Southwest Apologizes For Employee Who Makes Fun Of Child's Unusual Name

Southwest Airlines made a public apology to a little girl and her mother after a Southwest employee made fun of the 5-year-old girl's name. The flight agent apparently laughed within earshot of the mother and daughter at the name and took a photo of it and posted it on social media.

The name in question is Abcde. Yes, you read that correctly. Some child's name is Abcde, the first five letters of the alphabet and it is pronounced ab-city. It's definitely a very unusual one and nothing we've ever seen before. The Southwest agent was pre-boarding the girl and her mother at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. When the agent read the girls name on her ticket, the agent allegedly laughed and other employees joined in. The mother overheard laughter and was bothered. She said she even said to them it was inappropriate and that they could hear them.

According to the mother, she discovered the agent in question posted took a picture of the girl's name on the ticket and posted it on social media.  This really angered the mom, Traci Redford, who spoke with an ABC affiliate in Los Angeles about the incident.

Southwest jumped in with some damage control releasing a statement saying the employee violated their "golden rule" of treating all customers and individuals with respect. NBC News then further reported on this incident of what's being call name shaming name shaming.

The name Abcde is a first for us and definitely for the agent. I think we can all agree that making fun of a child is unacceptable, but Abcde? That's a lifetime set up of mispronunciation and frustration for that child. Trendy names and unusual spelling have hit a high in baby naming. Many are using unique spellings to make their kids' name different but we think Absidee would be an easier spelling for this little girl.

Still, the gate agent shouldn't be making fun of the kid. She didn't pick it.

What do you think of the name Abcde? Should the agent be punished? Do you like unusual names?

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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