Soothe Your Soul With These Oddly Satisfying Makeup Photos (15 Photos)

Some people are obsessed with makeup, buying all of the latest products, showing off how to use the items and conversing with others about trends, techniques, and tips. Others are not as big of fans of makeup and beauty products, only using a little to enhance their features or even being totally against makeup in general, viewing it as some weird version of sexist paint.

Despite the varying viewpoints that may be held about blush, eyeliner, and lipstick, I think we can all agree on one thing: these 15 makeup photos are oddly satisfying!

There is nothing like freshly opened powder, shimmering eyeshadow, coordinating shades of makeup tools, or organized products. See all of that and more below, and get ready to be in awe...

15 Ombre

Via BuzzFeed

This new product gets its own kind of praise, because it is not just a tightly compacted powder, with a smooth and fresh surface. It is also ombre! Just look at how this transitions from a pale pink (perfect for a spring day), to a coral (which reminds us of weddings), to a pink that has some orange in it (a good summer color), to a rose gold (current obsession), and on to a color that is in the same family as burgundy (which we wore all during fall). That is what is so great about makeup (among other things); this one product works for different people, different events and different times of the year, and it also just looks super pretty, on and off!

14 Progress

Via The Odyssey

Before-and-after photos are so great. We love seeing floors after receiving deep-cleaning treatments, bodies after going through wellness journeys, and faces after blending in highlighters and concealers. We should also point out that this woman has a great base foundation, a great go-to technique when it comes to hiding the right things and featuring the correct traits, as seen in the first image, on the left. And then voilà! In the image on the right, she has everything blended, smoothed, fixed, and perfect. She even has impeccable eyebrows, gorgeous lashes, and shiny lips. The end result is perfect, and we are crazy about her look and about the colors she chose for it. But the entire progression, to us, from start to finish, is oh-so oddly satisfying!

13 Wing

Via Vemale

What is the MOST satisfying thing when it comes to makeup? It is nearly impossible to choose one answer, but if we had to, we would go with a great winged eye. It's hard to beat that. When someone perfects this technique, when someone draws the perfect shape, when someone goes from one side of the eye to the other, and then out in the correct way...That is skill. And this one goes beyond that! These eyebrows are the perfect shape and thickness. Her skin tone is just shimmery enough, without looking too fake or too tan. Her eyelashes, whether they be real or fake, are adding just the kind of drama we like to see in beauty shots. And then the pink on the winged eyeliner...Oh, my gosh!

12 Removal

Via Twitter

Buying makeup is awesome. Testing new tricks and techniques is fun. Putting on full faces of products is lovely. But taking makeup off... that, too, is oddly satisfying! After a long day or night of showing off our fresh lips and sparkly eyes and perfectly contoured cheeks, we take our faces off, clean ourselves up, and relax. We may just use soap or water, or we may have individual cleaning products for each part of our faces. And though it may not all come off easily, like it does on Mulan, there are moments like these that just take our breath away. A perfect imprint of our handy work as we are taking off our entire is a piece of art. I have to admit, whoever this happens to, they have to applaud themselves.

11 Drip

Via Pinterest

The color alone of this lipstick is mesmerizing. Rose gold is so in right now, and when it is done with a metallic sheen, it becomes one of the most beautiful things ever! This lipstick is making these lips look plump, wet, and juicy, which is something that is often gone for when applying makeup. There is a smooth and satin finish up top—done perfectly—and the drip at the bottom, that is slowly falling, falling, falling just looks super cool and artsy. It really makes me wanna go on a new makeup shopping spree. Could we pull off metallic lipstick? Doubtful. Would it look this mesmerizing? Probably not. Would our artsy drip-effect just make a mess? Highly probable. This is the kinda thing that looks good in pictures, but not in real life.

10 Marble

Via Instagram

How is this makeup look even possible? Marble alone is gorgeous. Lipstick by itself is superb. But this makeup artist combined the two! The whites and silvers and blacks in this marbled-color look icy, expensive, and super creative; we all like our beauty routines to stand out in the crowd, and this definitely does the trick! I need to find the tutorial for this one. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? And if so, teach us, please, so that we, too, can be this extra...this coveted...and this amazing! Plus, it gets better, because I love that it was finished off with a gold trim, framing these gorgeous lips with their gorgeous colors in some more sparkle, which adds to the luxurious and to this unique look. I don't really know how this lipstick will dry or how they eat with that marble color on, but it's still satisfying to look at. 

9 Gold

There is something else that I love as much as marble, something that looks just as expensive and perfect and gorgeous...GOLD. And if there is ever a time that I can add gold—especially gold glitter!—into my look, I definitely will. The way this eyeshadow takes up her entire eyelid area...The way it shimmers on her skin...The way her entire face looks dewy and glowy and pretty in all the right ways...I need a fancy beach party to wear this to or maybe just a Halloween party, since I'm getting major Cleopatra vibes from this glam look, which is totally a good thing! Once again, this gold makeup can be summed up in one way: It is oddly satisfying. 10 out of 10!

8 Tubes

Via Favim

Of course, makeup itself is mesmerizing: fresh powders, new tubes of lipstick, clean brushes and applicators, coordinating shades of polishes...but the packaging of these products is also something to point out and appreciate. These tubes, for instance, may seem simple to some, but they are far from that. They make me want to buy them, even if I'm not totally sure what they are. They make me envision new beauty techniques, all centered around matte finishes. They make me want to go look up some deep and dramatic looks on the Internet or social media that I could throw these colors into, turning myself into a work of art. The shape, the texture, and the shades of these tubes are oddly satisfying and definitely gratifying.

7 Fragments

Via YouTube

Hurting makeup is just painful, and it pains me to see people throwing their products around; squishing glosses and breaking up powders. This, though, is different. This is one of those compacts made up of individual little beads of makeup, which all come together to create pretty colors that work well on our faces, all at once. It's mesmerizing. Someone realized you could pop these little guys out, and when that happens, the makeup becomes confetti! The makeup celebrates itself! The makeup transforms into something even more festive than it was to begin with — and it can still be used like it was meant to be used, avoiding any damage or, more importantly, avoiding any sadness. And that is truly oddly satisfying, is it not?

6 Options

Via Pintrest

People who are obsessed with makeup will definitely all agree that this photo is oddly satisfying. It is just a picture of consumer goods, but all of these products together, spread out to show them all off in all of their glory, look like some sort of art. All the different products, the different shapes and sizes, the different colors and shades...I want it all and need a collection like this! It really is fascinating to stop and look at the varying types of makeup, and I hope that even those who are not obsessed with lipsticks, applicators, and powders in pretty colors will realize how mesmerizing this photo is (and—of course—we already know it's satisfying for all of our fellow makeup addicts!). It's a site for sore eyes.

5 Glisten

Via BuzzFeed

One of the most common forms of “oddly satisfying” videos, images, and GIFs involve new products. For some reason, we just adore looking at the top of peanut butter or Nutella before digging into it. We get nostalgic when we see, feel, and smell new tennis balls, baseball gloves, or basketballs. And we use all of our strength to take photos like this one; we want to immediately dive in after buying new makeup, and we can’t wait to see what all the colors will look like on us and on all of our friends and clients. But first, we must snap and share this image of smooth and shiny colors that glisten in their packaging...and that better glisten like that on our skin!

4 Shades

Via BuzzFeed

Coordinating colors are always aesthetically pleasing, but when we see colors that go together so well on products that we are obsessed with...That is like a spiritual experience. Therefore, in order to make sure that everyone truly appreciates this, let us break it all down: These makeup brushes were made for applying rosy blushes. These sticks of products look like pretty accessories to said makeup brushes. The blush itself is the perfect shade of pink (again...I need this!). And those tubes of lipstick are shades that would look good on so many skin tones and are shades that round out this image beautifully; they add some more lovely shades of pink to this satisfying photo that is filled up with roses, salmons, reds, and corals.

3 Fresh

Via BuzzFeed

I had to share at least one more satisfying image of a new product, and this one is multifaceted. It's a new compact, so it is sleek and shiny, like a new car — but, in our eyes, it's better. It's a new base, so it is fresh and smooth and almost too pretty to touch. But, of course, we eventually will. It's hard no to touch. And since it is a bronzer, too, it has a golden tint that is just pure perfection, which was all put down into its container in a swirly, twirly design. Opening up a new peanut butter container is great, due to that smooth finish, but opening up new makeup — and seeing it look like this...it does not get much better than this, does it?!

2 Colors

Via Twitter

It would be impossible to count how many pictures we have all seen that look like this. Someone even already made a fake one that showcases Stormi, Kylie Jenner’s new baby! And even though we have all seen and probably have even taken tons of these, just stop for a second and really admire this one. Is it not beautiful and satisfying to look at? It shows off different shades of browns, blacks, and purples, all of which we want and all of which remind us of mermaids. Okay, mermaids and coffee AND of different types of people; we are all different, unique, and special, but we can all bond over makeup, beauty products, and the beauty in all of this — and that is beautiful in itself!

1 Lipsticks

Via YouTube

I will leave everyone with another one of those colorful and pretty makeup images that we really think can please the masses. Beauty lovers will, of course, find this satisfying, but those who enjoy art and color and patterns can also appreciate this. There are numerous tubes of lipstick here—all of which we want—and they are all open, with their points standing high and proud. Some are even in different shapes, showing off an even bigger variety of products or showing that someone could not resist and tried some of these sticks before snapping this pic! All of the colors, all of that smoothness, all of the possible looks that could be created from all of these products...We have to go shopping now!!!

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