Starbucks Is Paying For Some Of Its Employees' Degrees, But There Are A Couple Of Massive Catches

Starbucks employees in the UK could soon be treated to a free degree courtesy of their bosses. There are a couple of pretty big caveats, though.

The world we currently live in is very different from the one our grandparents grew up in, and has even changed drastically since our parents were our age. Technology has moved on, medicine has advanced, even the way in which we get around is drastically different. The way in which we go about our education has changed quite a bit too.

For previous generations, going to college or university was a rarity. Nowadays, it's almost a necessity. Going to college once you finish high school is basically expected of you rather than something which is reserved for the best and the brightest. Not only can that be quite daunting, but it is also extremely expensive.

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That's why news of Starbucks paying for the education of 100 of its UK employees has come as quite the surprise. Gizmodo reports that the coffee chain is launching a Starbucks Degree Achievement Plan across the pond. Anyone who has been employed with the company for at least three months, isn't already in education/holds a Bachelor's degree, and works in one of its UK stores can apply.

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Before you rush to your laptop and start clicking on links, there are a couple of pretty big qualifiers. First of all, you can't just apply to any university and then send Starbucks the bill. It has to be the Arizona State University. Oh cool, a free trip to the US we hear you say? Sorry, that will not be the case. You'll have to attend online and complete the course between shifts rather than on the job.

If you're still okay with all of that and currently under the employ of Starbucks in the UK, then what are you waiting for? Get to applying! As touched upon above, there are only 100 places up for grabs. However, stateside, the company has helped literally thousands of its employees pay for their education, so the hope is that this program will extend beyond the first 100 applicants if it proves to be successful.


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