on the streets, or anywhere downtown. Take a look at that sentence again. Basically it’s sidewalks in the suburbs, or nowhere at all. This is pretty limiting – we’re sure that skateboarding up and down your street in suburbia is going to be really boring.

4 Skateboarding After Dark Is Illegal (Akron, Ohio)

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In Akron, Ohio, skateboarding after dark is illegal. What?! You essentially can’t be skateboarding as a mode of transportation unless you plan to be home before the sun goes down. You can’t zip out at night for some fun – just…no. This is highly restricting. Can they really do that?

3 Illegal In Commercially Zoned Area (Alabama)

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In Alabama: it’s illegal to use a skateboard in a commercially zoned area. Maybe it’s best to just stay home. Or, maybe don’t go to Alabama! This seems ridiculous, stifling, and we’re not sure why this law exists. It would be great if someone could explain how skateboarding is detrimental to consumerism.

2 Illegal To Skateboard Through The Courthouse And Library (Los Angeles, California)

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In Los Angeles, a skateboarder’s worries are lessened. Their laws are too silly to even take seriously. Apparently, it’s illegal to skateboard through the courthouse and library. We don’t feel the need to skateboard in any of those places, so this rule can keep on, keeping on. When’s the last time anyone went to the library with the intent to board?

1 Skateboards Can’t Be Used On A City Street Or Sidewalk Within A Business District (Wisconsin)

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The lawmakers in Wisconsin seem to be confused about how skateboarding works. The law there stipulates that skateboards can’t be used on a city street or sidewalk within a business district. If you’re using your board as transportation but can’t be on the street, sidewalk, or in a business area within the city – where exactly CAN you be?

Sources: Toronto Star, YouTube, Hobby Help

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