Speed Density Motorsports Places 1200HP VR6 Engine In Porsche 911 Turbo 996

Jay Lawlor of Speed Density Motorsports has done the unthinkable - he’s placed a VW engine in a Porsche 911. The 911, however, is the much maligned 996, and the VW engine is turbocharged VR6 with an eye watering 1202hp. Even scarier, he’s only just begun.

One of the things that makes the Porsche 996 version of the iconic 911 less than desirable is a faulty INS bearing in the engine. The best solution appears to be to take the original engine out entirely and look elsewhere in the family for power. Engine Swap Depot reports that Lawlor has a love of both turbo charged Porsches and VR6 engines and finally decided to marry the two passions in one frightening Frankenstein’s monster of a car.

3 Engine block comes from a 2004 Tourag

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The engine block is donated from a 2004 Tourag but has since received a crankshaft from an R32 as well as new pistons and x-beam rods. The heads that sit atop this beast are actually stock heads, but they’re the next to go in Lawlor’s search for even more horsepower.

2 Forced Air and Lots of Fuel

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Of course the VR6 doesn’t deliver four-digit horsepower numbers on regular air. Air is shuffled in through a Precision 8385 ball bearing turbo charger and custom made intakes and manifolds.

Three fuel pumps and twelve fuel injectors keep up with the volumes of air to deliver the 1202hp at the wheels.

1 Blinding Speed

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Back when this heretical beast was pushing out a paltry 900 hp, Lawlor took it to Shift S3ctor in Colorado where it ran a half mile at 179mph.

Future plans are an even larger turbo and to replace the heads with CNC machined ones and swap in a dual clutch transmission from a Porsche 991 with the goal of 2,000hp on methanol.

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