Star Wars: 20 Uncomfortable Things Fans Ignore About Anakin & Padmé's Relationship

While there are some Star Wars fans who worship the relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Queen Padmé, others can’t help but notice a few uncomfortable truths that make them seem pretty incompatible. Though Anakin supposedly loves Padmé enough to turn in order to save her, there are a number of details about their relationship that a lot of fans like to ignore.

Among the reasons why Padmé and Anakin don’t make a great couple are the fact that they possess such different values from one another and the fact that Anakin doesn’t seem to have a basic level of respect for Padmé’s authority.

Keep reading to find out these 20 uncomfortable things that many fans choose to ignore about the relationship between Padmé and Anakin.

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20 Anakin Blames Padme For The Kiss


When Anakin professes his love to Padmé, he mentions that the kiss they shared in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones has been tormenting him. He seems to blame her for allowing it to happen, even though he’s the one that leans in. Are we missing something here?

19 Padmé’s Declaration Of Love Doesn’t Quite Add Up


Padmé confesses her love for Anakin just before the two of them are carted into the Petranki arena, saying it has been there since the beginning. That’s all very romantic, but before that, when the two are preparing to leave Coruscant for Naboo, Padmé tells him to stop looking at her with love eyes because it makes her uncomfortable. It doesn’t seem like love to us!

18 Anakin Should Have Just Left The Jedi To Be With Padmé

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Forbidden love is all the rage in the franchise, but if Anakin really wanted to, he could have left the Jedi Order to be with Padmé. He might be the chosen one, but if he did decide to give it all up to be with Padmé, things would have been a lot better for a lot of people in the long run.

17 Anakin Doesn’t Respect Padmé’s Authority

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It’s hard to vouch for these two as a couple when Anakin can’t even pass relationship 101 and respect his partner. When the two visit Naboo and Padmé discusses where to hide with the current Queen, Padmé throws a tantrum and challenges her authority. Even if Padmé did hurt his feelings, he should have more respect for her than that.

16 They Don’t Age At The Same Rate

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One of the major red flags to the relationship between Anakin and Padmé is the fact that they don’t age at the same rate. In the ten years that Anakin spends away from her after meeting her, he transforms from boy to man. In the same amount of time, Padmé barely looks any different.

15 The Jedi Council Should Have Found Them Out Sooner


When you think about it, the Jedi Council should have discovered Anakin and Padmé’s relationship sooner than they did. The Council is able to sense a lot, including Anakin’s fear when he’s evaluated for the first time. It seems strange that they can’t tell that something is going on between Padmé and Anakin.

14 Especially Since They Enjoyed Some PDA

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It’s imperative for Padmé and Anakin to keep their relationship a secret, but still, they’re not afraid of some PDA every now and then. In the Senate rotunda after Anakin rescues Chancellor Palpatine, the two hug and kiss, even though there is a group of politicians nearby who could easily catch them.

13 Padmé’s Broken Heart Is What Did Her In


“She’s lost the will to live” is ultimately given as the reason for Padmé’s death. In other words, her broken heart over Anakin does her in. Many fans have had trouble accepting this, especially since at the time Padmé has a new family on the way, which she should be excited about.

12 Anakin Is Probably Too Obsessed


Anakin develops a crush on Padmé when the two first meet in The Phantom Menace when he’s nine years old and she’s fourteen. He doesn’t see her again for the next ten years, but somehow, he grows more in love with her. If that happened in the real world, we’d call it obsessive, to say the least.

11 Anakin Gets Physical With Padmé


When Anakin suspects that Padmé is plotting with the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan, he gets physical with her on Mustafar. This wouldn’t be okay in the real world, and it’s not okay here. It’s also odd given the main reason for Anakin turning is to prevent Padmé from passing over.

10 They Probably Should Have Avoided The Pregnancy


There’s already a heap of tension surrounding this relationship before they get pregnant. You’d think that since Padmé and Anakin aren’t allowed to be together, they’d be extra careful about avoiding the possibility of getting pregnant. We’re not sure what the preventative measures are in this universe, but they need to be updated!

9 And Anakin Should Have Ensured She Had Access To Better Obstetrics


It’s hard to believe that Padmé has no access to obstetrics care. Particularly as a queen, she should be given the best healthcare available. Even if the couple doesn’t want people knowing about the pregnancy, they could have organized a personal medi-droid. This is especially true considering the fact that Anakin is super talented at programming and the like.

8 Anakin Doesn’t Want To Open Up To Her


Though Anakin loves Padmé, he is constantly closed off from her and refuses to let her into his mind. He never shares his feelings, even though she’s always begging him to open up. Anakin claims that the trouble in his head comes from not being with Padmé, but nothing changes once he has her.

7 Padmé Becomes A Damsel In Distress


One of the most disappointing elements to Padmé’s character is that she goes from a powerful female boss-type character to a simple damsel in distress. In the first two movies, she holds her own in the Senate, and on the front lines. But in Revenge of the Sith, Padmé is suddenly helpless and loses the will to live. Clearly, Anakin isn’t good for her.

6 There’s A Weird Maternal Edge To Their Relationship

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Despite the claims that it was love at first sight, it’s hard to see Padmé and Anakin as a romantic couple when they first meet, because she looks so much older. Because of this, there’s a maternal edge to their relationship that never quite goes away. It doesn’t help when Padmé tells Anakin that he will always be a little boy in her eyes.

5 Padmé Seems To Find Anakin’s Sand Comment Romantic


Anakin describes sand by saying, “It’s coarse, it’s rough, it’s irritating … and it gets everywhere!” There’s nothing remotely charming about this, and yet, Padmé still seems to be impressed. Right after he says it, she lays one on him. Like other areas of their relationship, there’s no logic here.

4 They Have Majorly Different Values And Shouldn’t Be A Couple


Couples can disagree on things, but they should share the same values and morals if they’re going to work together in the long run. Unfortunately, Padmé and Anakin have quite different morals. Anakin believes that the galaxy should be run by a dictatorship, while Padmé obviously disagrees. This should be a strong red flag that they don’t belong together.

3 Padmé Completely Overlooks Anakin’s Crimes


It’s not uncommon for people to let their partners get away with certain things, but Padmé and Anakin take this too far. As Anakin displays increasingly alarming behavior, Padmé looks the other way. This is especially confusing because she’s supposed to be an intelligent and deeply good character who should pick up on warning signs like that.

2 Anakin Should Be Able To Sense Her Big News


When Anakin and Padmé finally reunite after spending months away from each other, he doesn’t sense that she’s pregnant. He’s surprised when she tells him and is rendered speechless with shock. But even if she’s not showing yet, it seems odd that he doesn’t sense that she’s pregnant via the Force.

1 And He Should Have Been Able To Sense Two Heartbeats


It’s a surprise to Anakin when Padmé reveals she’s pregnant, but this isn’t the only thing he should have been able to sense via the force. He should also be able to sense the fact that she’s not pregnant with one baby, but two. The Force has been used to sense life forms in the past, so it doesn’t make much sense that he can’t use it now.

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