Nature Photographer Creates Series Showing Spiders Looking Cute To Fight Stigma

Spiders Are Actually Adorable, And This New Photo Series Proves It

Actually, spiders can be very cute, and these photos are here to prove it.

No, don’t run! They’re just spiders, and spiders aren’t nearly as terrifying as you might think they are. Sure, most of them still spin creepy webs and they do all come with venom that liquifies their dinner before sucking it up with their fangs, but that venom can’t hurt a human! Usually.

Alright, let’s start over. Meet Matt Doogue of Bathgate, Scotland. By day, he’s a holographic engineer. By night, he’s a nature photographer who’s spent the last two years creating a collage of spiders designed to do one thing: convince everyone who looks at his photos that spiders are not terrifying, but are in fact quite cute.

“A lot of people who walk past a spider will just kill it but I want to stomp out that hatred towards them,” Matt told The Scottish Sun. “They get a lot of bad press but they’re needed in the environment and the ecology of our gardens.”

via The Scottish Sun

A lifelong nature lover, Matt took up photography 7 years ago and began taking pictures of the forest during hikes with his family. Three years later he decided to get small, so to speak, by taking enormous photographs of very tiny creatures: bugs.

The practice of taking very details snaps of very small things is called macro photography, and it’s turned Matt into a true fan of our 8-legged friends.


“I hope that by offering people a closer look at them they’ll see that they’re actually quite cute and cuddly, especially jumping spiders with their fur and big eyes.”

He’s not kidding! Jumping spiders have often been called the kittens of the arachnid family, with their enormous eyes, squat, compact bodies, and propensity for eating various other insects in the house. They’re also highly intelligent (for a bug) and are often able to recognize humans and follow your movement. Try it the next time you see one--it’s neat to have any level of communication with a bug!

Spiders Are Actually Adorable, And This New Photo Series Proves It
via The Scottish Sun

(And yes, we are aware that bugs and insects are not spiders, which are arachnids and not true bugs.)

Matts photos capture the innocent beauty of the spider perfectly. Take a look, and maybe next time you let your little house spider live. All they want is to be your friend.


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