Star Wars: 20 Things That Never Made Sense About The Force (And Never Will)

Any Star Wars fan worth their salt knows a bit about the Force. For those who have never seen a Star Wars film in their life, the Force is a mystical...well, force that coexists with all life. It represents the balance of light and dark in the universe. More importantly, it is what gives the Jedi and the Sith their powers. Since the very first Star Wars movie, the Force has been reverentially mentioned, and it's easy to see why. The Force is a force to be reckoned with.

However, upon further inspection, there are a ton of things that make absolutely no sense about the Force. Granted, this is a mystical essence that resides in a science-fiction story. We shouldn't hold the Force to such high standards. But for those of you who enjoy the occasional nitpick regarding their favorite fiction franchise, let's dive in. Read on if you want to know everything that makes no sense about the Force.

20 It Can Make You Jump Really High

Supposedly, the Force is a mystical essence, an energy field created by all living things. So why exactly does it give Jedi and Sith the ability to jump over extraordinary distances? It basically gives people bouncy super powers. Plus, are those amazing flips and somersaults a part of what the Force gives a Jedi?

19 It Can Influence The Weather

In The Last Jedi, we all saw Force-ghost Yoda set a tree on fire by calling lightning from the sky. How was the Force used to affect the weather in such an extreme fashion? And, as a matter of fact, how was a dead Jedi able to do that from beyond the grave? The Force looks less like a mystic connection to life and more like a mutant ability.

18 It's Not Magic; It's Microscopic Organisms

The prequels are officially canon, so no matter what the sequel trilogy tries to change, the prequels are still just as viable for Star Wars lore. According to the prequels, the Force isn't actually just the mystic energy we all thought it was. It's based in microscopic creatures called midi-chlorians. Apparently, "magic" is all in the biology of things.

17 It Can Give You Visions Of The Future

Okay, let's assume that the Force really is an energy that connects all living things. How does that translate into having visions of the future? Precognition doesn't seem to jive well with what the Force has been implied as being. Plus, all Jedi are always saying how time is not set in stone, but the Force's predictive abilities makes the future predetermined.

16 It Can Make Lightning Shoot From Your Fingertips

Seriously. Lightning? Shooting from fingertips? How does that arcane magic even come close to the Force's original definition as a connection to all living things? Another thing we're curious about is the morality of electricity. Only Sith seem to use Force Lightning. Is lightning not considered "good?"

15 It Can Save Your Life Without You Being Aware Of It

We're as happy as the next person that Leia survived being sucked out into the cold vacuum of space. But we're also a tad confused about how that happened. Never before has Leia been shown using such strong Force abilities such as creating a bubble around her so that she could return to an airlock. How was she able to use the Force so expertly? Is the Force now an instinctual life-preserver?

14 It Can Run "Strongly" In Certain Families

If the Force is an energy that surrounds all living things, then why does it run more "strongly" in some families than in others? Shouldn't everyone have equal access to this all-encompassing Force? Oh, right, we forgot about those midi-chlorians. The Force is apparently hereditary.

13 Trying To Use It For Yourself Is Considered "Evil"

In Star Wars lore, it is stated that Sith are evil for trying to bend the Force to their will. Their desire to control the Force leads them to the Dark Side. If the Force is just an energy, a desire to merely use it shouldn't be considered evil. That's like saying sticking papers onto a refrigerator using magnets is wrong because we're selfishly using the force of magnetism.

12 It Can Function As A Sort Of Telepathy

The Force can also be used as a form of telepathy. Leia and Luke use the Force to communicate with each other, and in The Last Jedi, Rey and Ben Solo are connected to each other by its power as well. Is there an explanation for how this happens? No, there isn't. The mystical energy or hereditary organism, however you want to look at the Force, can just do what it wants.

11 It Can Make You Super Persuasive

One of the most famous examples of the Force's power was when Obi-Wan Kenobi gently persuaded a stormtrooper that he didn't need to see Luke's identification. While this line is beyond cool, the usage of the Force here is perplexing. So now the Force is a tool of ultimate persuasion?!

10 It Allows You To Be A Force Ghost

The Force lets really cool people, by which we mean Jedi, become Force ghosts after they pass away. Their essence is preserved, and they're able to appear in front of struggling protagonists to offer them words of advice. So maybe the Force works like a kind of heaven, a life after death sort of thing?

9 Letting The Force Use You Is Considered "Good"

Counter to the way Sith use the Force, Jedi believe they should let the Force use them. One of the Jedi Order's most prolific teachings is to "let the Force flow through you." This manner of using the Force is considered to be "good." That basically means that letting the Force have its way with you is a sign you're on the Light Side.

8 It Can Help You Project Illusions Light-Years Away

The Last Jedi should win an award for featuring the most shocking Force abilities in a Star Wars movie. One of these abilities was showcased by Luke Skywalker. While on the planet of Ahch-To, he was able to project an image of himself light-years away on the planet Crait. This image could speak to people on Crait while remaining intangible. Tell us again how the Force is able to do this.

7 It Can Help You Fly A Spaceship

If you find yourself in an X-Wing in the dogfight of your life, never fear. The Force can help you pilot a starfighter better than a member of Rogue Squadron. The Force lets you operate ships with almost uncanny instincts, as demonstrated by Anakin during his Phantom Menace pod race and Luke during his New Hope trench run.

6 There Is A Light Side And A Dark Side To It

Whether the Force is a mystic energy or a collection of microscopic organisms in your bloodstream, it shouldn't have a Light Side or a Dark Side to it. It should just be a Force. That's it. No one ever thinks that gravity has a "Dark Side" to it. No one ever considers mitochondria to be a part of a "Light Side."

5 People Stopped Believing In It For A Time

In the Star Wars universe, people must suffer from short-term memory loss. Why? Because it didn't take them long to forget the awesome (yet perplexing) power of the Force. In A New Hope, Han did not believe in the Jedi or what they could do. He called the Force a hokey religion. And it was clear that many people shared that belief.

4 Only Select People Can Use The Force

Only those who are Force-sensitive can use the Force the way a Jedi or Sith can. While this theory lends itself well to the whole midi-chlorian idea of the Force, it doesn't exactly sit well with the perspective of the Force as a mystic energy. If the Force is truly an energy that surrounds us all, then anyone with some training and patience can learn to access it.

3 Not Even Twins Will Share The Same Force Abilities

This is where the midi-chlorian perspective on the Force is shot to heck. If midi-chlorians are truly microscopic organisms that can be passed on from parent to child, then why didn't Leia and Luke have the same abilities with the Force? They're twins! (Of course, maybe this is just demonstrative of how much training matters when it comes to the Force.)

2 It Moves Things Like Telekinesis

Yeah, okay, so why is the Force now equated with telekinesis? Ever since Darth Vader Force-Choked a Rebel in A New Hope, that's all anyone wants to do with the Force. That doesn't sound very mystical or serene. Nothing says mystic energy like moving lightsabers with your mind.

1 It Can Spawn Babies Without Intercourse

Perhaps the most egregious offense to lay at the doorstep of the Force was mentioned in The Phantom Menace. Shmi Skywalker tells Qui-Gon Jinn that she conceived Anakin all on her own, meaning she had no partner during the conception. That sounds like utter bull-turkey. Can someone please explain to us how the "Force" was able to do that?!

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