Smoking Boy Who Caused Internet Outrage Is Actually 36 Years Old

False alarm everyone! That footage you may have seen of a boy smoking at a soccer game, it's not as outrageous as we first thought.

Whenever we go to a football game or other event that is being shown on TV, we often make the joke that we need to be wary of being caught doing something we shouldn't on camera. Picking our nose, or perhaps we have told friends or family we're doing something more important to get out of some other event.

That thought took a controversial turn recently when footage was shown of what looks like a young boy smoking a cigarette aired live on TV. The smoker was attending a soccer match between Bursaspor and Fenerbache and as you can see in the short clip below, he's happily puffing away on a cigarette before the match gets underway.

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Perhaps what was most worrying about the footage for us is how natural smoking a cigarette appeared to be to him. That he has been doing it for years. Well, turns out he probably has been. That's because the person in the video is not a young boy, but is actually a 36-year-old man. That's what Turkish media has reported since the clip went viral, and The Sun even claims he had brought his son to the game, who was presumably not smoking.

We're assuming the Bursaspor fan sitting alongside him (who is most definitely not 36) is the fresh-faced man's son. However, that has not been confirmed. Both were attending the non-competitive friendly match which was being held to raise money for charity. However, the "smoking boy" has stolen the spotlight from the match somewhat.

As it turns out, even though the live cameras didn't catch a small child smoking, the cigarette toting man might be in a little bit of trouble after all. Smoking in public places in Turkey is illegal and carries a fine of 69 lira (a little more than $12). Not much, but he'll likely still be kicking himself for getting caught. There has been no word on whether authorities have or will issue the extremely young-looking man with the fine.

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