20 Weird Slang Terms Motorcycle Riders Use

Motorcycle ownership is part fun, part culture, and a whole lot of thrill! If you’re going to get a bike, you should probably figure out the slang that exists or you’ll be spotted as a newbie from a hundred miles away. For those of you that have been riding for a while now, try to go easy on these new riders and give them a chance to read up, and man up! While some of these slang terms will be self-explanatory and easy to decipher, others are definitely more cryptic and require a bit of motorcycling experience or some savvy Googling, before they are fully understood.

No matter how you dice it, if you’re riding a motorcycle, get with the program, and if you’re with the program, sharpen up your game! Here are 20 weird slang terms motorcycle riders use (and what they mean)…

20 Chromosexual

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Please don’t be a Chromosexual! While we love the chrome accents on cars and bikes alike, we also value our eyesight! There really is such a thing as “too much chrome” and a Chromosexual is a glaring example of this. Chrome accents are great, but come on now…know where to draw the line!

19 Apes

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Imagine the arm span of an ape as it comes in for a hug….that’s how big and high Ape handlebars are. Now you know. When you ride with Apes on your bike you’re definitely uncomfortable, but you’re so cool that it’s well worth the sacrifice.

18 Back Warmer

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As factual as it is condescending, a Back Warmer is exactly what you think it is. Riding with a girl on the back of the bike can be way more fun than this slang term suggests! Just make sure she knows how to ride and doesn’t bog you down!

17 Monkey Butt

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Hey monkey-butt! Honestly, just think about it – imagine what a monkey’s butt looks like – we know you want to. Red and raw folks, and you guessed it, this term refers to the state of a rider’s derriere after a long ride. It happens; we may as well laugh about it!

16 Brain Bucket

Via AMSDucati

If you ride a bike, you need a brain bucket, and if you think of what it would be like to crash a bike, you have now fully defined this term. Slang for “helmet”, your brains will be contained in this “bucket” in the case of a crash….or will protect your brain in the case of a crash. Either way – wear one!

15 Church

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It’s mandatory to go to church, where you worship and obey, are humbled and make your contributions. The space for higher learning and spiritual sacrifice for a biker is his church- his club meetings! Club meetings are typically held weekly, sometimes monthly – and nobody ever skips out on church!

14 Coupon

Via YouTube

Trust us folks; this is not the type of coupon you want to get! In biker terms, “coupon” references a traffic ticket issued to a rider by the police. If you get a coupon, you’ll want to find a way to get rid of it as fast as you can.

13 Crotch Rocket

Via TopSpeed

Yes indeed, it’s what it sounds like! If you’re on a sporty bike, chances are that you’re leaning atop your engine and tank, getting snug to the bike as you ride. You’d be riding with such a lean that the bike is up to your crotch area. It happens, don’t judge!

12 Lane Splitting

Via NYTrafficFirm

Lane Splitting is as common as it is dangerous. This slang term describes a rider that rides on the dotted lines of a lane. Not only are these lines slippery, but drivers are also fairly irresponsible about looking in that area. We don’t recommend you do this.

11 RUB

Via GreenCarReports

Get your mind out of the gutter! RUB stands for Rich Urban Biker. This type of person may have a Harley Davidson for the sheer purpose of getting attention and fitting a certain image. This type of rider is generally more interested in the cool factor and street cred of bike ownership than the passion of the ride.

10 Pannier/Pannies

Via YouTube

If you have saddlebags on either side of your passenger seat, and especially if these are hard-sided cases, then you should know the slang term here is “Pannier” or “Pannies.” It’s important to safely commute with a few necessary items, and the Pannies may provide some assistance.

9 Ring Ding

Via Bikeexif

A Ring Ding is slang for a 2-stroke motorcycle. We aren’t sure we’d ever use this term with pride, or boast about it publicly, as it just sounds too weird. However, it references the sound the bike makes so it at the very least, makes sense.

8 1-Kicker

Via Intructables

A one-kicker is a bike that kicks/starts at the first attempt. There’s a certain sense of pride that takes over when you know you have a great bike, and at one kick, or attempt, you’re going to be rolling! Having a proper one-kicker will get you lots of street cred.

7 Dragging Pegs

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Dragging Pegs is definitely not something you want to think about or experience. If you’re dragging your pegs it means you have over-leaned a turn and your footpegs are dragging on the surface of the road. This is as dangerous as it is damaging, so just don't!

6 Squid

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Hey kid, don’t be a squid. A squid is a young rider that has no respect for the bike, or the laws when on the bike. A squid is over-confident risk-taking, and downright annoying. It’s all fun and games until a squid gets a traffic ticket so large that he’s forced to park the bike for the season.

5 Property Patch

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For those of you who are wondering if you’ve figured it out….you’ve probably figured it out. A property patch depicts the relationship between a male motorcycle club member, and his ‘Ol Lady. She’s his property – the patch tells you so – any further questions?

4 One-Percenter

Via PKG Photography

Motorcycle clubs insist their morality is in line, and that they declare 99% of their members as being good people. The 1% is blamed for the bad-boy image associated with motorcycle clubs, and they are termed “The One Percenters”. Those numbers are likely askew, but hey, would you want to correct them?

3 Dresser

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If you’re riding a “dresser”, then you’re on a large bike and you’re about to hit the open road for a long ride. This bike is “dressed up” with saddlebags and a windshield. Long-distance riders need all the space and comfort that a dresser can offer!

2 Easy Rider Rifle Rack

Via Harley Davidson

That’s tongue-twister code for “aftermarket footpegs”. Aren’t you glad we told you? Most would never figure this one out. These pipes extend far out in front of the motorcycle and are easily identified. Some risks are just not worth taking though….

1 Cage

Via SunsetFord

If someone in a bike club is talking about a cage –it’s not what you think at all. A “cage” is code for a vehicle with a frame and a windshield. If you’re driving any type of fully enclosed vehicle then you’re in a cage. Bike clubs don’t encourage Cages, but sometimes the weather controls these choices!

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