SNL's Pete Davidson Is Dating Cindy Crawford's 18-Year-Old Daughter

SNL funnyman Pete Davidson is reportedly dating Cindy Crawford’s 18-year-old daughter, Kaia Gerber.

The model is her mom’s “mini-me,” and Davidson is smitten. The 25-year-old Davidson was spotted with Gerber back in October, but they’ve been seeing one another since, and she even went to see her man perform a comedy routine in Brooklyn last week.

The couple also dined in NYC recently, on what looked like a romantic date. We wonder what Gerber’s gorgeous mom thinks of her daughter’s new fling.

3 Fun Fling Or The Real Thing?

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As for Davidson and Gerber? It could be a short-lived love affair or a long-term commitment.

For now, things are just heating up, so let’s see where they stand by the time winter rolls around.

2 Kicking It With A "Cougar"

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Before dating Gerber, Davidson was linked to an “older woman,” the beautiful actress Kate Beckinsale. She’s 46, so seeing Davidson jump decades is interesting, proving he doesn’t have a “type.”

That said, skeptics wonder what these women see in him, but lots of ladies love a guy who can make them laugh, and Davidson sure knows how to do that.

1 Engaged...Then It Ended

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Singer Ariana Grande was engaged to Davidson, but they ended the relationship and went their own ways.

They had only been dating a couple of weeks before he popped the question, so lots of folks weren’t surprised that they never made it down the aisle.

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