Maine Coon Cat Looks Like A Human Trapped In A Feline Body

This cat’s face looks so human-like that it’s hard to tell if it’s a cat or a person wearing a mask.

Anyone who has ever seen the musical Cats will know that the makeup and wigs that the actors wear all make them look like cats (no big surprises there).

The looks from the theatre performance also bear a striking resemblance to this real cat. To the point where it’s almost impossible to tell which is the actor and which is the real-life cat.

Just as a quick refresher, here are some makeup photos from the Cats musical.

Cats wiki
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Notice anything from our furry friend here? It’s all in the eyes--they’re exactly the same distance away from the mouth and nose as they’d appear on a human face. That, combined with the slight brow line and rounded irises, give this kitty the most human-like face we’ve ever seen. It’s almost eery.

But where are our manners? This cat has a name: Valkyrie. She’s a two-month-old Maine Coone kitty from Russia with love. Her story began shortly after her birth when the Catsvill County cat breeder posted her kitten pics to their website.


Shortly after that, they posted a video of Valkyrie to their Instagram account where the footage quickly went viral.

The original video only racked up around 9,000 views, but it was picked up by a number of social media websites including Twitter, Reddit, and of course, Facebook. One page in particular--the LadBible Facebook page--gained over 9.8 million views thanks to Valkyrie.

“Am I the only one who finds this cat extremely creepy??” commented one user. Another replied to the post wit, “Looks like one of those renaissance paintings where the artist has never actually seen a cat.”

As for why the long face, we can only speculate. We know that dogs and cats have evolved specific expressions to communicate with their owners since being domesticated, so the next evolutionary step might be to grow a more human-like face so those expressions are even easier to read. Either way, we think this cat is adorable and soulful with her human-like mug. 

Sadly, if you wanted your own human-faced cat, Valkyrie has already been sold. But you shouldn’t go buying cats anyways. Adopt, adopt, adopt!


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