10 Smartest IKEA Hacks To Make Your Furniture Stand Out

Everybody loves IKEA right? Known for their minimalists designs and affordable prices, IKEA is essentially a furniture and home goods amusement park. Anything you think you need for your home, they have it. So naturally, when looking for some new items for any space, IKEA has to be the first stop. But what happens when the minimalist in you wants to spice things up a bit? Here comes the Internet to answer your prayers with 10 of the smartest IKEA hacks, that will take your home goods from basic to bold.

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10 Plexiglass End Table

via ichdesigner

When you first came across this stunning table, it's hard to believe it is an IKEA hack. This table is just too good. The idea to put mirrored plexiglass panels on an IKEA Lack table was genius, and this little adorable table is exactly what you need to add a modern touch to any room in the house. Now this probably won't be the cheapest IKEA hack, but it’s a fair price to pay for this unique and beautiful piece. Try making multiples, and get a coffee table puzzle going on. Hello colored plexiglass.

9 The Shelf Chair

via IKEA/ikeahackers

This IKEA hack is definitely a favorite on the list. It's hard to get over that fact that the creator made a chair out of something IKEA did not intend to be a chair. This is not the sexiest hack on the list, but it is pretty crafty. So, Pojonas over at ikeahacker took the parts that were supposed to be made into an IKEA Hyllis Galvanized Steel Shelving Unit, and turned them into a pub chair. Wow guy, that's impressive. Way to make those of us who can't take the parts of a chair and turn them into a chair eternally jealous. Now let's see if he can make a cushion.

8 Charging Bench

via ikeahackers

Say hello to the only piece of furniture your home is missing. You have to love this great little charging bench, because who couldn't use a more convenient place to charge their devices? These hackers took a $16 IKEA Lack TV Bench and made it into the multi-device charging station of our dreams. By simply cutting some holes (sized to specific devices) into the IKEA bench, adding some plastic wall corner protectors and an electrical socket, this bench now has a whole new purpose in life. Not to mention its stylish design goes great with pretty much anything.

7 Dresser Bar Cart

via Average but Inspired

There are a lot of IKEA dresser hacks out there, but this has to be one of the absolute best. Bre over at Average but Inspired took a basic IKEA Rast 3-Drawer Chest, and turned it into a real conversation piece. This adorable bar cart has everything a person could need to be the life of the party, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it. Now this hack is going to take a little work and creativity but the end result is impressive, to say the least. From a boring and basic dresser, to mixing cocktails at the next soiree.

6 DIY Dollhouse


On first glance at this IKEA hack, it's clear that every parent out there would appreciate this being on the list. Parents are always looking for new ways to decorate or elevate the kids’ spaces and this DIY dollhouse is perfect.


Not to mention, for the less crafty parents, this IKEA hack is simple, creative and inexpensive. An idea that originated from IKEA FAMILY, this cute and simple dollhouse consist of an IKEA Stuva cabinet and washi tape. Open the doors to give it the dollhouse feel, create washi windows and doors, add dolls and furniture, and your kid will never know the difference.

5 Bed Slat Organizer

via ichdesigner

Somebody is sending a message with this one. They must know Spring is coming and it's time to get organized. This little catch-all bed slate door rack is the perfect inexpensive addition for a more organized home. This IKEA Luröy slatted bed base only costs about $10, and you will forever be grateful for this hack when you finally organize those conditioners. After attaching this bed slate to her wall, the designer uses “S” shaped hooks to hang her various items. Whether you put this organizer in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, this rack will keep your space stylish and decluttered.

4 Painted Dresser

via architecturaldigest

Can this even be considered a hack? It may be simple, but it's an absolutely stunning way to make a simple piece of furniture absolutely stunning. This is truly the perfect conversation piece for any home. This artist took an IKEA Tarva Pine 6-Drawer Chest ($179), and turned it into a mural. Now thanks to this super simple IKEA hack, they have a beautiful storage chest and a beautiful wall painting all in one. Talk about creativity. A little bit of paint goes a long way.

3 3D Dresser

via My Dear Irene

We've seen so many IKEA dresser hacks, but our inner minimalist likes this one the best. The crafter took an IKEA Malm 6-Drawer dresser in black ($199), and added some paint and wood knobs to make this unique 3D effect.

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We're so impressed by how elegant and expensive they made this dresser look. This piece is feminine, cute, and the only way we're trying to dress up our basic dresser. It’s crazy what a little imagination, paint, and some glue will get you.

2 Herb Wine Garden

Who said a wine bottle holder had to hold bottles of wine? Well, this do-it-yourself maven decided her IKEA Vurm 4-bottle wine rack had a new purpose in life. Faith Towers over at Curbly explains how her dogs’ ability to jump super high and eat anything led her to making an indoor planter she could put up out of his reach. We think it’s genius. A couple of glasses, herb seeds, soil, and chalkboard paint turned her once seldom used wine rack into the perfect indoor herd garden. And who doesn’t love fresh herbs?

1 Box Studio

The creativity with this last one is unlike any other on this list. This box studio creation is probably the most creative IKEA Hack we've seen. Wouldn't you just love to have such a unique and inventive piece of furniture art in your home? Not to mention, the amount of storage in this studio is epic. The crafter took some IKEA Trofast kids’ storage boxes, a little LED lighting, and a jigsaw, and turned his office into our dream office of the future. We would have never thought to put something like this together, and we are so impressed by this awesome IKEA hack.

But what did we miss? Do you have some favorite IKEA hacks? Or ones that you’ve created yourself? Tell us in the comments!

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