The World's First Fully-Functioning Robot Assistant Is Now On Sale


The world’s first fully-functioning four-legged robot assistant is now available to order from Boston Dynamics.

Some of you may remember those crazy videos from a few years ago of the four-legged robot going over all sorts of different terrain. And then last year there was the video of a robot opening a door for another robot and keeping that door open until they both went through. Many saw this as the first signs of the robot apocalypse, and for those people we’ve got some very bad news.

That robot? It’s now for sale.

It’s called Spot, and it was developed from various other Boston Dynamics quadbots like BigDog, LittleDog, and Cheetah (the US military also has a version of BigDog called AlphaDog). It was previously called SpotMini when it debuted back in June of 2016 but has since been renamed just Spot.

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So what can Spot do? Well, it can walk at speeds of up to 5.25 feet per second, has a battery that lasts up to 90 minutes, and has a payload capacity of up to 30 lbs. Spot's battery is swappable so if you need it for longer tasks you can just swap in a fresh battery in the same way you do a power tool.

Spot can see a full 360-degrees thanks to a set of sensors surrounding his rectangular body. It can also continue operating in temperatures anywhere from -20°C to 45°C.

Currently, Boston Dynamics is advertising Spot for use in the construction, oil and gas, and hazardous waste industries as a sort of remove inspection tool. However, Spot can easily be used for things like guard duty, security, or even as a replacement to a seeing-eye dog.

Spot also comes with a software development kit so that it can be programmed to do whatever you want. There are several different payloads available for Spot, with the default being a manipulator arm that sort of sprouts from Spot's shoulders. Other payloads such as greater fidelity optical sensors are still in development.

Pricing wasn't announced, but Spot is cutting-edge technology so don't expect it to be cheap.

Also, Boston Dynamics’ other robot, Atlas, can do parkour now. So that’s cool.

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