Kitchen Hacks: An Easier Way To Get That Pesky Skin Off Of Garlic Cloves

If you are anything like me you live by the mantra that garlic and onions are the staples for any great meal. Some people don’t like garlic but not me. I love to put garlic in pasta sauces, soups, on steaks and into stir-fry. I roast my garlic in the oven, I pan fry it, mince it and press it. I strongly believe that everything tastes better with garlic. You can check out one of the recipes I incorporated garlic into here. 

The one tricky bit about my love of garlic is getting that pesky skin off the cloves. I find this particularly annoying when I am making a large batch of something that requires me to peel multiple cloves.

When my mum called me up the other day and told me she had found a secret hack to peeling garlic I was thrilled! Not only is this trick super simple to do but it works like a charm! The skin will literally fall off your garlic in seconds and you can get back to cooking.

I can't believe I didn't know about this sooner. Here is my super simple hack for getting the pesky skin off your garlic cloves!

What you will need

As many cloves of garlic as you want to use

Two metal bowls of different sizes so that one fits into the other


All you are going to do is separate as many cloves of garlic as you will be using from the head of garlic.

Next, pop your cloves into the larger of your two metal bowls.

Now put the other bowl into the large some so that you make a little dome or capsule and shake the bowls for 30-50 seconds.

When you open up the bowls the skin will have fallen right off of the clove of garlic.

Tip: For small amounts of garlic such as one or two cloves you can actually just pop them inside a mason jar, close the lid and shake. The main thing is that the garlic has enough room to shake around.

And Voila! Your garlic is all ready to be chopped, minced or pressed and you didn't have to spend 15 minutes peeling off the skin.

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