After Snow Fight Between Two Women In Guelph, One Gets Charged With Assault

With the big bad polar vortex busy unleashing utter chaos on us mere mortals, the heavy snow it has brought in some parts of Canada is definitely taking its toll on some people-- in this case two older Guelph women.

Guelph Police say a 61-year-old woman has been charged with assault after an argument about snow clearing with her neighbor became physical. The pair were digging out from a recent snow storm, shoveling snow away from their vehicles in the parking lot of their Waterloo Avenue apartment.

The 61-year-old woman was upset about where her neighbor was dumping the snow and then allegedly tossed snow at the 71-year-old woman with her shovel. Apparently, the younger woman rapidly became hysterical and started yelling at the older woman.

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A fight started and the older of the two received a cut to the cheek and bruising to her wrists, police said in a news release. The victim didn’t require any medical attention. The 61-year-old will make a court appearance in March to face a charge of assault.

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"At one point, she scooped some snow onto her shovel, lifted it to about her waist, flung the shovel and threw the snow, hitting the [older] female," Inspector Cate Welsh told CBC. "A minor physical altercation also ensued."

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Police interviewed several witnesses before charges were laid. The 61-year-old woman is due to appear in court on March 12. Inspector Welsh said that while she much prefers to tell good news stories about people helping neighbours by clearing their driveways, this particular case should serve as a reminder to be a little more patient in these harsh winter conditions.

"Show some good will. If you're shovelling your spot, it doesn't hurt to do the one next to you," Welsh said. She also added that with more snow in the forecast, she advises everyone to be extra cautious and to be prepared to do some more shovelling in the coming days.

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