Someone's Leaving Bowls Of Mashed Potatoes On Mississippi Doorsteps And No One Knows Why

In the Belhaven neighbourhood of Jackson, Mississippi, residents have been confused and shocked because someone has been leaving bowls of mashed potatoes around the area. Whether it’s a prank or some sort of statement, it has led people to create theories on why this is happening.

The neighbourhood is no stranger to fun, strange pranks that amuse its residents. In the past, the people of Belhaven would do things like decorate the road signs or put Christmas trees in potholes, so it’s no surprise that the mashed potato mystery began here. However, residents do admit that this is one of the stranger things to happen in the neighbourhood in a long time.

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The act was first discovered to be a neighbourhood-wide mystery when Jordan Lewis posted a photo of a bowl of mashed potatoes she found on her car on Facebook. She only found the one bowl and threw it in the garbage, not thinking anything of it. However, after she posted the photo, many other neighbours have been commenting that they have also found bowls of mashed potatoes on their property. From the porch to the mailboxes, the side dish has been appearing everywhere.

Theories on why this is happening range from funny prank to a conspiracy to poison people. Some believe it’s just a harmless prank to make people in the neighbourhood laugh; a bowl of mashed potatoes is one of the most random and funniest things to find casually around the neighbourhood. There are some, however, who think the potatoes are poisoned, and those who eat from the bowl will be doomed.

So far, no one has tried to eat the mystery mashed potatoes. For the sake of hygiene and security, it would be a good idea for residents of Belhaven to continue exercising caution and avoid putting the strange potatoes in their mouths. Whoever is leaving these bowls around the neighbourhood has a lot of potatoes to spare, and perhaps they are just finding ways to get rid of a batch they made way too much of. If you see a bowl of mashed potatoes on your property, don’t try to taste it.

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