2 Actors Who Regretted Being On Sons Of Anarchy (And 18 Who Adored It)

When it comes to television, there have only been a handful of shows that are equally admired by both fans and the actors on the set. That might be because it is not easy creating a successful television show and pleasing everyone all at once, especially the actors. They all have ego's, some bigger than others, and it can cause chaos behind the scenes that makes working on the show hard on just about everyone working on it.

Then there is Sons of Anarchy, a Shakespearean drama that featured a motorcycle gang based out of a fictional city in California called Charming. The show was brtual for cable television and ended up doing things we have never seen on television before.

But even though the show came across as hardcore, the feeling on the set was almost always pleasant. Kurt Sutter had his problems while directing the show because of his passion behind his project. His personality sometimes caused animosity between other actors and himself but it never spilled over for very long.

In other words, just about everyone who was ever on Sons of Anarchy absolutely loved being on it and working with the other stars on the show. Let's take a look at the 18 people who loved being on the show and the two that hated it.

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20 Adored It: Annabeth Gish (Lt. Althea Jarry)

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If only we met Lt. Althea Jarry a few seasons before the show ended. Maybe we would have a different appreciation for her overall acting abilities. She is someone that has been around for a very long time and that's because she is very good, and very much underrated for her work on-screen.

Her love for the show was not apparent until after she was approached for the role. She had watched the first two seasons but then stopped because she was too busy to get locked into a series. However, after she was offered the role, she binged watched the fifth and sixth seasons, leading her to make a very quick decision to join the cast.

19 Adored It: Ray McKinnon (Lincoln Potter)

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Ray McKinnon has been around since 1989 when he showed up as a state trooper on Driving Miss Daisy. He also landed roles in Bugsy, Apollo 13, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, The Blind Side, and Mud, among many other films. He was not a fan of the show when Kurt Sutter approached him to be on it.

But it wasn't because he hated the show, he just never watched it. So he dove right in and watched all of season two in two days, and instantly became a fan. He loved everything about it and felt honored that he was being asked to join the cast.

18 Regretted It: Marilyn Manson (Ron Tully)

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When he originally got involved with Kurt Sutter and Sons of Anarchy, Marilyn Manson only thought he was going to do a song for the show, not become a major character in the show's final season. The only reason he even entertained the idea of being on the show was because his father was mourning the loss of his wife, Marilyn's mother, and loved the show.

But after discussing options about a song, things took got much more involved and the role of the Brotherhood's leader, Ron Tully, was given to him. He knew all about the role and understood what he was getting himself into but was never really planning on it.

17 Adored It: Titus Welliver (Jimmy O'Phelan)

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Titus Welliver is a versatile actor who was born to play just about any role he wanted to on television. Among some of his more memorable roles, he was Dr. Mondzac on NYPD Blue, Silas on Deadwood, Glenn Childs on The Good Wife, Dominic Barone on Suits, Felix Blake on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Harry Bosch on Bosch, and Jimmy O'Phelan on Sons of Anarchy.

But the one role he really loved playing was Jimmy O. because Kurt Sutter allowed him to really get into the artistry behind his character. By giving him so much room to create his own version of what he imagined Jimmy would be like, Titus was able to really fall in love with the show.

Did you know his Irish accent was phony?

16 Adored It: Mark Boone Junior (Bobby)

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Although he can sometimes come across as a diva during interviews by always being politically correct and never giving someone else more credit than he gives himself, that is not a factor when it comes to his time on Sons of Anarchy.

He loved being around all the guys and was always one of the better actors on the show, which helped Kurt Sutter create a more dynamic role over the years for him. He even wanted to be there for the final few episodes, after he was wrote him off the show, but they refused to let him in.

15 Adored It: Drea de Matteo (Wendy Case)

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When we first meet Wendy, she is a struggling addict who is pregnant with Jax's son, Able. But her addiction nearly caused the demise of her newborn son and she was instantly the most hated character on the show.

Drea de Matteo created the person we hated and then was able to pull her up over the years, making her someone the viewers emphasized with. She did it because she loved the show. She actually hated doing table readings, and missed many of them, because she did not want to know the outcome of the episodes. She just wanted to do her scenes and go home to watch the show.

14 Adored It: Dayton Callie (Wayne Unser)

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The original plan for Sheriff Unser was to feature him in a few episodes and then move on. But Dayton Callie is not a passerby and his performance as Wayne Unser was so compelling that Kurt Sutter had no choice but to continue bringing him back. In fact, he was extremely important in the second season's premiere episode.

Besides enjoying his time on set, and getting along with just about the whole cast, Dayton had much respect for Kurt Sutter. When he was asked about the way Unser's story ended, he replied with, "If [Kurt] wants to take me out, he takes me out. It's his show. It was a good seven years..."

13 Adored It: Winter Ave Zoli (Lyla Winston)

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From pornstar to series regular, Winter Ave Zoli took the role of Lyla Winston and made it her own. She is a beautiful actress that could have easily been nothing more than just a woman working for the club as Lyla but she was able to turn that role into something more meaningful over the course of seven seasons.

She has always thought of herself as a fan of the show and was inspired by the performances from Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, and Ron Perlman. She took advantage of her time on the series by learning from them and making herself a better actress. It turned her into a big fan of motorcycles too.

12 Adored It: Walton Goggins (Venus Van Dam)

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Because of his time on The Shield, Kurt Sutter always planned on never using Walton Goggins because audiences would have trouble separating the characters between the two shows. The only way it could work would be if Goggins ended up playing the complete opposite role on Sons of Anarchy. So he played the character, Venus Van Dam.

Since he worked with Kurt before, Walton was already good friends with him and had no trouble getting along with the rest of the crew. He had so much respect for the guys on the set that he did not want to let them down and when he walked out on the set, he brought his best performance.

11 Adored It: Robin Weigert (Ally Lowen)

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Sons of Anarchy had a few different lawyers throughout their seven seasons but the casting stopped when Robin Weigert took over the role. Her performance was underrated because she was never given enough of a chance to show viewers her range. That did not stop her from bringing her best every time on screen.

She knew that she was coming into a good situation on the show and already knew a few of the people working on it. So was upset when it had to end because of how the show became like a fraternity, or sorority, and once you were in, you were in. That family atmosphere helped make her job much easier.

10 Adored It: Theo Rossi (Juice)

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During an interview in 2015, Theo Rossi was asked why Kurt Sutter has been snubbed at The Emmy's and his response was perfect. He said, "I gotta tell you, I'm not saying this because I'm a huge fan of Sons, because I am a huge fan of the show and I was able to kind of step back from the fact that I was one of the people on it. The acting was phenomenal. The story is incredibly gripping. But, why [being snubbed]? I don't know."

Of course Juice is a fan of the show. He is a very complicated character that was able to remain one of the guy's all the fan's rooted for, even when he was making dumb mistakes. His downward spiral is one of the best character arc's on the entire show.

9 Adored It: Ally Walker (Agent June Stahl)

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Even though Clay and Gemma created more pain and struggle in Jax's life than anyone could imagine, they were still not half as hated as Agent June Stahl, one of the show's greatest characters and scariest villain.

Agent Stahl was portrayed by the fabulous Ally Walker, who worked with Kurt Sutter on The Shield and got the role from that friendship. So she came into the show already friends with Kurt. It did not take very long before she grew on the guys and became part of their family. She has said how funny they all were to work with and it was an honor to be a part of this show.

8 Adored It: Tommy Flanagan (Chibs)

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When Sons of Anarchy started filming, there were only a few names that were pretty well known. Aside from Ron Perlman, Tommy Flanagan was probably the most recognized actor on the show having already appeared in films like "Braveheart" and "Gladiator" so the fans knew him already.

Over the seven seasons of the show, Tommy has always referred to the cast as his family. He still talks to many of the guys from the show and has never said one bad thing about his time on the show. He loved the time on the show and remains a biker who claims to ride everyday because driving a car in LA is just plain crazy.

7 Adored It: Kim Coates (Tig)

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Much like the rest of the show's main cast, Kim Coates absolutely loved working on the set of Sons of Anarchy. The admiration many of these actors have for the show has a lot to do with their characters and how each one is so different from the other.

At first, Tig is one of the most hated characters that we cannot help but to love by the end of season two. When he eliminated Donna in season one, and was loyal to one man, Clay, the fans hated him. But Kim was able to turn him into a lovable guy that grew up over the years and learned from his mistakes.

6 Adored It: Ryan Hurst (Opie)

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Before Sons of Anarchy, Ryan Hurst was best known as Gary Bertier from Remember The Titans. But since transforming himself into Opie, hardly anyone can even remember that this is the same guy from that Disney football movie with Denzel Washington. He is no longer Gary Bertier, he is Opie. And he loves it.

Ryan has said in many interviews that he decided to join the cast because he was going to be able to grow a beard and ride motorcycles. He also loved the idea of being on the show because of the cast. He is also a good guy in real life and respects the love the crew had working on the set. He has never once spoken ill about the show, and never will.

5 Adored It: Maggie Siff (Dr. Tara Knowles)

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Although most of the cast loved working on Sons of Anarchy, only a few of them were truly hardcore fans themselves and Maggie Siff was one of them. She landed the role and turned it into the most memorable performance of her career.

She loved the character, Tara, that she was playing. So she had this appreciation for the character's story arc through the seasons and it showed with her amazing performances, week after week. She was such a fan, and she loved working on the show so much that she could not hold back tears during the series finale.

4 Adored It: Jimmy Smits (Nero Padilla)

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It only took a few meetings with Kurt Sutter before Jimmy Smits decided to join the cast. He was excited about the show because he already worked with one of the show's main directors, Paris Barclay, from NYPD Blue. He was also friends with Ron Perlman and was interested in taking on the role because of how much of a fan he was of Sons.

He was even thrilled to be working with his real life wife, Wanda De Jesus, who played Carla. Not only was Jimmy a fan, Carla was too. She made it impossible for Jimmy to turn down this chance and the rest was history.

3 Adored It: Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller Morrow)

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Of course Katey Sagal loved Sons of Anarchy, her husband is Kurt Sutter, the show's creator. However, that had nothing to do with her passion for the role he created for her. When he approached her with his idea for a biker gang show where she would play the club's matriarch, she was all set.

The show's biggest villain was also the cornerstone behind its success. Imagine what Charming would look like without Katey Sagal waving her glock around some soccer mom who flipped her off. She loved playing the part and being around all the people each and every day on set. She just might be the show's biggest supporter.

2 Regretted It: Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow)

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"When I was done, I was done," Ron Perlman said when he was asked about his life following his character's demise, Clay Morrow, on Sons of Anarchy.

Since Ron Perlman's time on Sons ended, he has been critical of the way his character's story arc ended. He is never afraid to voice his frustrations about the way Kurt Sutter designed Clay's character arc, especially how he did not give him the proper send-off during his final moments on the show.

He has become so bitter about it, he has tried to avoid answering questions about the show and has even gone out of his way to tell people that he has never even seen the series finale and that he stopped watching after his character's demise.

1 Adored It: Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller)

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For seven years, Charlie Hunnam was the biggest star on FX networks hit show, Sons of Anarchy. He played the role of Jax Teller, a dynamic role where he battled the balance between raising a normal family and being the leader of the motorcycle gang SAMCRO.

Because he loved the role, and everyone he worked with, Charlie fully committed to it. He did not do anything else while filming and, for seven years, never drove a car once. He had a motorcycle and spent as much time as he could with real bikers to maintain a sense of authenticity for the role. He also had a closet full of plaid shirts to keep things as close to the character as possible.

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