20 Sketchy Facts About Antonio Brown The NFL Wants Us To Forget

It's been a bad year for Antonio Brown. Since last football season, he has been traded from the Steelers to the Raiders, cut by the Patriots, caught up in seemingly endless legal battles, nearly froze his feet off, and has now essentially been shunned by the NFL.  Oh yes, it's been a bad year.

Those that know Brown (or "AB" as he is often referred to) are not surprised that his off-the-field antics are starting to cause major trouble in his life.  This is because Brown has long been a flamboyant personality that seems to demand the spotlight on him at all times.  There is no denying that Brown is one of the greatest receivers of his generation, but don't let his immense skill-set overshadow the fact that he is truly a sketchy dude.  In fact, this article covers 20 sketchy facts about Antonio Brown that the NFL would surely rather have fans forget about.

20 His Personal Chef Sued Him Over a $38,000 Unpaid Bill

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In January, Antonio Brown hired celebrity chef Stefano Tedeschi to prepare meals for him and 43 other guests at a house that Brown had rented in Orlando for the 2018 Pro Bowl week.  Apparently, Brown suddenly kicked Tedeschi out of the house and refused to pay him the $38,000 in work he had already performed. Pretty sketchy.

19 He Was The Cover Player On Madden 2019

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The Madden curse is a real thing and Antonio Brown became the latest player to fall victim to it.  Brown was one of the best receiving threats in 2018 and it earned him the prestigious honor of being named the Madden 2019 cover player. Is Brown's tumultuous 2019 the result of the Madden Curse? Or is he just sketchy?

18 He Almost Seriously Injured An Infant While Throwing Furniture Off His Penthouse Balcony

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While in Florida during the off-season, Brown apparently had some sort of breakdown and started throwing large pieces of furniture over his Miami penthouse balcony. The falling furniture just missed landing on a 2-year old infant, causing the infant to suffer emotional distress. Brown has since reached a settlement with the infant's family.

17 His Facebook Live Video From Inside The Steelers Locker Room

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The locker room is a sacred place for sports players.  Don't tell that to Antonio Brown, however, as he once recorded a Facebook live video of Coach Mike Tomlin's victory speech in the locker room. In the speech, Tomlin is heard talking serious trash about the next opponent (New England Patriots). Needless to say, Tomlin was not happy with his star receiver.

16 AB Is Jealous of Juju Smith-Schuster

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Many of Brown's problems began last year when he started sitting out and essentially pouting while with the Steelers. Apparently Brown was unhappy that the team had named fellow wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster as the Team MVP for 2018. Instead of being happy for his teammate, Brown went on multiple tirades and ultimately demanded a trade.

15 He Threatened To Sit Out Over His Helmet Issues

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In one the more interesting twists of the 2019 off-season, Brown threatened to sit out this season because the NFL had banned him from using his old helmet. The helmet was no longer adequate under current NFL safety standards. Brown held out as long as he could but eventually chose a newer model to avoid losing more money.

14 Baby Mama Drama

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The NFL seems to constantly have a player involved with domestic violence allegations. The NFL investigated domestic violence allegations resulting from an incident where Antonio Brown allegedly pushed the mother of one of his children out of a doorway after she was demanding money from him. It's unclear what the NFL's investigation found.

13 Arrived To Raiders Training Camp In A Hot Air Balloon

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Okay, this isn't that sketchy, but it is still really strange. Brown arrived at the Raiders training camp this year via the sky in a hot air balloon. Of all the means of transportation, he could have chosen, Brown chose a hot air balloon entrance. Clearly Brown likes attention.

12 He Tried To Fight Raiders GM Mike Mayock

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Things didn't get much better following Brown's hot air balloon entrance. In fact, tensions grew so high between Brown and the Raiders organization that during practice, Brown tried got in the face of Raiders GM Mike Mayock and had to be separated by teammates.  That's a quick way to get cut from a team.

11 He Was A Contestant On Dancing With The Stars

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In 2016, Brown was a featured contestant on Dancing With The Stars.  Despite performing well (eventually lost in semi-finals), Brown was most remembered for some disparaging comments he made while on the show. At one point he stated that he had to learn to "control himself" while dancing with his female partner.

10 He's Been Sued For Sexual Assault Allegations

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The most troubling allegations that Brown has faced to date involve a sexual assault lawsuit brought on by one of Brown's former female trainers. These allegations were the final straw in Brown's NFL livelihood as the New England Patriots cut Brown shortly following the lawsuit being filed. It's clear Brown is not a good person at the moment.

9 Steelers Great Troy Polamalu Didn't Like Him

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According to a Yahoo Sports report, Antonio Brown irked a few teammates in 2012 when he got into a heated exchange with Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick Lebeau. Brown also was yelling that he was the franchise face and defenders shouldn't touch him. This apparently did not sit well with Steelers' great Troy Polamalu.

8 Brown Was Cited For Reckless Driving in 2018

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Following the 2018 season, Brown was pulled over and cited for reckless driving in Pittsburgh after he was found to be driving well over 100 mph. To make matters worse, Brown then failed to show up for his court appearance for the charge and thus was presumed guilty and had to pay a fine.

7 The NFL Hated His Touchdown Celebrations

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Antonio Brown was always flamboyant on the field, most never more so than after he scored a touchdown. The NFL was not a fan of Brown's twerking touchdown celebrations and other gestures and would frequently fine him for unsportsmanlike conduct. According to ESPN, Brown was fined over $60,000 in 2016 alone for his actions.

6 "Exposed" Himself To An Artist He Hired To Paint A Mural At His Home

Brown once hired an artist to paint a mural of himself at his home in Pittsburgh, which by itself is the definition of being narcissistic. According to allegations, while the artist was knelt down painting the wall mural, Brown walked in and "exposed" himself to her.  No lawsuits were filed, but it's still really sketchy.

5 He Nearly Froze His Feet Off In A Cryogenic Chamber

Just prior to joining the Raiders training camp this season, Brown used a cryogenic chamber to help rehab his body.  Cryogenic chambers essentially blast freezing cold air to reduce inflammation.  In fact, it is so cold that special shoes are required. Well, Brown did not wear those and thus suffered frostbite level wounds on his feet.

4 He Was Not Accepted To Florida State University Because of "Academic Concerns"

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Antonio Brown is a great story of a small school college player getting drafted late in the draft and then becoming a major NFL superstar. But had Brown focused more on academics, he would have been able to play college football at Florida State University instead of Central Michigan. Luckily for Brown, it worked out well for him at least.

3 He Once Attempted To Drop Kick A Player During A Game

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Although it may not have been intentional, Brown once drop-kicked a punter during a game during a 2014 game.  While Brown tried to hurdle the punter during a kick return, the hurdle failed and Brown essentially cleated the punter directly in the face and dropped him to the ground. The NFL fined him for the play.

2 Brown Used Social-Media Consultants To Get Released From Raiders

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According to a report from ESPN's Chris Mortenson, Brown hired a social-media consultant firm to help facilitate him getting released from the Raiders.  Brown intentionally leaked an edited video of a private phone call between he and Raiders coach Jon Gruden to his social media accounts. It obviously worked as Brown was released shortly after the video was posted.

1 He Caught A Touchdown For The Patriots

MIAMI, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 15: Antonio Brown #17 of the New England Patriots scores a 20 yard touchdown thrown by Tom Brady #12 against the Miami Dolphins during the second quarter in the game at Hard Rock Stadium on September 15, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Again, this isn't really that sketchy, but it is something that the NFL will surely hope people don't remember. The NFL doesn't one any part of Brown's drama to taint their golden boy franchise the New England Patriots. So if the NFL had it their way, they would just prefer that we all forget that Brown actually played and scored a TD in his one and only game with the Pats.

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