Starbucks China Introduces $40 Cat-Paw Cups And The Internet Is Going Nuts

Starbucks China Cat-Paw Cup

The internet is losing its collective mind over these adorable new cat paw cups that have been released by Starbucks China. The cups feature double walls so that the inner shape looks like a cat's paw dipping into the cup, as well as a cute cherry blossom design on the outer glass.

Great Deals Singapore reports that the design is similar in concept to the upside-down Frosty the Snowman glasses that were released last year during Christmas in the US. When the cup is filled, the liquid takes on the shape of the cat's paw, even revealing cute little toe pads inside the glass. It may not exactly be functional, but it's definitely Instagram-worthy, and people in both China and the US are reportedly very eager to get their hands on these cute kitty cups.

The cups were only just released on Tuesday, but there have already been reports of arguments and even fistfights in various Starbucks locations across China as collectors try to score one for themselves. Several videos of the fights have even gone viral in China. Most of the videos feature arguments that begin in the initial line-up for purchase at physical Starbucks locations, including a video of a man and a woman wrestling violently over a cup, and a taller man taunting a shorter man by holding a cup over his head.

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Some of the collectors have been reselling their cups online for highly inflated prices. Because there is such a high demand for the cups, and each physical location only carries four to eight at a time, they're selling out very quickly, and people are willing to pay as much as nine times the original price for them. The mug originally retails for 199 yuan (about $30 USD), but resale prices online can range anywhere from 400 yuan ($60 USD) to a whopping 1,800 yuan ($270 USD).

Even the stock for Starbucks' online store is limited. The coffee company is releasing 1,000 cups on their Tmall storefront starting at 3 p.m. every day from February 28 until March 3, for a total of only 3,000 pieces. You can also find the cups shipping internationally on websites like Ebay, but be wary of scammers trying to cash in on all the hype surrounding these adorable, limited edition cups.

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