8 Clever Uses For The IKEA DETOLF

Now that minimalism is, thankfully, on its way out of style and filling one's home with lovely knick-knacks, books, aesthetic pieces, and memorabilia/geeky merchandise that reflects the personality and interests of those who reside within it has become the new trend, storage spaces and shelving units are becoming in-demand items. After all, we need somewhere to keep our beloved trinkets. But with the high cost of living and cramped rental suites, we need storage pieces that do not take up a ridiculous amount of space. Enter the DETOLF from IKEA. This glass cabinet/shelving unit is slim, easy to clean, sturdy, and can easily fit into any home or decor scheme. This article will outline several possible uses for this item in order to highlight its versatility and to show why the DETOLF would be a perfect addition to any home.

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8 Display Your Geeky Merchandise And Memorabilia

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Search for the "DETOLF" online and you will be greeted with hundreds upon hundreds of photos of these sturdy and wonderful shelving units filled to the brim with memorabilia, geeky merchandise, collectibles, statuettes, figurines, and similar types of products.


They truly are the best case for such things. Cheap, easy to clean, easy to store, and sturdy- the DETOLF will keep your figurines safe from dust, children, cats, and all other sorts of day to day damage that could reduce their value while still keeping them accessible and easy to view.

7 Turn It Into a Home For Your Furry Friends

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There are as many ways to live a life as there are people living. Each person sees the world in a unique way and will find new and innovative uses for objects that no one could have predicted. Some creative and warm-hearted people on the internet have decided to place their DETOLF on its side, remove the shelves, and use it as a hamster paradise. The glass is easy to clean and sturdy, the wood panels provide a solid base, and the size is just perfect to house our furry friends. The cages in which they are sold at pet stores are simply too small and when it comes to housing these cute little guys, size does matter.

6 Keep DVDs/Video Games Safe And Organized

Though streaming services have become the dominant way to consume media in our modern times, the temporary nature of each show and films place on each streaming platform has caused some to secure hard copies of their favorite films just in case it is no longer available the next time they boot up Netflix.


The home is becoming the go-to place for entertainment, as most people are choosing to stay home and dedicate their free time to films and video games. But if a DVD/game collection holds more pieces than the owner has fingers to count with, then they are going to need somewhere to store them. The DETOLF's clear glass display will allow owners to view their collection with ease and protect them from damage.

5 A Simple Way To House Bathroom Necessities

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Bathroom storage can be tricky, especially when living in a smaller living space or a rental suite that does not have excess storage spaces available already. Some small bathrooms do not even have a counter nor an "under the sink" area whatsoever. In cases like these, the slim and easy to clean DETOLF would truly come in handy. The locking nature of the cabinet and high shelves will keep certain products out of the hands of curious children while also housing other more necessary items. Functional and aesthetic.

4 Store Books Somewhere Dry

Books need to be stored somewhere dry, to keep them in ideal condition. If one wants to add color to a room but has limited space, the DETOLF can be used as a simple yet sturdy shelving unit for their most prized possessions.


Fill each shelf with books, organize them by color/author/series, fill excess spaces with book-related knick-knacks and collectibles, or even use it to store empty journals that you can fill with your own stories when inspiration strikes. The secure nature of the cabinet will keep your books safe, dry, and out of reach of those that do not yet know how to properly care for books and such items (i.e. cats and toddlers.)

3 Create Green Space

What better way to store plants in an aesthetic and convenient way without robbing them of much-needed sunshine or making it hard to access them for watering? The DETOLF is a glass cabinet so plants placed inside can be both easily seen and accessed. If placed in an area of the home which is often hit with sunshine, the glass nature of the cabinet should allow the plants to soak up all of its rays while also keeping them organized in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Spice up any bathroom, kitchen, living room, or even dining room with a bit of greenery without having to worry about the dirt, mess, or whether or not a pet will be able to destroy the plant before it gets the chance to grow.

2 Spice Up Your Closet

Hats and shoes are some of the hardest things to find a home for in a wardrobe. If you find that they you simply drowning in hats with no sign of a promising organizational schematic, consider the DETOLF.


It can easily fit into most closets, or even the corner of a bedroom or muck room, and can keep one's hats and smaller shoes clean, organized, and protected from the daily wear and tear that comes from being tossed around a closet everything one needs to find something inside.

1 A Modern China Cabinet

Nice china does not need to break the bank and can be a lovely addition to one's home and nightly tea time routine. But it is not the easiest thing to store. Most modern adults are choosing/needing to live in smaller homes which cannot easily accommodate a large china cabinet. The sleek and small DETOLF can fit into any kitchen corner with ease and look good doing it.


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