20 Skyrim Secrets That Change Absolutely Everything

Something that's absolutely crazy about Skyrim is just exactly how massive it is, fostering countless secrets that most fans still haven't found. Every time I go back to it (and that's a lot), I find something new that I've never seen before. Whether it's a cool little location, a character who I've never interacted with, or a weapon I've never even spotted before, there's always something new to find in Skyrim. I can only imagine that if you were to try and truly see everything, absolutely everything, it would take several hundred hours of fairly tedious searching.

The best way to find new content is to just stumble upon it. In this article, I've pulled together 20 things that keen-eyed players have spotted, quite by accident, that truly change the game. Whether you want new weapons, Easter eggs to your favorite franchise, or cool character interactions, you'll find them here.

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20 Lit Braziers And Unrelenting Force Combine Into Fireballs

I'm sure that, while running around the dungeons of Skyrim, you've come across the lit braziers, usually in Draugr dungeons. What you probably don't know is that if you use Unrelenting Force on their flames, you'll produce a sizable wall of flame, that does decent damage to enemies! No more waiting for Fire Breath!

19 You Can Find An Abandoned Boat Full Of Gems Near Markath

In need of a little bit of extra cash? Then get ye to Markath, or more precisely, near it, south-west of Sky Haven Temple. Here, you'll find an abandoned row boat on the riverbank. Inside is a strongbox, a satchel, and a whole load of scattered flawless gems. Grab these to make some sweet cheddar!

18 You Can Find Bolar’s Oathblade In Bloated Man’s Grotto, If Your Timing Is Right

Would you like to get your hands on Bolar's Oathblade, a gorgeous sword that does decent stamina damage? Of course you would. You can find it in Bloated Man's Grotto, but only once. To get it, go to the Grotto before doing the quest Ill Met By Moonlight, or it will have disappeared.

17 An Amazing Hammer Can Be Found At Liar's Retreat

Liar's Retreat seems like a dungeon just like any other, but in fact, it contains a unique and awesome warhammer. In its final chamber, next to the body of Rahd, you'll find the Longhammer. This tasty weapon does the same damage as an ordinary Orcish Warhammer, but is lighter, and swings 30 percent faster!

16 Bleakcoast Cave Contains A Star Wars Reference

Do you love Star Wars? Then you're going to love this. Located near Winterhold, you'll find Bleakcoast Cave, and deep inside, you may notice something. A skeleton stuck in the ceiling, with a random glowing sword beneath him. This scene is a reference to the bit in Empire Strikes Back where Luke gets trapped in an ice cave by a Wampa.

15 Oblivion’s Adoring Fan Is Referenced In-Game

Do you remember the incredibly irritating Adoring Fan from Oblivion? This cheeky lad with Mr. Whippy hair is apparently a notable part of history. Cicero, of the Dark Brotherhood, has, according to his journal, taken on the role of a starstruck fan, which raises the possibility of them both being the same person.

14 Angi’s Camp Lets You Level Up Archery Quickly And Easily

South of Falkreath, you can find Angi's Camp. Here, you can level up your archery skills ridiculously quickly. Angi will challenge you to an archery competition. Each level of the competition will raise your skill by one point. To make matters even better, there's an archery skill book on the camp's table!

13 There’s An Ungifted Necromancer To Laugh At Near Ivarstead

In need of a giggle? South of Geirmund's Hall, on top of some rocks, you'll find this sad situation. Most necromancers are known for raising human beings that have passed on. Not this guy! He's trying to bring some chickens back to life, by placing an egg on a slightly overblown altar, far more ornate than he requires.

12 The Thieves’ Guild Is Far More Complex Than You Think

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If you think the Thieves' Guild quest is just a single, linear quest-line, you couldn't be more wrong. There are a whole host of side-quests to do, given to you by Delvin and Vex. Each of these contributes to a Reputation Quest, which allows you to bribe guards in various holds across the world.

11 A Headless Horseman Roams Skyrim

This is something that I've never seen, but is confirmed as real. If you keep your eyes keen, you can occasionally spot a ghostly horseman roaming the countryside. Follow him and he'll lead you to Hamvir's Rest, apparently his last resting place. Could he perhaps be the Hamvir that the area is named for?

10 The Paragons Provide A Massive Quest Unknown To Most Players

No, I'm not talking about Mass Effect's morality system. These egg shaped objects unlock hidden areas in Dawnguard's Forgotten Vale. Use them at the Paragon Platform and you'll be teleported straight there. In each one, you'll find Elven armor and a whole host of other goodies, making them well worth your time!

9 The Best View In The Game Awaits You At This Peak

Do you want to get the best Skyrim screenshots you possibly can? Does the idea of struggling up a steep mountain to capture a beautiful sunset sound enjoyable to you? Then go up Mount Moesring! One of the highest mountains in-game, the views from way up there are absolutely spectacular, and will make some cracking desktop backgrounds.

8 The Mysterium Xarxes’ Page Transforms If Hit With Magicka Damage

This is an odd one. The Mysterium Xarxes, that well-known occult tome, has some uh... less practical features to it. If you go to Silus Vesuvius' house in Dawnstar and find his copy, attack it with magicka damage. It will transform. Not into some weird daedric lord or anything, no. It transforms into a bucket. What?

7 Followers Can Open Any Locked Chest

Yes, really. Are you having trouble with that chest, or lockbox, etc.? Then just recruit your followers in to help you. They are all apparently master lockpicks, and can undo any lock, no matter its difficulty, while you simply stand to one side and gawp. Sadly, this power apparently doesn't work on doors.

6 Falmer Can Only Detect You Via Sound

The Falmer, those ratty little goblins, are blind. However, they do have an extremely acute sense of hearing. The easiest way to go completely undetected in their caverns is to use Muffle. Cast this spell, and sneak around their lairs to your heart's content. Bring a bow, and you'll have it cleared out in no time.

5 You Can Steal From Any Paralyzed NPC And Not Get A Bounty

This feels more like an exploit than a feature, but it's still pretty funny. Cast a paralysis spell on an NPC, and pickpocket them. You'll get no bounty, and they won't get aggressive. The reason behind this is that, quite logically, your chance to successfully pickpocket them jumps up to 100 percent.

4 A Lethal Knife And Fork Set Can Be Found Across Skyrim

Would you like to role-play as the angriest cartoon chef? Then here's something to do. Across Skyrim, you can find two-pronged dinner forks. What most people don't realize is that these can be used as weapons. So too, can the dinner knives. Throw a knife in your right and fork in your left, and eat your way across the world.

3 Become Ethereal Allows You To Skip Much Of Alftand

You know Alftand. It's pretty, but it's also far too large and takes up a ridiculous amount of your time every time you have to go back to it. There's a workaround. When you have the Become Ethereal shout, get to the Animonculory, and just jump into the void. You'll get to the bottom and save yourself tons of time.

2 Giants Toes + Wheat Makes An Amazing Potion

Giants Toes are maybe the grimmest objects that you find a lot in Skyrim. Carrying them around feels bad, eating them worse. Combine them with wheat however, and you'll get a potion that fortifies health. Not only is that quite handy, but it's worth a fortune too, and will level up your alchemy skill extremely quickly.

1 Get Your Dark Souls On With Stealth Rolls

It feels like no one knows this, but you can roll about happily in Skyrim. Level up your Sneak ability to 50 points, and you'll unlock the Silent Roll ability. To cut it short, this allows you to roll like an acrobatic ghost by simply sprinting while crouched. It's simple, easy, and provides the player with more versatility of movement.

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