Starbucks In The UK Unleashes Line Of Cheesecake Frappuccinos

It used to be that anyone could step into a coffee shop and order just plain old coffee, but thanks to Starbucks, that's all changed. Sure, you can still order your traditional cup of Joe, but it's usually buried between the mass of espressos, cappuccinos and endless, exotic variations of everyone's favorite bean.

Enter the latest wave that's taking over the U.K., now that Starbucks, the Grand Poo-Bah of specialty coffees, has diversified even more. This time, the generous folks of everything that's caffeinated have perked up a coffee-licious delicacy that doubles as a dessert. In the U.K., they've introduced an assortment of cheesecake frappuccinos.

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Just out this month, the line consists of three variations, all served cold. For those with a particularly sweet tooth, the caramel coffee cheesecake frappuccino includes caramel with a mix of coffee cheesecake. Fancy something a little less sweet? There's the mocha coffee cheesecake frappuccino with a coffee cheesecake mix, while those opting for a fruitier selection can go for the blueberry coffee cheesecake frappuccino, also blended with a coffee cheesecake mix.

All the toppings consist of a combination of cookie crumbs and whipped cream. Additional ingredients include ice and, of course, coffee. Although, the latter isn't so prominent in these delectable combinations once the basics are at the puree stage. Yes, that's a curiosity coming from a chain that's made its name in coffee, but by all accounts, no one has really complained about it.

Except, that is, everyone else outside the U.K., as these unique frappuccinos are only available in the heartland of the Commonwealth. The best that folks on this side of the pond can do is wait a few months for autumn when the coffee conglomerate rolls out its annual pumpkin cheesecake frappuccino. Or hope for the return of the unicorn frappuccino, which given its name may just be a rarity, considering Starbucks has so far not released any information on whether a repeat rollout is in the cards.

Via: The Telegraph

That said, more inventive types just might want to create their own, given that the essential ingredients are already well-known. If you're handy with a blender, and even if you're not quite on the mark in the replication department, chances are it could be a fun and tasty experience.

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