Sloth Institute Takes Care of Adorable Baby Sloths Who Have Lost Their Mothers

If you're a sloth lover, Sloth Institute Costa Rica may just be your next vacation destination. The Sloth Institute is a rehabilitation centre for sloths located in Quepos, Costa Rica. While they will take in any sloth in need of rehabilitation, their primary focus is on rescuing baby sloths, particularly baby orphaned sloths.

Unlike other animal sanctuaries around the world, the Sloth Institute does not only provide these animals with a place to live and the help and attention they need, rather, The Sloth Institute makes an effort to release sloths back into the wild after rehabilitation. This is an especially difficult task when it comes to baby orphaned sloths as they have not had the opportunity to learn survival skills from their mother. Accordingly, the specialists at The Sloth Institute take on the role of the mother for baby sloths, preparing them for what co-founder Sam Trull describes as a "soft release." Trull describes a soft release as a "gradual return to the wild whereby an animal receives support, shelter, and food until it is entirely able to fend for itself." Sounds pretty amazing to me!

If you'd like to see what The Sloth Institute does for these baby orphaned sloths, continue scrolling and check out the cute pictures below.

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12 Say hello to Joker!

A hell of a lot cuter than the famous Batman character, Joker the sloth is clearly going to be a heartbreaker when he's older with that face.

11 Learning how to weigh a sloth

One of many daily duties taken on by the team of specialists working at The Sloth Institute. I don't know about you, but I had definitely never seen a sloth weighed before.

10 Weighing a sloth: Part 2

Apparently there is more than one way to weigh a sloth! Who knew? This guy looks pretty cozy wrapped in that blanket. I have to say I prefer this method of weighing.

9 The importance of sloth collaring

An integral part of The Sloth Institute, keeping track of all the sloths under their care is central to ensuring all sloths are safe and healthy before returning to the wild.

8 Just hangin' out

Looking pretty snazzy with that sloth colour, not only is this guy freakin' adorable, but he's also in excellent hands! With the help of that collar, The Sloth Institute will be able to ensure he stays safe after being released into the wild.

7 The Game of Thrones addict

You know nothing! Just kidding... but, I mean, come on, your name is Jon Snow. In all seriousness, you have a smouldering stare that really does rival Kit Harrington's.

6 Hanging upside down... just because

This dude looks pretty chill. And good to know there are two different types of sloths – Kermie (pictured) who is a two-toed sloth, and the three-towed sloth! You learn something new everyday.

5 This little face!

It's faces like this that probably make every day worth it for the specialists at The Sloth Institute. All I want to do is cuddle him and tell him everything's going to be ok!

4 Check out this ultra cute sloth from the "Adopt A Sloth" campaign

He's sleeping! Ahhh just so cute!

3 And another...

Sloth in a basket? Yep it's just as cute as it sounds.

2 And another...

Somehow this sloth's face is even tinier than the last! Get me on a plane to Costa Rica, stat.

1 And one more (last one I promise!)

This baby sloth is absolutely adorable. I need to visit The Sloth Institute ASAP.


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