Spider-Man: The Strongest Villains From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

With Spider-Man debuting in 1962, he's been around quite awhile, swinging webs and saving the world. In a few weeks, Spider-Man will also have his seventh solo movie in under two decades. Spider-Man: Far From Home continues the story of Peter Parker, the neighborhood hero. Although only the second Spider-Man film in the current MCU line-up, the movie was preceded by Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy and the rebooted Amazing Spider-Man duology; along with the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, of course.

What's had more people buzzing, though, is the inclusion of Quentin Beck, who fans know better as Mysterio. Though the trailer puts him in a hero role, many think that there's more to this trickster than meets the eye. There are definitely more high-profile villains, but Mysterio has been around for decades and even was a member of the infamous Sinister Six.

After so many years of heroism, Spidey's also racked up quite the list of enemies. While some are memorable classics, others have been weak duds. There are much more than thirty, but listed below are some fun, memorable, and diverse villains that have plagued Spidey throughout the years.

Here are Spider-Man's Strongest Villains From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked.

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25 Kangaroo

Frank Oliver is an Australian man who grew up around Kangaroos, became a boxer like Kangaroos, and villain-named himself Kangaroo. Other than some jet implants in his legs, he's just a very weird man who has a bizarre obsession with Kangaroos.

Considering he was made in 1970, it's no surprise he's an Australian stereotype with a furry vest. However, with such poor powers and losing his life in 2017, Kangaroo is beyond non-threatening. If anything, it's more just fun to mention he exists.

On any given day, Spider-Man can completely destroy Kangaroo. He would have been better off a boxer forever.

24 Shocker

Think of the most average man. Then put him an electric suit. That's it, that's Shocker. While he's a brilliant engineer, without his suit he can't even be counted as super, let alone a super-villain.

If that wasn't enough, Herman Schultz also has a severe lack of self-confidence and his suit isn't all that great. After all, sometimes the suit can shock all by itself and run the risk of injuring or ending Herman's life. That mildly hampers his ability to do much real damage to any hero.

Considering all of his problems, Shocker isn't really that powerful at all.

23 Rhino

Possibly the dumbest of Spider-Man's classic villains, Rhino was once just a typical Russian mobster before gamma radiation experiments changed his life. Imbued with super-strength, durability, and a suit he can never take off, Rhino became a tank. With so much physical power and momentum, of course he packs an impressive punch.

However, as said, Rhino isn't the brightest of the bunch. He just started off as a strong arm who wanted to help support his family. Now, he's a huge lug with little intellect to back it up. He can cause some serious trouble, but Spidey can always outwit him.

22 Screwball

As comics head into the 21st century, they are updating with the culture and society around it. Very fittingly, in 2008, Screwball became the first live-streaming villain to go toe-to-toe with Spidey. Even more 2000s of her, she's a parkour expert. That's not as lame as it sounds, though. She is so much of an expert that she is perfectly agile around the city, so much so that she can outmaneuver Spider-Man himself.

While her speed and acrobatics make her stronger than a lot of the dumber, slower enemies, speed is all she has. With a well-timed web-trap, she's toast.

21 Hammerhead

When Joseph was a child, his father hit his head with a hammer to punish him. Understandably, that made his face a little odd and his temperament a little violent.

Despite having such an iconic name and face, Hammerhead is just a thug with a steel-plated forehead. However, he gets a lot more powerful when, after an accident, his entire upper body is replaced with cybernetics. He's able to run through a lot more walls and break a lot more things.

As far as impressive mobsters go, Hammerhead is more a fun gimmick of a villain than he is a threat. Even with his cybernetics, he's not powerful enough to give Spider-Man any trouble.

20 Tombstone

Born with Albinism, Lonnie Lincoln took the bullying he endured and inflicted it on others. He turned this side of him into a criminal enterprise, beating down on anyone weaker than him. Though he has an intimidating street name, Tombstone only has superhuman strength and durability. He isn't that special, at least by comic-book villain standards.

Tombstone spends his time running heists and break-ins for money and more control over Harlem. However, he only gets so far with people like Daredevil and Spider-Man on his back.

Comparably, he's powerful, but pretty small potatoes.

19 Chameleon

Spider-Man's first ever villain, of course Chameleon had to be included in this list. At first, Chameleon was arguably one of the weakest Spidey villains. After all, he was only a thug good at impersonating people. However, his skin was later mutated so that he could take on different faces and colors. No matter if he had powers or not, Chameleon has always been obsessed with his ability to mimic. He'll go to any lengths, even melting people in acid baths to steal their faces.

Despite his brutality, he can't make up for his fairly weak powers and exploitable obsession.

18 Mysterio

What started out as one man's desperate bid for fame turned into a classic member of the Sinster Six and one of Spider-Man's oldest villains: Mysterio. He started as a special effects master with a psychiatry degree who eventually learned how to create androids and hop dimensions.

Despite his long resume, Mysterio is hardly Spidey's most dangerous foe. Almost all iterations of Mysterio don't have any actual superpowers and just use their normal, human skills to their advantage. While experienced, there are much bigger threats to NYC.

17 Black Cat

Felicia Hardy is a hard love interest for Peter, particularly considering she's a wanted thief. Much like Catwoman to Batman, Black Cat is a clever, agile villain with complicated feelings for her heroic counterpart. Similar to the hero Domino, Black Cat has "bad luck" powers and can alter the probability of things around her.

While a master of acrobatics and hand to hand combat, Black Cat won't grandstand or put herself in compromising situations. She's too smart for that. His attraction to her does give her an extra, dangerous edge, though.

16 Scorpion

Mac Gargan used to be the private investigator that went the extra mile. Hired by J. Jonah Jameson, he was tasked with exposing Spider-Man's identity. He was so committed to this that he became a super-villain. As one does, of course.

As the Scorpion, Gargan was experimented on and eventually became the Scorpion themed superhuman he is now. Able to climbs walls, agilely scale NYC, and pick up cars, Scorpion was basically Spidey-lite. All in the name of getting his attention and finding him out.

Despite his investigation skills and powers, Scorpion just doesn't compare.

15 Vulture

While a genius with one powerful suit, and even the main villain of the most recent Spider-Man movie, Vulture isn't the most intimidating villain. His intelligence gives him a leg up and fuels his impressive work with flight technology. However, without the suit, he's just a normal guy doing shifty things. Adrian Toomes would be useless without his costume.

Obsessed with robberies, schemes, and scams, Toomes could probably have a better life just doing the whole science thing. To each their own. Spider-Man can wipe the floor with him.

14 Sandman

An angry man all his life, William Baker was always in trouble with somebody or someone. However, at first, it was more just petty crime. After exposure to radiation, he becomes the powerful and even angrier Sandman. Baker even joins the infamous Sinister Six.

Capable of contorting his body into various sizes and shapes of sand, as well as being immortal, Baker is far more dangerous than he looks. After all, people can drown in engulfing pools of sand just as easily as water.

That said, he's not the brightest nor most powerful. Spidey can still readily beat this classic villain.

13 Tinkerer

Once a brilliant engineer running a wholesome fix-it shop, Phineas turned against the world when superheroes emerged. He watched them recklessly destroy the city around him and decided he wanted to put them in their place. Becoming The Tinkerer, he began making robots and other cybernetic creatures to fight against the "superhero takeover."

Though he doesn't seem like much, he's made robots for every other major super-villain in town. His connections alone give him a powerful buffer against capture or prolonged imprisonment. After all, a lot of people owe him favors.

He is still just a cranky old man, though.

12 Lizard

When a genius biochemist surgeon loses an arm, that means he's 100% going to turn into a supervillain. No doubt about it. Curtis Conners immediately took to creating a serum for regenerating limbs after losing his hand. However, using himself as his first guinea pig, he ran into a snag. A lizard body snag. He turned into the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the Spider-verse, except with more scales.

Superhuman with claws, teeth, and a tail to boot, the Lizard can be a hard enemy for Spider-Man to take out. However, his human form can be reasoned with.

11 Hobgoblin

Though Green Goblin is the original version, there are many other versions of the classic goblin. One of the most famous is the Hobgoblin, AKA Roderick Kingsley. Kingsley was a fashion designer with questionable practices and clearly questionable sanity. After all, Spider-Man interfering in his fashion business literally led him to taking the Green Goblin formula and becoming a supervillain.

Hobgoblin's biggest difference is that Roderick worked out the whole "insanity" kinks of the first serum. Using similar gear, resources, and powers, his leg up is his level head. However, that almost makes him more predictable and less of a threat.

10 Kraven

If Spider-Man ever regretted his obvious name, it was probably when he met Kraven. A hunter by nature, he found new joy in life when his friends suggested that he hunt Spider-Man instead of some other beast. With his sharp objects and steroids in hand, Kraven took to stalking the webslinger to find purpose in life.

As one of the original members of the Sinister Six, Kraven has been hounding Spidey for many years. Between his persistence, unique skills, and heightened senses, he's a surprisingly powerful foe.

9 Morlun

An ancient, immortal being, Morlun is not quite a warlock or vampire but is adjacent to both. He has life draining abilities and superhuman reflexes and strength, but he doesn't have any magical, elemental, or telepathetic powers. That whole immortal thing does get a little troublesome, though.

While his backstory is a little weird (Spider totems? Really?), he poses quite a threat to the webslinger. After all, unlike many other villains, there are no earthly emotions, family, etc. to sway him at any time. He's just a very old man who won't stop until he gets those totems.

8 Mister Negative

Not to be confused with DC's Doom Patrol Mister Negative, this Spidey foe is a smuggler with unpleasant powers. He's able to tip the innate soul of a person into being more dark or light. With this corruption ability, he's able to make even Spider-Man sometimes do immoral things. Along with a low level shape-shifting ability, he can be a tough person to face.

Lucky for Peter Parker, his genius intellect and Spidey sense can help him a lot in keeping Mister Negative away. He's very dangerous, but not the worst villain to face.

7 Kingpin

While Kingpin, AKA Wilson Fisk, is normally associated with Dareveil, the two New York City heroes share quite a few overlapping villains. Of course, Kingpin is one. An abnormally large man with an even larger criminal empire, Kingpin could snap Spidey like a twig. Lucky for the hero, though, his super-strength lets him fend that off.

In physical stature alone, Kingpin is a tank of a villain, but his insidious machinations around the city make him all the more dangerous. Wilson Fisk has his hands in nearly everything around Hell's Kitchen, so it's no surprise he catches multiple heroic attentions.

6 Doctor Octopus

With Spider-Man's already high intelligence, quite a few of his main villains are severely intelligent men with questionable goals. One of the most fascinating is Otto Octavius. Abused most of his life, Otto found solace in research and, eventually, a fellow intellectual named Mary. When his mother bullied him into ending his relationship and then had a heart attack in the ensuing argument, he fell into despair. A botched experiment fused metal arms onto him and turned that pain into super-villain rage.

Leader of the Sinister Six and endlessly resourceful, Spidey has been sparring with Doc Ock for decades.

5 Carnage

Spawn of Venom, Carnage is a larger, stronger symbiote than its predecessor. After all, that's how symbiotes go (according to Spider-Man comics). However, Carnage isn't nearly as dastardly as Venom, nor as smart, leaving the creature weaker than its counterpart. Also, of course, its common host is a madman from prison, so Carnage doesn't always have itself in the best position.

That doesn't stop it from being immeasurably strong and dangerous to fight, though. That madman has ended a lot of lives, after all, and so has the symbiote itself. Carnage is still not a villain to take lightly.

4 Electro

Though Electro isn't often Spider-Man's counterpart in movies (save The Amazing Spider-Man 2), his impressive range of powers make him a formidable foe. The things he can do with electricity are intimidating and versatile. He can detect electricity, redirect it, shoot it from his own body, and more. With electricity, the man seems to have no limits.

Horrifyingly, Maxwell Dillon was trying to be a hero, helping someone off the power lines. While his coworker was saved, lightning struck and Dillon's mind and body were warped. The event turned him into an undead, electric villain obsessed with money and Spider-Man.

3 Green Goblin

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Norman Osborne and his son, Harry, are often huge parts of young Peter Parker's life. After all, in most comics, Harry is his closest friend. When his father's scientific experiments turn into something all the more sinister, it creates one of Spider-Man's most iconic villains: Green Goblin. Between his unpredictable madness, endless rich guy resources, and countless spin-off goblins, of course the Green Goblin is one of Spidey's strongest foes.

It would be difficult for anyone to face off against a man who's basically Batman gone mad.

2 Venom

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As one of Spider-Man's most famous villains, of course Venom would top the list. Not only is the symbiote hyper-intelligent, insidious, and strong, but it's self-preservation skills are incomparable. No matter how much damage it receives or the dangerous situations its hosts get in, Venom always finds a way to persist. Peter Parker may have rejected it, but the creature doesn't need him to thrive and cause mayhem.

Though Venom is often infecting Eddie Brock, the symbiote can claim almost any body it wants and corrupt it. That's a powerful ability for a super-villain to have.

1 J. Jonah Jameson

Despite marketing himself as a journalist trying to find the truth, Peter Parker's long-time boss often caused enough of his own havoc. His schemes put Spider-Man and, in turn, the city in danger far more often than any reporter ever should. Jameson has even hired villains and nefarious characters to try to expose the webslinger. Between that and only making Spider-Man look like a menace, J. Jonah Jameson deserves recognition for how much criminal activity he helped facilitate by sticking his nose in everything.


Were there any of the best Spider-Man villains that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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