Sonic Has A New Pickle Juice Slushie: 15 Hilarious Reactions

Recently, it was announced that Sonic would start selling pickle juice slushies in June. After the news broke, the Internet went wild. Many people—people who love the taste of pickles and pickle juice—are saying they can hardly wait until this drink is out so that they can enjoy it. Others, though, are not as adventurous or excited, going as far as to say that this is the most disgusting thing they have ever heard.

It is 2018, and there are new and crazy things being invented and sold every single day. Therefore, it is understandable that Sonic would try to shake things up a bit. How did they not already have this slushie flavor? Is it because it is an awful idea?

Pickle lover or not, the 15 responses to this news that are below are super relatable and range from praises to pukes.

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15 Wants It Everyday

Via Bustle

Emilee Veillon is a fan of pickles. She is also a concerned citizen and a bit of a skeptic; she knows that fake news exists, so she points out that this news could be fake and that the slushie may not be real. However, if it is real, then she already has her summer planned. She loves pickles so much that she plans on being at Sonic every single day.

Sonic is already a top spot for people of all ages to enjoy affordable burgers, hot dogs, side dishes, desserts, and frozen drinks, and now, people like Emilee will be giving this drive-in plenty of business. Sonic is known for its numerous drink options and flavors, and by adding a pickle slushie, fans of pickles can hardly contain the excitement.

14 Want To Barf

Via Bustle

People like Emilee don’t make up the entire population, though. No, there are people who do not like pickles, who can’t stand the taste of pickle juice, and who start to gag just thinking of this drink. Food & Wine actually broke the news that Sonic will roll out pickle juice slushies this summer, and Steve Oberlander was one of the many people who commented on the brand’s Twitter post. All he needed to do to reply to this news was to share an image of Lloyd Christmas, from Dumb and Dumber, gagging over and over. That is how this news makes Steve and so many others feel. They are not excited. They will definitely not be trying it. And the day that these slushies come out may be miserable for this group of pickle haters.

13 Can’t Be Friends

Via Metro

The people who are not excited about pickle juice slushies can’t be friends with Ariana Madix! She is so pumped about this. She is imagining that delicious taste in her mouth. She thinks this is wonderful news. She was already looking forward to summer, but now... She is going to have a hard time staying patient until then.

But she sees the haters. She realizes there are some people who—gasp!—are not hyped about Sonic’s new menu item. She will probably let them be, but she will not be friends with them. She will not associate with them. She can’t; this is a really, really big deal! It needs to be celebrated! Those who don’t believe in #PickleJuiceForever need to get out of her way.

12 That’s A Nope

Via Metro

Okay, so there are the people who are obsessed with pickles, who are already obsessed with these drinks. And then there are the people who hate pickles, who already hate these drinks. But there is a middle category, too.

People like Julie like pickles. They are sort of a normal item on foods like hamburgers, and there are even fun versions of them, like fried pickle spears, served at many restaurants. However, blending those up and putting them in a frozen, icy drink... That is something else. That is taking this strange, sour fruit of the vine (made-from-cucumbers) a bit far. And the only response to that is NOPE! A big no, a big negative, a big and scared and confused and grossed-out 'n' to the 'o'.

11 Fake News, Right?

Via College Candy

Here is an example of another excited person and another skeptic. Creighton Cofer is beyond excited about the new pickle slush—excited is even an understatement—and she, too, is probably already dreaming about ordering that cold and refreshing drink, sipping on that unique and surprising flavor. However, she knows how the world works. She knows there are lies and pranks, and she is familiar with brands delivering shocking information just to receive more publicity.

She doesn’t want it to be a joke, though. She is ready to actually go there and actually enjoy this thing.

And then, after it is proved and enjoyed, Sonic will receive even more publicity (for better or for worse). It could be fake... It could always be fake... but hopefully these pickle-lovers won’t be disappointed come June.

10 The poor US

Via College Candy

Most of the people who expressed their disgust about Sonic’s new pickle juice slushie did so just because they hate the taste of pickles. However, Devin Steinhauser knows who is to blame: America. Every day, we hear news and read headlines about war and famine and disease and threats and losses...and now, pickle slushies. Clearly, these sour and green drinks are only coming out due to the state that the country is in. It is so obvious that any trouble the United States of America may be facing is related to Sonic’s news.

Okay, so that was all sarcasm, and that is a bit dramatic, but here is the point: Devin thinks that Sonic’s new menu item sounds just abominable, and there are so many who agree.

9 It’s A Date!

Via Twitter

Those who don’t find the mention of a pickle an abomination may think that sharing a pickle slush sounds like the most romantic thing ever. Macy here suggested this fun date idea, and when June rolls around and Sonic is serving up pickle juice slushies, there will be couples who flock to the drive-in eatery, just to order a slushie or two and enjoy that sour taste.

For some, this sounds like a literal nightmare. To people like Macy, though, it really does sound like the ideal date. What is more romantic than Sonic? What bond is greater than a love of pickles? What could be cuter than two people sharing a straw in a green frozen drink? Get ready, because this and more will be taking place soon enough.

8 Don’t Judge Me

Via Twitter

Everyone has a favorite food (or four), and there are certain foods that certain people just don’t like. Usually, though, no one is judged or criticized for these personal opinions and preferences. However, this slushie news is a big deal! It is dividing the Internet! And apparently, some people are afraid to tell the world how excited they really are about Sonic’s pickle juice slushies!

Lisa Gutierrez does not want people to hate her. She does not want to be judged. But she does sort of want everyone to know that in June, on the very first day that Sonic starts selling these bad boys, she will be there. And she wants to know if anyone...anyone at all...will be with her...or if she will be all alone, crazy and gross for loving and wanting such a thing.

7 Here For It

Via Twitter

Despite any judgement... Despite being called gross... Despite losing friends... This Twitter user is HERE for this.

Yes, if this news is real...If Sonic is really going to give the world pickle juice slushies... If this is not a big prank or fake news or a publicity stunt... This person is definitely here for it, totally here for it, and pumped about it.

Those who enjoy pickles and the taste of pickle juice can relate to this message, this tweet, and this feeling. It may be too early to full-on celebrate just yet (unfortunately), but once it is 100% confirmed and proven true that all or at least some of the Sonic Drive-Ins will indeed be selling pickle juice slushies, then yes... SO here for it.

6 Give Me Juice

Via Twitter

But remember — not everyone is excited about this drink-related news. Zack Green is not, that is for sure. He clicked on the article when he saw it, wanting to learn more about this pickle slush, wanting to dig deeper and gather all of the facts before reacting or responding. However, how could he have expected to find this?

Apparently, the slushies will not be the only pickle-flavored things on the menu. As mentioned, Sonic is known for all of its flavors that people can mix and match, creating unique drinks and specific orders. And if someone wants pickle juice on a sundae, they will actually be able to order this, get this, and eat this...

Sour pickle juice...on a sweet sundae...paid for with actual money...

5 This Is Disgusting

Via Reddit

Reddit, of course, shared the news, too, so that users there could discuss Sonic’s new move. One Redditor, SalemMama, actually thinks it sounds like the most disgusting thing ever. Like...ever. There are lots of gross things in the world; things related to bathrooms, germs, pimples popping everywhere, feet, dirty diapers, throw up... Different things disgust different people. But, as seen through these responses, so many people agree with SalemMama; Sonic’s pickle juice slushie just sounds like one of the grossest tastes that could be thought up and sold. But it was thought up, after all of these years and all of their flavors they have gone through, and it will, as far as the world knows, be sold.

So get ready for June, guys!

4 Where Was This?

Via Reddit

On the exact same thread that the pickle slushie idea was called disgusting, it was also praised in a great way.

This Reddit user asked where this slushie had been all their life, how it could have just been invented? And why was it not around sooner? Some people buy their own pickles to, well, eat pickles, and to also drink juice. Or, you know, pour juice over ice and have homemade icy drinks and even freeze pickle juice to create sour popsicles of sorts. Now, all of these fans of these strange fruits/veggies (whatever they truly are) will be able to pull up to a Sonic menu, press that big red button, order one, have it made and delivered, and enjoyed — which sounds fab and relatable to pickle fans reading this!

3 Pregnant Moms Rejoice

Via Reddit

There is one demographic that should be more excited about this news than anyone; one group of people that is probably totally rejoicing about Sonic’s announced pickle juice slushies: pregnant women.

Pickles are a common thing for expecting mothers to crave, and the summertime, in particular, can be a grueling time for pregnant people — miserable even. But imagine easing the pain and discomfort a bit just by visiting Sonic! Imagine being able to fix that craving on an extreme level! Imagine having your wildest dreams come true, all thanks to a new menu item from a classic restaurant! Yes, when June rolls around, all pregnant women who are hot and sweating and tired of it all and—most importantly— craving pickles will surely be visiting Sonic and ordering these all-new pickle juice slushies.

2 Sweet relish slush

Via Facebook

Uhm...maybe don’t get too excited yet. Shelley Martinez brought up a good point; a point that has not been mentioned yet in the midst of all of this chaos: Most of Sonic’s slushes, if not all, are based around sugar. That would mean that Sonic would take this sugary base and then just add pickle juice to it. And that, she points out, would just taste like a sweet relish slush... Gag.

Furthermore, all of these people who are flocking to Sonic in June, dying to get their hands on these slushies, will sip, be disgusted, and want a refund... But Sonic probably won’t give every penny back for every pickle juice slushie sold. They are trying to make money here!

So will it be sweet? Will it be sour? Is this the best news or the worst?

1 Great for hangovers

Via Facebook

This is the last entry within this piece detailing the best responses to Sonic’s news, and this is perhaps the most relatable response to the news that Sonic will carry a pickle juice slushie: Many people associate pickle juice with hangovers, as it is good for rehydrating and healing our bodies, whether we are playing sports or whether we partied too hard. Therefore, as Erin McAnelly points out, these slushies will be the perfect thing to enjoy after a wild night out! After drinking too much alcohol and not enough water, people will go to Sonic—yet again or maybe for the first time in June—and they will order these drinks and finish them (even if they are gross) just to rehydrate.

We are SO in.

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