Starbucks Reserve Store Will Serve Cocktails

Starbucks is about to venture into an entire new business: serving cocktails. Their new reserve store will serve alcohol, as well as coffee.

Although many of us have thought of adding a little Bailey’s Irish Cream to a cup of Starbucks delicious coffee, it never really crossed our minds they would actually serve alcohol. According to Refinery29, the coffee chain is now introducing customers to another way to enjoy the brand.

The Reserve Store opened its doors in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle last week. It is the first-ever store of its kind by Starbucks and is located in the company’s headquarters. Some of the new menu items customers can purchase include Nitro Draft Latte and Spiced and Ginger Cold Brew.

All of the new stores will feature a full service mixology bar, which will be making specialty Italian cocktails all afternoon and evening. The company is hoping to become customer's go to spot morning, noon, and night with this new feature.

These new stores will not look like the regular Starbucks stores. The layout and atmosphere for The Reserve Store will be completely different. In fact, consumers may not even be able to tell the new spot is part of the mega coffee chain.

Starbucks wants to channel a marketplace style with the new store. It is going to be a place where customers can learn about various offerings, make their purchases, or simply chill with friends in a laid back environment. In order to create this type of feel, all of The Reserve Stores will have community tables, lounge areas with comfy chairs, and two large calming fireplaces.

The Reserve Store from Starbucks may only be found in Seattle right now, but the company has assured customers it is taking the new store global. 1,000 more stores in total are set to open throughout the world, including several in the United States. However, the company has yet to reveal specific cities where the stores can be found or dates customers can expect them.

Starbucks is venturing into alcohol with a new store, a new atmosphere, and a new full service bar. What do you think about The Reserve Store?

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