3 Great St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes That Aren't Green Beer

Here are 3 of the best green drink recipes that you can make this year for your St. Patricks day party that are NOT green beer.

With St. Patrick's day just around the corner I thought it was finally time to address a problem I have struggled with for many years... I don't like Green Beer. I know what you are probably thinking "but Green beer is so fun! It is so festive!" Sure, that may be true but I am not the world's biggest fan of beer in the first place and something about it being green just makes it so much nastier.

If you are anything like me, maybe you also struggle to find something fun to drink on St. Patrick's day that won't make you feel queasy. If that is the case then you are in luck because this year I have gathered together three of the best green drink recipes that you can make this year for St. Patricks day that are NOT green beer.

#1 The Irish Margherita


There is nothing in my world that says "green drink" more clearly than a Margarita and thanks to Amy Locurto you can now make the perfect Irish Margarita for your friends this St. Patrick's day. So what is the difference between a normal margarita and an Irish one? The luck of course!

#2 The Shamrock Sour


It is green, it has whiskey and it is topped with a Shamrock! What could be more festive for this Irish holiday then Courtney's recipe for a Shamrock Sour from Pizzazzerie.com. I love this idea because it is a festive twist on an Irish whiskey cocktail that adds flair to the celebrations.

#3 The Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail


If you are a lover of Gin as I am or you are looking for a yummy green drink that doesn't need alcohol to taste sinfully delicious then look no further than the Lucky Leprechaun Cocktail from Family Fresh Meals . I love that this drink is totally good on its own, not to mention that electric green colour.

BONUS DRINK: The Spicy Green Bloody Mary

Okay, okay, so you had your fun on St. Patrick's day but now you are feeling a little worse for wear. Why not try making your friend's a little hangover cure on the 18th with this genius recipe from Glitterandbubbles.com for a spicy green bloody mary. I can't think of a more thematic way to wrap up the festivities.

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