Speedy Delivery: 850hp NASCAR UPS Truck Goes To Auction

A UPS delivery truck packing 850hp from a TRD racing V8 is going up for auction on the Iron Horse Auction site.

The truck, a 1990 UPS P-800 Package Car, was modified as part of a promotion campaign for Dale Jarrett in 2006. The truck was part of a series of ads and eventually was driven by Jarrett at the 2008 NASCAR all-star race. The starting bid is $1.

3 Not Your Average Delivery

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The fast truck was built for the campaign by stunt car builder Mike Ryan over the course of three weeks.

In addition to the NASCAR racing engine the truck was equipped with other go fast and safety mods like a roll cage, upgraded suspension, and even NOS and fire suppression.

2 Fan Favorite

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The truck was originally meant for a series of ads that featured Jarret's team testing a new 'fast' delivery truck with NASCAR features.

Eventually the truck became popular with fans who jokingly wanted to see Jarrett race the truck. As a nod to that in Jarret's final All Star race in 2008 he did a parade lap in the beast.

1 Testing

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In the build up to the truck making its racing debut the campaign ran a series of ads where the team tested the truck for its race readiness. Mostly they played on how ill suited the large 4-ton delivery truck was for racing. Tests included braking and aerodynamics with spots named "Brakes" and "Draft." The auction opens on Wednesday December 11.

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