Sober Dating App Lets People Make Alcohol-Free Love Connections

When we think of dating, we normally think dancing, bars, and dinner, all of which typically tend to include alcohol. Such dating rituals may seem commonplace for some of us, but for people who are trying to lead a sober life free of alcohol, trying to make a dry love connection can become pretty difficult. However, a new sober dating app named Loosid is looking to change all that.

With its focus aimed entirely at providing healthy alternatives, like-minded matches, and helpful resources, this app really has the potential to change the dating game for non-drinkers everywhere.

It’s no secret that drinking is a huge part of dating culture. As if cringey pickup lines on Tinder aren’t enough to deal with, people struggling with sobriety have added concerns. Drinking is so intertwined with group dynamics and socialization that for some, it can be hard to connect when one person isn’t partaking. 

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It’s even harder for a person in recovery to have to go on a nerve-wracking date in a place filled with their former vice. That’s where Loosid aims to take some of the stress of dating out of the equation by providing people with sober partners and giving them ideas for dates that cater to their needs.

Loosid provides not only a community to meet other sober people, but also shows events near you that are a safe environment for anyone struggling with recovery. According to Washington's Top News, the app’s creator, MJ Gottlieb, is “a recovering addict who knows firsthand the importance of a healthy support system.”

The app certainly provides just that. With such social events offered to users like yoga, CrossFit, and museums, it gives people the potential to pick something much more unique and better-suited to their desires.

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The main goal of Loosid lies in its tagline: “Live sober. Love sober.” It’s a lot simpler to love sober when you’re doing yoga on the beach, going for a coordinated group hike, or attending an alcohol-free comedy show. On top of that, already having something in common will hopefully help people avoid the inevitable horrible dates most of us have to suffer through.

According to Loosid’s website, 40 million people in the US struggle with addiction, while another 100 million people maintain sobriety for a variety of different reasons. With more and more of these individuals (including celebrities) feeling more comfortable talking about their choice, it’s no wonder apps like Loosid are popping up.

When we’re comfortable talking about our life and story, especially ones that are challenging, it’s important to have educational support on standby. Loosid provides an immediate and free hotline with the tap of a button, as well as a ‘lifeline’ contact that can be alerted whenever you find yourself struggling.

It’s fantastic to see an app like Loosid providing people with sober opportunities in this alcohol infused, party-centric world. Going to a bar can be great for some, but I think we can all agree trying something new with clarity and an open mind is a great experience for almost everyone. After all, in a world where pig yoga is a thing, aren't there cooler activities we could be doing than going to the same bar every Friday night? 

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