How Stray Dogs In Mumbai Got Their Own Room In A Century-Old Historic Landmark

Bombay House finally reopened last week after a nine-month hiatus for a restoration initiative. What has really grabbed people’s attention about the project, however, is the newly created kennel for the company’s cutest customers.

For years, former chairman Ratan Tata’s love for dogs was known throughout Mumbai. It was an open secret that the Bombay House building was once home to a few stray canines. The dogs were seen sleeping in the reception area or lounging around in the security cabins.

Bombay House Opening
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The new and improved Bombay House is not only stylish but is practical for every dogs' needs. The kennel was designed with everything in mind. From the flap door at the base which allows the dogs to roam around freely, to the separate bathing area. The eight dogs that currently share the kennel love to sunbathe after their usual Saturday baths. The kennel is also loaded with more than enough toys, treats, and food. The dogs even get their own exclusive supply of boiled meats, straight from the kitchen at the Taj.

Tata grew emotional when he first saw the furry critters resting in the newly added kennel. He was moved by the fact that the dogs voluntarily chose to stay. It meant they really liked it.

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The dog-friendly room is bright with a yellow wall, white dog graffiti wallpaper, and two large windows for a more open feel. If you are looking to catch the dogs in action, you might want to check in on each hour of the day. Depending on the time, the dogs can either be sleeping on top of their wooden bunks or lounging on one of the seats in the room.

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The security guards of the building tend to play caretaker for the bunch. Whichever guard is available usually takes good care of the dogs.

The kennel inside of the Bombay House sounds like something straight out of a movie. Who wouldn’t love a hotel for dogs! Tata’s love for canines truly lives on through his legacy, the Bombay House, and we couldn't be happier.

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