10 Of The Spiciest Foods That'll Have Your Mouth On Fire

As we are social beings, eating with one another is generally a good time. We enjoy eating and socializing over a hot meal. Some people will eat the same dish every day and never get tired of it. Others, who are a bit more adventurous, will discover new cuisines and enlighten their taste buds. While most people think exotic foods fit the average adventurous foodie description, that is not always the case. Sometimes we to try foods that are not only new to our taste buds but have a bit of a kick to them. For those looking for their next fiery dish to try, here are 10 foods that’ll have your mouth burning for days (in the best way).

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10 Some Chicken Wings Just Aren't Worth Being Eaten

The name "Suicide Chicken Wings" pretty much says it all. Any food beginning with the name “Suicide” is usually a key sign for those who both loathe and love spicy food. Though chicken wings have been an American staple for years and aren’t exactly anything new, we do love a good wing with a bit of hot sauce and pepper on it. There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a basket full of hot wings, with hot flavor ready to explode in your mouth.

9 This Crazy Shrimp Creole

Nothing says a southern-cooked dish like Shrimp Creole. Having been a dish that originated out of the heart and soul of Louisiana, this seafood dish is one of the most popular spicy foods in the United States. A match made in Heaven, this is the best combination of a popular seafood and spice. This dish contains red and green peppers, tomatoes, tons of fresh chili, and cayenne peppers. That’s a lot of fire in one dish!

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8 Nothing But Hot Chili Peppers

This next cuisine hails all the way from London. According to a food tourist, London’s Barshu dish will make us feel as though we’re eating a pile of molten lava, but in a good way! From the photos, the dish literately looks like nothing but a pile of dried and red-hot chili peppers. We recommended that foodies try the side of plain rice first and then the pile of chilis. We can only imagine the responses this dish garnered from other critics.

7 A Caribbean Dish With A Bit Of A Kick

This dish may not look intimidating at first glance but don’t be fooled. The Caribbean dish is booming with spices and peppers. Jerk Chicken is a combination of mouthwatering goodness and fiery satisfaction. It’s made from spices we would’ve never have thought could make a great combination. That’s why we leave it to the chefs to create a dish using nutmeg, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, thyme, and scallions. We don’t know about those nay-sayer’s out there but that sounds delicious to us.

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6 Pass Around The Hot-Pot!

Who doesn’t like a hot pan of spicy goodness? The Sichuan Hot-Pot is a popular dish among the Mongolians and Chinese. Though many countries have their own version of hot-pot dishes served, nothing even comes close to the Sichuan. This dish is a pot full of scorching hot broth that is seasoned with garlic, onions, and peppers. It’s also mixed with raw pieces of meat and vegetables. Sounds like just the perfect table dish we’d need to serve at a large party.

5 A Pork Dish With A Lot Of Zest!

Via: Res.cloudinary.com

Even a hot chili dog doesn’t compare to this next dish. Vindaloo pork is a spicy Indian dish that is originally from Portugal. Historically, the pork was preserved in red wine, peppers, and garlic. Eventually, the Indians adopted the dish and enriched the meat with curry. What gives this dish its zesty flavor is the absurd amount of Bhut Jolokia cooked into it. By the way, Bhut Jolokia peppers are considered one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. That might be too spicy, even for us!

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4 Salads Can Be Spicy, Too!

Considered one of the spiciest foods in the world, Papa a la Huancaina is a Peruvian dish that many spicy food lovers will enjoy. People who are unfamiliar with the dish may be surprised to know this it’s actually a salad. Unlike our regular salad, this dish contains boiled yellow potatoes that are served cold in a creamy Huancaina sauce over herbs with lettuce and black olives. What gives the salad it’s fiery flavor? The Amarillo chili pepper in its signature Huancaina sauce. Sounds like something we’d be willing to try.

3 This Isn’t Anything Like Your Grandmother’s Cooking!

This next dish may look like beef stew but really, it’s Wot, a spicy dish all the way from Ethiopia. It is known as one of the zestiest dishes served in the world. Wot is packed with a variety of flavor and spices such as onions and garlic, ginger, and large amounts of ultra-hot berbere, which is a mixture of dried spices and chilies. Wot is certainly a dish for the spicy-food lover.

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2 Forget Tuna Salads And Sandwiches! We have Spicy Tuna Rolls Now!

Eating raw fish has become somewhat of a fascination for Americans. Most of us like sushi rolls. This next food may resemble a sushi roll, but it’s on a whole other level of goodness. These are Spicy Tuna Rolls, a beautiful merger of raw fish, a dash of seasoning, rice, and a whole lot of fire. This dish has risen in popularity so much that a restaurant in Charleston, S.C., hosts a Spicy Tuna Roll eating contest where contestants must eat 10 rolls. Though, no one’s broken the record yet.

1 A Torrid Mixture Of Peppers

A popular dish of Indonesia, Sambal Oelek is one of the most requested dishes for tourists visiting the country. It is made from various peppers such as habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, bird’s eye chilies and Spanish peppers, making the Indonesian recipe an extremely spicy one. Not to mention this food can also be used as a body rub. Not sure how we’d feel about using Sambel Oelek as a lotion but would definitely consider trying the dish sometime.

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