NYC Eatery Offers "Bloody" Smoked Meat Veggie Option Made Of Watermelon

One saying among barbecue-lovers goes "don't ever invite a vegan or vegetarian over to a cookout" but now people who have completely different dietary and ethical viewpoints can get together for an old-fashioned barbecue! The latest smoking trend involves roasting a watermelon. The final result might look like a smoked ham but believe it or not, people have been firing up their grills all season long in order to toss the large summertime fruit over some hot coals.

Metro got the story that Ducks Eatery, a popular restaurant in New York City, who has long offered its patrons traditional smokehouse eats, recently decided to include a "watermelon ham" on the menu for vegans and vegetarians or those who just feel like eating a roasted watermelon because, why not? It seems like it would be a good way to satisfy both savory and sweet cravings all at once.

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And of course, the foodies of the internet have jumped on this strange but intriguing trend! Pinterest and the like are quickly filling up with photos of smoked watermelons with many of the photos tricking people into thinking it's an actual ham.

This unusual kitchen creation has a variety of nicknames online such as "faux ham", "faux roast", and "watermelon roast", among others. There are several recipes online to follow for those who want to create their own smoked watermelon but Ducks Eatery has a special process all their own. They begin by smoking the watermelon for eight straight hours. The fruit is then placed into a brine solution made of salt, a mix of spices and ash for four days. After this, it's another eight hours in the smoker until finally, the roasted watermelon is placed in a pan of rosemary to soak before being served.

Okay, okay. So looks are one thing but what does it taste like?

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YouTuber Jeremy Jacobwitzan of Brunch Boys fame decided that he would put the roasted watermelon faux ham to the test. He actually visited Ducks Eatery and ordered the famous new dish for himself. In a video that he posted to his popular channel, he said, "[I] didn’t know how to process what [I] just ate, but it’s delicious. It’s such a mindf***…it’s like your brain wants to think 'meaty' and get that smokiness and smokiness but then you go through it and you get the sweetness of the watermelon."

Mmmm! Will you attempt a smoked watermelon at your next BBQ? Or another type of fruit or veggie? Do you think this will be a trend that will take off? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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